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Cookies on 9 in the Historic 9th Square - New Haven CT

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New Haven’s Historic 9th Square district is quickly becoming the downtown destination for New Haven, featuring great art, food, music, and cultural activities.

Best of all, this eclectic neighborhood provides the backdrop for First Fridays On9 in New Haven.

Photo Source: Cookies On 9 New Haven
On Friday, 12-6-13, I participated in the December "On 9" First Friday event, Cookies On 9 or #CookiesOn9, a type of "cookie crawl" through New Haven's Historic 9th Square.

What a fun event this was, in spite of the sporadic rain drizzle that night. Each attendee received a map of the participating merchants in the neighborhood, and at each stop we received a delicious cookie to fill our cookie boxes with. 

Cookies were supplied by the culinary students at Gateway Community College AND one of New Haven's newest merchants, Insomnia Cookies!

Here's a sample of some of the places I visited and the delicious cookies that were available.

I love cookies!

The great folks at Insomnia Cookies in New Haven donated many MANY cookies!
Yes - my favorite Snickadoodles were there!  YAY!

Say Hi to Robert from Arpaia Lang Fine Jewelers
with delicious brownies!!
Cookies - Cookies - and MORE Cookies please!

And the BEST THING: ==> Proceeds benefit the “Neighbors in Need” dinner hosted by Gateway Community College Foundation.

Unfortunately, the weather and my shoes did me in...and after these stops I had to call it a night!

It was great fun chatting with the merchants at all the establishments I visited. In many cases it was the first time I've been there - and I can't wait to go back and support all these local businesses!

Special thanks to the On 9 people who invited me and the bakers who provided these delicious cookies. What a great way to start the holiday!

I've enjoyed participating in these First Fridays On9 events this year! 

If you're not familiar with First Friday - they are open-house evenings that run April through December and feature creative events that showcase the wide array of shops, restaurants, marketplaces, homes, and cultural centers in the historic 9th Square neighborhood.

The On9 activities typically happen between 6:00PM and 8:00PM on the First Friday of the aforementioned months.

If you'll remember, in September we attended the #BreatheOn9 event that featured the amazing designer Neville Wisdom's Fall Fashion Show. (Read about it HERE)  Then, in October I attended the #WineOn9 event that consisted of a wine crawl through the 9th Square Historic District. (Read about it HERE).

Hope you all have a happy holiday - and I hope to see you at the next First Friday in April 2014!

For more pictures of the event, click HERE
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Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the Cookies On 9 Event, however, the views and opinions expressed herein are our own.


  1. This looks fantastic! I'm so sorry I didn't know about it or we would definitely have participated. Great re-cap and I hope to make it out next year...

  2. New Haven is such a fun city - and this sounds like a great event for the family. Glad you had fun!

  3. NHV always has such fun things going on. This is awesome!

    1. I agree! It's a fun little crawl, and family friendly. But great for any age actually. Fun stores and delicious cookies! A win win!

  4. a cookie crawl?? that sounds like possibly the best thing ever! I'm going to go see if there's something like that around me now...

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    1. I know!!! A cookie crawl is a great idea. If there's not one in your area...then I think YOU should start one! :-)

  5. OMG this looks like a lot of fun. And those cookies look so yummy.

    1. They were (key word "were") so good! Next year can't come soon enough so I can replenish my cookie stash!


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