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Muriel's Jackson Square Restaurant in New Orleans LA

The freezing temperatures brought in by an unprecedented arctic blast has made this New Englander reminisce about her summer travels to the Big Easy. That's right New Orleans Louisiana, or NOLA for short!

I had the pleasure of traveling to New Orleans for a conference in June 2013 and spent my "off conference" time soaking up some of the local sights and sampling some of the amazing Creole fare.

While most of my meals were at the banquet facility in our hotel, I was able to venture out on our 'off conference' days to a few of the local restaurants, the Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar and Bistro, and the historic Muriel's Jackson Square Restaurant, both located in the picturesque French Quarter.

A visit to New Orleans wouldn't be complete without a visit to the legendary Muriel's Jackson Square Restaurant and sampling some of the great food and drink, and taking in the panoramic views from the balcony.
Muriel's Jackson Square Restaurant

Before heading over to the restaurant I toured Jackson Square. What a wonderful area filled with amazing shops, street vendors and acts, and some of the nicest people you'll ever meet!

Jackson Square Sights
After walking around the square and soaking up the local history, we headed over to Muriel's to meet up with colleagues before dinner.

We started at the bar where I ordered a delicious Espresso Martini.

Espresso Martini and good"cheer" with colleagues at Muriel's NOLA

We were then treated to a tour of Muriel's upstairs rooms. Usually reserved for private parties, we were able to explore in between their reservations. Below you'll see a great interior view of the lounge from the upstairs balcony.

Interior View of the Lounge

Then we moved on to the inner and outer seance rooms. The Outer Seance Room marks the era in New Orleans, when Muriel's Jackson Square was a part of the French Quarter's best bordellos along the Mississippi.

The Inner Seance Room is where the resident ghost, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, spends his time reminiscing about days of yesteryear. It’s a great place for casual conversation and drink while exploring your metaphysical side in the French Quarter.

The Seance Rooms

And here I am having my own casual conversation with a mummy and enjoying the artifacts. 

Me, clowning around! Oh goodness...why did I wear that bulky top?

And then we feasted on the view of Jackson Square, from the exterior wrought iron balcony of Muriel's, decorated with luscious window boxes. The balcony offers arguably one of the best views in all of New Orleans!

The Balcony overlooking Jackson Square

Time to move on to dinner.  Our group menu allowed us to order a great variety of NOLA standards.

I started with the Gorgonzola Tart, a wedge of tart with Meilhenny Farms honeyed pecans, garnished with crispy prosciutto, fresh blackberries and sliced apple. It was wonderfully seductive, with creamy richness, sweet nutty goodness, and crisp fresh fruits.

Gorgonzola Tart
For my entree,  I selected a beautiful Seafood Bouillabaisse, with Gulf Shrimp and Louisiana Crab meat lightly sauteed with fennel, tomato, oyster mushrooms and leeks, then simmered in a rich veloute sauce with tarragon. So good, and a perfect balance of velvety sauce, seasoning and spices that allowed the fresh seafood flavors to shine through.

 Seafood Bouillabaisse

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of my delicious dessert, a Vanilla Bean Cream Brulee! But suffice it to say, it was wonderful!

On our way out we paid our respects to resident ghost, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, the former owner who in 1814 lost the building in a poker game, and hung himself. Management saves a space for eternity for him at his own reserved table, always set with bread and wine, awaiting his return.

Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan's Table

I had a great time in New Orleans sampling some of the best restaurants in the French Quarter. 

Muriel's Jackson Square Restaurant #NOLA

If you're traveling to New Orleans, Muriel's Jackson Square Restaurant is a MUST STOP! 

801 Chartres Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
Phone: 504.568.1885
Fax: 504.568.9795 

For more pictures from this trip click HERE

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Have you traveled to New Orleans? Do you have some 'must stops' of your own? 
I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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  1. That cheese tart looks so good. And what's this about a ghost? More on that story please!

  2. Oh, my! I want a piece of that gorgonzola tart! What a gorgeous place to visit! That is so cool that they still reserve a table for the resident ghost all these years later.

    1. Carrie, the tart was amazing! So creamy rich good!

  3. I have to add New Orleans to my list of places to visit. I love that it has been able to retain that French vibe over the years. There used to be a Cajun restaurant here in Hartford that we used to frequent all of the time so I am familiar with how excellent NO food is. (-: Great post. Love the new look of the blog by the way.

    1. Natasha it's an amazing city full of such rich history, and the food was AMAZING!
      Creole spices, and lots of local seafood. I hope to get back soon!


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