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My social following continues to increase daily and I like to show how much I've grown since first starting .

Here's some information on my influence reach and analytics:

On 9-10-18

Klout has closed their services (Miss those Klout perks!)
Twitter Followers  1761
Instagram Followers  4325
Pinterest 148 Followers 6.3K Monthly Views
Google Plus 517 Circles
Facebook Fans 406
Facebook Friends488
Average Monthly Unique Views 7,865
Total Page Views: 637,841

On 9-5-16

Klout Score 62
Twitter Followers 1,541
Instagram Followers 2,490
Google Plus 506 circles
Facebook Fans: 367
Facebook Friends: 440
Average Monthly Unique Views 11,731
Total Views  467,989

On 5-13-13

Klout Score 41
Twitter Followers 215
Instagram Followers 52
Google Plus 41 circles
Average Monthly Unique Views 1,122
Total Views  64,899

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