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Liv's Shack in Old Saybrook CT

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Seasonal Fare at Liv's Shack in Old Saybrook CT

Liv's Shack Sign
Liv's Shack on Bridge Street
in Old Saybrook Connecticut

The summer days are slowing getting shorter which means our brief summer season in New England is also winding down. While we still have plenty of summer days ahead of us, and hopefully a warm fall, some of our Connecticut restaurants operate on a seasonal schedule. Because of that, my friend Gayle and I decided to have a Friday night 'girls night out' and visit Liv's Shack on Bridge Street in Old Saybrook Connecticut.

Liv's Shack Lobster Roll
Views of Old Saybrook CT

Liv's Shack is the brainchild of John Brescio, executive chef, who is also the owner and operator of the beautiful Liv's Oyster Bar on Main Street, Old Saybrook. 

Liv's Shack John Brescio
Chef John chats with visitors
at Liv's Shack in Old Saybrook

Story has it that when the previous owners of the 'shack' located in the Harbor One Marina decided to close after ANOTHER storm hit the shores of Saybrook, the folks at the marina and in the area knew that THE ONE to take it over, and do it RIGHT, was Chef Brescio, whose love of the area, and local sea fare, shines through in all his endeavors. Liv's Oyster Bar is known throughout the area for creating simple, focused dishes with an emphasis on local ingredients, and the stunning seafood that the area provides. 

Yes, folks, Chef Brescio's Liv's Shack continues with that same fine tradition!

Liv's Shack Staff
Smiling Faces at
Liv's Shack in Old Saybrook CT

Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and known for their friendly service and amazing lobster rolls, they also have items like fish tacos, fresh salads, clam chowder, burgers and dogs on their menu. The restaurant offers take out and outside seating only.

The Liv's Shack tee-shirts pictured above are adorable, and on the back, which I neglected to get a picture of, say "NO MAYO". You see, we Nutmeggers don't consider it a lobster roll if you serve it cold with mayonnaise. (People - that is called "lobster salad" roll!) 

Instead, we serve it warm, bathed in a healthy slathering of melted butter, and, my personal preference, is a split down the middle, butter grilled, lightly toasted, roll. 

Liv's half pound lobster roll
a HALF POUND of lobster on Liv's Shack
 large size Lobster Roll

Yep. Just how Liv's makes 'em!  I'm in love!!

But I've gotten WAY ahead of myself! Let me go over what we ordered! For starters, Liv's Shack does not serve alcohol (you can BYOB), but has a wide assortment of Foxon Park soda (a locally made and bottled soda) and other beverages. We brought in a white sangria, as it was a HOT HOT HOT night, and we wanted something light, sweet, and fruity. 

We elected to sit on the deck that surrounds the Shack, where there are comfortable picnic tables that seat two to four.

Liv's Shack Deck
Gayle takes in the views
from the deck at Liv's Shack
Old Saybrook CT

For larger parties there are also large picnic tables around the grounds at Liv's.

Plenty of shady seating
Liv's Shack - Old Saybrook CT

After getting comfortable we went ahead and started with a bowl of made on premise creamy delicious New England Clam Chowder, and their BLT Salad topped with Buffalo Shrimp.

Liv's Shack Buffalo Shrimp BLT Salad
BLT Salad with Buffalo Shrimp

Everything was OH SO GOOD. The clam chowder was chock chock CHOCK full of clams. We both noticed that it wasn't until we were about half done with our chowder that we found some perfectly cooked potato pieces. I don't know about you, but loads of clams to fewer potatoes, is the perfect ratio to me!

Liv's Shack Clam Chowder
Creamy New England Clam Chowder
Liv's Shack - Old Saybrook CT

The BLT Salad topped with Buffalo Shrimp was one of my favorites of the night. I absolutely love that the salad is made with iceburg lettuce! The crunch of the lettuce, the sweet cherry tomatoes, the crispy bacon found throughout the salad, and fresh blend of croutons were PERFECT!  And the nicely spiced Buffalo Shrimp tempered with the creamy dressing is just MORE PURE PERFECTION!

BLT Salad with Buffalo Shrimp at Liv's Shack
BLT Salad
Topped with spicy Buffalo Shrimp

Next we ordered our entrees. Gayle elected to go with the 8 oz Lobster Roll ($35.00). Worth every penny! Gayle said she stopped counting at 6 claws and goodness knows how much more meat! There is also a 4 oz Lobster Roll available for $18.00, and on Wednesday, that 4 oz roll is offered to senior citizens for the low low low price of $15.00 from 11-7.  Take your favorite senior to Liv's Shack for an incredible treat!

Liv's Lobster Roll
Liv's 8 oz Lobster Roll

I was hankering for a really good burger so I went with the double burger with cheese and bacon. The meat is house ground so I knew I was in for a treat!

Bad picture of me
(it was super hot that night!!)

It did not disappoint! They also included a surprise special sauce on it, a blend of a tomatoey creamy mayo. Sooooo good! I thought it might be spicy, but it wasn't at all - just creamy good!

Liv's Special Sauce on a
double bacon cheeseburger
Creamy good!

Meet my house ground
Double Bacon Cheeseburger

When a place makes burgers and lobster rolls this good - you know you've got to go back for more! I'm grabbing the cowboy and planning this weekend's visit to try some more of the goodness on the Liv's Shack Summer Menu.

I see a Hummels Hotdog (another locally sourced item) in the cowboy's future!

Be sure to visit Liv's Shack at the Harbor One Marina soon!

Liv's Shack at Harbor One Marina 

26 Bridge Street
Old Saybrook, CT   
(860) 391-8353

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Disclaimer: Portions of this post were sponsored by the marketing and management team at Liv's Shack.

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