Saturday, August 31, 2013

Foxcroft Blouses - Foxcroft Silver Soiree - NYC and Fashion

A few weeks back I was invited by the BoomBoxNetwork to attend Foxcroft Blouses' (AKA Foxcroft Collection)  Silver Soiree Anniversary Celebration in New York City.

Foxcroft is a subsidiary of the The Apparel Group LTD (TAG), who also own and operate Paperwhite, as well as the menswear companies, Maker & Co., Damon, and Enro.

Twenty-five years of great American sportswear - #Foxcroft25!
Foxcroft Sportswear - Silver Soiree
(L) Post-party - wearing my Foxcroft blouse - (R) Foxcroft25  Silver Soiree- NYC
I was honored beyond belief to be invited! First of all, because the event was limited to 100 of the best social media advocates and influencers in the greater New York City area, and second of all, because it was a fashion event targeted for the boomer generation and a professional market.

The event itself was fabulous! I traveled down with some of my fellow #CTBloggers, Wendy and Greg from Connecticut Bloggers, Natasha from One Woman's Style Evolution, Julie from A Year With Mom and Dad, and Hilary from My Own Blog Review. (Big thank you to Julie for driving and to Greg for navigating!).

The soiree was held in Maker & Co.'s design studio right in the heart of New York's Garment District. We were lucky enough to meet some of The Apparel Group's designers and marketing execs, and it was inspiring and interesting to hear how the clothes we wear are influenced by their travels and experiences. 

Take it from me, the design board for 2014 looks amazing!
The Apparel Group - Inspiration and Storyboard
Clockwise from top left: The designer's travel picture inspire the colors for the upcoming season,
Wendy and Hilary view the 2014 storyboard while Natasha tweets out some fashion news,
design spools of thread in my favorite preppy colors,
and Natasha and Wendy listen to Maker's designer  Chris Crowley explain the design team process

Before I move on to my fabulous Foxcroft Blouse, I need to also thank the other wonderful sponsors for this evening who gifted attendees with an amazing Swag bag. And a big thank you to Audrey from the BoomBoxNetwork for always supporting the members of GenerationFabulous, two of whom I met that night, Cathy from and Jennifer from, ... and I can't forget Regina from Foxcroft who was so informative, all pictured below.

Thank you to RoC Skincare - Kinesys Sun screen -  Jax Coco Water - FusionIonz wristbands -  Galeos Miso Dressings -  Poo Poo Pourri -  Fresh Wave freshener -  Naugthy Betty napkins . Each of these amazing products deserve an exclusive write-up of their own, so look for future information on them back here on the Home Place Blog!

On to the Foxcroft blouse! 

As soon as it arrived - I knew I loved it and had selected the right color! It's the perfect shade of bright pink that can be worn through multi-seasons.

Spring? Pair it with grey. Summer? Pair it with white or bone. Winter? Pair it with black or navy. Autumn? Pair it with brown. Wear it on days you are looking for that perfect pop of color. Because my typical work attire is business professional, but my personal life is super casual, it's important that items in my wardrobe be multi-functional. This blouse certainly fits the bill.

It can go from work, be it with or without a jacket , and jacket open or closed...
...and then it can transition to denim, for a casual get-together with friends after work at the beach.

Best of all, it still looks great un-tucked...believe me - it's been a longgggg time since I've tucked in a shirt!

The blouse fits great - requires NO IRONING. (Hooray) and launders easily. 

I'd call that a slam-dunk - win * win * win! 

And now it's time to explain where YOU can find Foxcroft!

They're available in the U.S. and Canada at Nordstrom, Von Maur, Lord & Taylor and select Bloomingdale’s. 

Or you can purchase them directly online from Foxcroft at

They run very true to size, and are extremely well made. No hanging threads, slipped stitches, or loose buttons. The blouse is well tailored with seams and darts throughout, so if your torso is square and not curvy you may want to size accordingly. On the day these pictures were taken I was wearing a padded undergarment which did cause slight pulling in the bust area - but on days I wear my typical foundation garments while wearing this blouse, this has never happened.

And in spite of the slight pulling - there were ZERO button gaps...that's a first for me! Thank you to the tailor who designed this blouse with the curvy girl's figure in mind!

Do you have any makers that tailor clothes that fit you well?  

Share the knowledge! I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!
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Disclosure: I was invited to the Foxcroft Silver Soiree and received the blouse pictured as a thank you for my attendance. However, all opinions expressed herein are my own.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Megan and Liz American Rag Tour - Macy's Paramus New Jersey

This post is sponsored by the Everywhere Society

This weekend I was invited to Macy's in Paramus New Jersey by my friends at the Everywhere Society to hear an acoustic set from sisters Megan and Liz, the music duo from Michigan who are on their American Rag 2013 Tour.
Megan and Liz - Macy's American Rag Concert Tour
Megan and Liz - at Macy's Paramus New Jersey - American Rag Tour

I asked my sister to accompany me on the the car ride up from CT via Connecticut's Merritt Parkway to the New Jersey Garden State Parkway. After all, it's only fitting that sisters go see sisters! But Megan and Liz aren't just any kind of sisters - they are also fraternal twins! I should also add that twins and triplets run in our family! We currently have two sets of twins and one set of triplets. WOWZA!

The ride up there was beautiful, it was a clear late summer day, and along the CT Merritt Parkway, we spotted several deer, about 10 feet from the roadside, grazing on the long summer grass. So magnificent. Dangerously close, but so beautiful.

This was my second time at Macy's Paramus New Jersey in the Garden State Plaza Mall, and let me tell you, parking is crazy! After we stalked shoppers leaving we were finally able to nab a spot, and made it to the Macy's juniors section to see the show.

The fans started lining up well before the 2pm start time, and by the time we arrived it was about five deep around the stage.
Fans line up for Megan and Liz - Macy's - American Rag Tour
Fans line up for Megan and Liz - Macy's - American Rag Tour
I was able to chat with some of the fans while we were waiting for the girls to arrive, and they were so excited when they found out on twitter that they could meet the duo here at Macy's Paramus NJ, hear a mini-session, get their autograph, and, if they had tickets, then go see them tonight at the Gramercy Theater in neighboring New York City.

But the best thing? You didn't need a ticket to hear the girls at Macy's today!

The girls were great! And even though they were suffering some vocal fatigue from their jammed-filled concert dates, they toughed it out and sang several songs from their new album.
Macy's - American Rag Tour - Megan and Liz
Macy's - American Rag Tour - Megan and Liz
The highlight for me was getting to see these girls meet their fans. They were sincerely so happy to welcome them and they were equally pleasant to each and every single person who came out to meet them. Even though the line for autographs stretched on, and on, AND ONNNN. They were as sweet and warm to the first fan -- as they were to the last.
Megan and Liz Meet and Greet Session at Macy's Paramus New Jersey
Megan and Liz Meet and Greet Session at Macy's Paramus New Jersey
I was able to spend a few minutes with Maria, one of the sales associates who works in the American Rag Junior section at the Paramus store, and she was able to help me find some of the cute clothes Megan and Liz were wearing.
Macy's American Rag on Megan and Liz
American Rag at Macy's on Megan and Liz
Don't you LOVE the American Rag separates the girls are sporting? And you can shop the look, too!  Liz, left, is wearing American Rag denim overalls, and Megan, right, is wearing American Rag faux leather mixed media jacket.

Macy's is sponsoring mini-concert-sets in some of their stores near the major cities that Megan and Liz are playing in on their American Rag Tour. With a $25.00 purchase, you can meet Megan and Liz after their set! 
Get some back to school clothes - and a Megan and Liz autograph! It's a Win-Win!

Here's a list of some of the upcoming host Macy's in-house concerts.

And follow the tour on Twitter at @raggedmag

Thursday, August 15, 4PM
Macy's Castleton Mall, Indianapolis, IN

Saturday, August 24, 1 PM
Macy's Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ

Sunday, September 1, 2 PM
Macy's Coral Springs, Ft.Lauderdale, FL

Saturday, September 7, 1 PM
Macy's Fashion Square, Scottsdale, AZ

Sunday, September 15, 2 PM
Macy's Washington Square, Portland, OR

We had a great time visiting with Megan and Liz!

I even got to meet up briefly with some fellow New England bloggers that I had met the last time I was in the Paramus Mall, Jennifer from MommaDandDaBoyz (@mommaDandDaBoyz) and Monica from     SoFamilyOnline  (@Sofamilyonline)

The only downside of the Saturday trip was we took a wrong turn out of the mall and ended up coming home on I-95 via the George Washington Bridge. UGH! $13.00 toll to cross the bridge only to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour. What is up with that? GPS should be auto-programmed to avoid the GW Bridge! 

But it was meant to be as we saw so many road signs with family names...and we stopped and had a late lunch at my favorite Norwalk restaurant - the Mediterraneo!  YUM!

Are you going to see Megan and Liz on their concert tour?

Have you started your fall clothes shopping?

Did you ever take a wrong turn that ended up bringing you to where you really wanted to be?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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DISCLAIMER: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post about Megan and Liz's American Rag Tour. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day Trip to Port Jefferson from Connecticut on the Bridgeport Ferry

Recently, on what was likely the hottest day of the summer, my friends and I decided to take our annual summer day trip. We like to call ourselves Thelma, Louise, & Louise...but don't worry. No lives were lost - we're a little more low key.

This year, we decided to to take the Bridgeport Ferry to Port Jefferson, New York. 
Day trip to Port Jefferson New York on the Bridgeport Ferry

We compromised on our departure time, we originally thought if we left super-early, we'd arrive in the cool morning hours...but after some thought, we realized we'd arrive there, only to find that nothing was open!

We decided on the 8:30 ferry, departing from Bridgeport, CT. Ferry service runs hourly, on the half-hour. The 2013 prices for a round-trip ticket for a "foot" passenger (no car) is $27.00 ($19.00 for a senior citizen round trip). You can also bring a car over, reservations required, for $54.00 each way (includes driver). There are also week-day specials of $74.00 with car (reservations required) and passengers. Costs may differ according to the size of your vehicle. Check their website for rates HERE.

There is free parking a few blocks from the ferry itself. Note there are two lots, a smaller one, closer to the ferry entrance, and a larger one a few blocks away. We first parked at the large one, and were concerned that there were no other cars there, drove a little closer, and discovered the other lot. The large lot is more of an "overflow" after the smaller one fills early in the morning. There is shuttle service that will drop you directly at the ferry from both parking areas.
clockwise from left, parking information, shuttle van, Bridgeport Ferry Center
And off we went!
Tickets are purchased on board - and when traveling with your car, even if you've already paid online, you still need to check in at the ticket office when you board. When you disembark, your tickets are collected.
Bridgeport Ferry to Port Jefferson
Bridgeport Ferry to Port Jefferson

The ferry ride over is just over an hour and it was a beautiful morning. The sun was shimmering and reflecting off the water, and outside on the upper deck the ship's breeze was refreshing.
Bridgeport Ferry to Port Jefferson  Morning sun
Bridgeport Ferry Ride to Port Jefferson - Morning Sun
As soon as we arrived, we got our bearings and walked around admiring the beautiful architecture, gardens, flowers, and scenery.

We stopped for a hazelnut iced latte and a mid-morning hydration (it was soooo hot out) at the Messina Market. It was just the pick me up I needed to start looking through some of the quaint little New England shoppes!
Messina Market - Hazelnut Iced Coffee / Latte - Port Jefferson NY
Messina Market - Hazelnut Iced Coffee / Latte
We found some cute little stores, but were surprised that many weren't open.  It was a Friday in we weren't sure why. But for the stores that were open, there are some great finds to be found...

Don't you just love all the nautical themed merchandise, the jewelry, the driftwood items, and white washed furniture? I just love the beach cottage look! Someday it will all go in my little dream cottage on the beach. Biggest shopping regret of the day? Not buying those starfish earrings and necklace pictured above from the Kismet Boutique!
Sightseeing in Port Jefferson NY
Sightseeing in Port Jefferson NY
Then we headed over to the Gourmet Burger Bistro to have some lunch. I know, I know, you're wondering why we're in a seaport and having burgers! Well my pal Thelma doesn't care much for seafood, so were were looking for a restaurant that had a good burger menu, and this looked like the place.
Gourmet Burger Bistro "GBB" - Port Jefferson NY
Gourmet Burger Bistro "GBB" - Port Jefferson NY

SCORE! I have to honestly say that we had the best burgers ever, and I've already promised the cowboy a return trip with me, just so he can see for himself!  I ordered the GBB Mini's pictured above, and it was all I could do to finish them! So good and I can't wait to return with the cowboy so we can do a food review!  YUM!!! Here's a link to the GBB Menu:

All in all we had a wonderful day! - BUT....

The skies opened up, and I do mean opened up, just as we were heading to the 3:00pm ferry returning to Bridgeport.

Raining in Port Jefferson NY
Raining in Port Jefferson NY

We got drenched! The good thing? By the time the ship set out to return to Bridgeport, the sun was out again and the warm sea breeze dried us off!

If you have the chance - take the Bridgeport ferry trip to Port Jefferson!

It's a fun and relaxing day!


Have you been to Port Jefferson?

Did you have a shopping regret?
(Gosh - I just realized I didn't buy ANYTHING)

Where did you stop for lunch?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

Big thanks to my traveling buddies for letting me use their photos! My laptop that holds my photos is not feeling well. Please hope it's not anything serious. But I'll post a link to all my pictures when I can! Thanks for patience.

UPDATE: Link to the Port Jeff pictures on Home Place HERE

Saturday, August 17, 2013

PeachFest at Lyman Orchards

Today we took a ride out to Middlefield CT's beautiful Lyman Orchards to participate in their annual Peach Festival (#PeachFest or #PeachFestival).
Lyman Orchards PeachFest
Lyman Orchards PeachFest

What a great day for a day trip in Connecticut ~ and what a great destination!

Lyman Orchards has been a working orchard for well over a hundred years and their dedication to being an area attraction shows! Not only do they offer a farm market, the Apple Barrel Market, but they also offer "pick your own fruit" seasonally, and host a well played golf course and event venue.

Just about every weekend there is something to celebrate at Lyman Orchards! Whether it be their sunflower maze or corn maze, berry picking, or, as in this weekend's fun, the PeachFest, there is truly something for everyone! Check out their events here:
Lyman Orchards Apple Barrel Market
Lyman Orchards Apple Barrel Market

We started in the Apple Barrel Market, where we picked up come Connecticut native corn, and perused the produce, baked goods (did you see those sunflower cupcakes above?), and, of course PEACHES!

Mmmm! It's coming up on the fall season here in New England, and Peach Cobbler, Peach Fritters, and Peach Cocktails are high on the list!
PeachFest at Lyman Orchards
Peaches in the Apple Market
We then wandered around to see what was in store for Peach Fest, and believe me, there was plenty to do!
Lyman Orchards Activities - Macaroni Necklaces and Hot off the Press Donuts!
For a nominal fee there were fun food items, activities, and rides to participate in! Face Painting, Decorate a Macaroni Necklace, Pony Rides, Kettle Corn, and Wagon Rides! So much fun packed into an easy to navigate and compact area!
Lyman Orchards Pony Rides
Lyman Orchards Pony Rides
And look at the beautiful horses, Tom and Jerry, from Foxglove Farms in Connecticut.
Wagon Rides from Foxglove Farms at Lyman Orchard PeachFest
Wagon Rides from Foxglove Farms at Lyman Orchard PeachFest
Then we decided to get a burger off the grill on the deck! Lyman Orchards serves breakfast on the deck seasonally on weekend mornings, as well as burgers and hot dogs at lunch time! And of course, with our burgers, we had to sample a fresh baked cinnamon donut, and Peach Shortcake!
Food at Lyman Orchards PeachFest
Food at Lyman Orchards Food Fest
And before heading back home, we stayed out on the Apple Barrel Market Deck to listen to some live country music! Yes, that's right, there was a live band helping us all celebrate PeachFest!

Live Entertainment on the deck - Lyman Orchards PeachFest
Live Entertainment on the deck - Lyman Orchards PeachFest
We had a great afternoon at Lyman Orchards in Middlefield CT enjoying PeachFest! Can't wait to return for their famous Corn Maze this fall!  What fun that will be!

Lyman Orchards

32 Reeds Gap Rd

Middlefield, CT 06455

Open all Year. 9am-6pm daily

Like them on Facebook: Facebook/LymanOrchards
Follow them on Twitter: @LymanOrchards

Have you been to Lyman Orchards?

Did you visit their corn maze or sunflower maze?

Shop in the Apple Barrel Market or play a round of golf at Lyman Golf Course?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saratoga Race Course - with America's Best Racing

This month we were invited by the folks at America's Best Racing to visit the Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, New York. This was such a wonderful event, not just because of the horse races, but also because the historic Saratoga Race Course is celebrating 150 years of horse racing.
Saratoga Race Course

And, of course, I'm a girl who loves tradition, and what could be better than 150 years of horse racing tradition! (#Saratoga150).

Traveling from Connecticut, we took CT's I-91 to the Massachusetts Pike to the New York Thruway, right through the beautiful, scenic Berkshire Mountains. It took a little over 3 hours, with a few short stops to stretch our legs. Not a bad drive at all. We left home about 8am and arrived at the course about 11:45.
The New York Thruway through the Berkshires

There's plenty of parking in the area, with private lots that charge $5.00 to $10.00. And there's even a lot that provides free general parking, however, we chose a lot that cost $5.00 because it was directly across from our entrance. The $10.00 lot is trackside, adjacent to the course. Of course, price is dependent on proximity.

Admission is so affordable! It's only $3.00 for general grandstand admission and $5.00 for the clubhouse admission.

The brand ambassadors from America's Best Racing couldn't have been nicer! I was lucky enough to team up with them for this great afternoon of lunch and cocktails in the clubhouse, and a behind the scenes tour of the Saratoga Race Track. A great big thank you to Chip McGaughey who invited me, as well as the great hospitality from John Cox, Jose Contreros and everyone else at America's Best Racing who were such wonderful and gracious hosts.
America's Best Racing
America's Best Racing

Because it was my first time there, these patient gentlemen and their female counterparts took me under their wing, and made sure we were situated with all the information we needed to enjoy a fun day at the track!

We started with the buffet lunch ($35.00) in the clubhouse, which consisted of a variety of choices from a well-stocked salad bar, and pasta, fish, chicken, and beef stations. We kept it healthy, with portioned protein and lots of salad and fruit!

Buffet at the Clubhouse Saratoga Race Course
Buffet Stations at the Club House at the Saratoga Race Course

And while everyone was looking over the racing form...I decided to concentrate on a nice glass of Riesling from the Carousel Bar.
Carousel Bar Saratoga Race Course
The Carousel Bar at Saratoga Race Course

Then the fun began - we placed our wagers on each race...sometimes winning! Sometimes losing! My best race was winning with the #7 horse, "In Trouble", in the 6th Race.  But all in all it was fun.  Never wager more than you can afford to lose, my mom always said!

Wagering at Saratoga Race Course
Wagers - you win some - you lose some!

We also had passes to visit the paddock and the jockey room! What a wonderful opportunity to see the horses, up close.  They are truly absolutely magnificent!
Paddock at Saratoga Race Course
The Paddock at Saratoga Race Course

Here's what you should know when visiting the race track.  Dress is casual but there are plenty who dress to the nines. Women are typically in dresses, and some in hats, and men are in collared shirts and trousers. While shorts and denim are worn by some, they aren't allowed in some of the more exclusive areas. There are some areas that require a jacket be worn by gentlemen.  Check the Saratoga Race Course information area for details here:

There are grounds inside the track where you are allowed to bring in lawn chairs and coolers, etc. Please note ==> NO GLASS items are allowed. So, if you're looking to save some dollars to put towards your wagering, pack a picnic lunch, some chairs, and a couple of cans of beer or soda, and have a picnic outside!
Here's some candids from around the course.
The Saratoga Race Course Candids

There is a true sense of festivity in the air at Saratoga Race Course. Vendors, crafts, music, and loads of entertainment for every age.  Truly something for everyone!
Saratoga Race Course Saratoga Springs NY
The Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs NY
That's me and the cowboy on the right, I'm wearing vintage Lilly Pulitzer

We had a great time and need to thank America's Best Racing for sponsoring our visit. 
You can "bet" we'll be back!

Follow America's Best Racing online at:
Follow them on Twitter at: @ABRLive 

And be sure to visit the Saratoga Race Course soon - 
or one of the other races on the 2013 ABRV Tour

Saratoga Race Course

267 Union Avenue

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

(518) 584-6200

Have you been to the race course?

How do you pick your horses? Favorite Numbers? Favorite Names? 

Or ...???

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!


Disclaimer:  We were invited to the Saratoga Race Course by America's Best Racing. All opinions are our own.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Famous Footwear in Hartford CT - Grand Opening August 10 2013

Famous Footwear is now open in Hartford Connecticut!
Famous Footwear’s new store in Hartford, Connecticut, its 14th location in the Hartford & New Haven market., is now open!
The 5,000 square-foot store opened on July 31 and will host a series of grand opening events with its official Grand Opening on Saturday, August 10, 2013. 

The new store is located in the Charter Oak Marketplace at 55 William Shirty Cambell St. in Hartford, Connecticut.
“Our decision to open a new store in Hartford was based on a recognized consumer need, and we look forward to delivering a great footwear shopping destination,” said Rick Ausick, president of Famous Footwear.
To celebrate the opening in Hartford, Famous Footwear is hosting an all-day grand opening event on August 10 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Shoppers are invited to experience fun activities including:
·       A Shoe Crazy® shopping spree where one lucky winner will get 30 seconds to run through the aisles and grab as many free pairs of shoes as possible.
·       Hourly drawings to win a complimentary pair of shoes.
·       An appearance from popular, local radio station, WTUC-FM (96.5), giving shoppers the chance to meet some of their favorite radio personalities.
·       A live DJ.
“We strive to deliver easy victories to families who are looking for brand names at affordable prices,” continued Ausick. “Our in-store experience will prove you don’t have to compromise style or amazing customer service when shopping for a bargain.”
Famous Footwear is a leading, easy-to-shop footwear destination, featuring merchandise for women, men and children, making it a one-stop-shop for the entire family. Shoppers can access Famous Footwear’s loyalty rewards program and vast style selection in-store to meet their family’s footwear needs.
Famous Footwear has more than 1,000 stores nationwide as well as e-commerce site
Stop by the Home Place Blog on Sunday night to have the grand opening festivities continue!  We’ll be offering a $25.00 gift certificate to one lucky winner!

For more information about Famous Foodwear  go to or

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