Sunday, September 29, 2013

Big Y's Partners of Hope Program - 31 Days of Hope in October

Big Y wants you to Think Pink!

In 2007 Big Y Food Markets created the Big Y's Partners of Hope Program™, and since then more than $863,000 has been raised for the fight against breast cancer.

For the entire month of October, Big Y and its partners are thinking pink. All month, you'll find special promotions throughout their stores to help raise money, awareness and support. Look through your local Big Y store for special displays and specially marked products - every "pink" product will help you contribute to the cause.

Cancer, specifically breast cancer, impacts all of us, be it through a family member, co-worker, or a good friend. Recently, one of my very good friends received a  breast cancer diagnosis. Her doctor reports that they caught it early, but, none the less, she is beginning the long and scary road that accompanies such a diagnosis. Besides being there for her 100%, there's little I can do to battle this disease, but I can support the cause, and partner in my own way with Big Y's Partners of Hope Program™.

Pick up the October 2013 Special Breast Cancer Issue "Life in Balance"  in your local Big Y store and see how you can support the cause too! The flyer also contains great information on early detection, as well as recipes for good health.

And here's some special events and promotions you'll find at Big Y Stores for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Purchase a Partners of Hope pink ribbon for $1 at any Big Y store October 1 through October 31. The proceeds will benefit breast cancer organizations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.
  • Between October 17 and 23, Big Y will donate five cents for every package of Big Y®, Top Care®, Full Circle™, World Classics Trading Company®, PAWS Premium™, Academix, Electrix and Domestix brand products* you purchase. (*Excluding random weight items.)
  • During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you'll find some of your favorite products in special pink packaging. The manufacturers will be donating a portion of their proceeds to breast cancer research.
  • For the entire month of October, Big Y will donate a portion of the proceeds in the Floral and Produce Departments to breast cancer research (to a maximum of $20,000).
  • Big Y's Dietitian Team, Carrie Taylor and Andrea Samson, will devote a portion of their fall newsletter to cancer prevention. Look for it on the Living Well Eating Smart displays throughout the store.
  • All month, look for the pink reusable shopping bags at Big Y. Raise awareness for two important causes by going "pink" and "green" at the same time.
  • The Big Y Butcher Shop will donate 10 cents from every pound of All Natural Angus Beef® and Big Y Smart Chicken® products to breast cancer research for the duration of the month of October (up to $15,000).
  • For every transferred prescription filled at a Big Y Pharmacy, we will donate $5.00 towards breast cancer research (to a maximum of $5,000.00).
Here's the link to more information:

So join the fight - think pink for 31 days of Hope in October!

Lyman Orchards Corn Maze in Middlefield CT

If you're looking for a fun way to spend the day this fall, look no farther than Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT! There's always something going on at Lyman, whether it's the Corn Maze,  Sunflower Maze, Peach Festival, or seasonal fruit picking!
Photo source: Lyman Orchards

This fall, the nice folks at Lyman invited a group of Connecticut bloggers to take a trip down and participate in their famous Corn Maze! Every year they plant a different theme, and the theme for 2013 was Lady Liberty! The cowboy decided to stay home, so my girlfriends and I (aka Thelma and Louise and Louise) set off for a fall Connecticut Adventure!

CORN MAZE - Photo Source: Lyman Orchards
The maze is spread out over approximately 4-acres, and includes 2.5 miles of pathways. That's quite a hike, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes!  The design is challenging - and I highly recommend you grab the map that's available at the entrance, get your 'bearings' right away, and follow the map to find your way out!  

But have no fear, there are attendants posted in areas throughout the maze who will help you along, as well as quick exits if needed.  

Along the way there are trivia questions from several different topics from a sheet you can choose before entering. TV addicts that we are, we chose the TV and movie questions, which was full of pop culture references.  And the sweet girls at the entrance recommended it to us because they said it was the easiest. (chuckle - guess they had our number!)

Here's some pictures of our Lyman Orchard Corn Maze Connecticut Adventure! 

There are posts at specific areas where you answer your trivia question to determine whether to take a right or a left at that point. In addition, scattered throughout the maze are fun facts about the Statue of Liberty!

Huge shout out of thanks to the wonderful family who let us follow them out! The dad was not ashamed to have a map and follow it! Real men do read maps!! 

Real Men Read Maps!
Exiting the Maze - We Made It!

We made it out in about 50 minutes...but I'm not ashamed to admit that we did have a lot of help. You can make a fun family day of it on the weekends, as there are plenty of things to do on-premise. Most weekends there are pony rides and horse drawn wagon rides or hayrides you can enjoy as well.

Afterwards we stopped in the Apple Barrel Market and purchased lunch in their eatery - yummy sandwiches, soups, and salads, most under $10.00. I had the "Crispin" - grilled chicken breast with apple slices, red onions, and cider glaze ($7.95)! The sandwich is served on your choice of bread, roll, or wrap, with a side of couscous, macaroni salad, or potato salad. Afterwards we went shopping in the market. I was a VERY good girl and stayed away from the baked goods...but Thelma and Louise did pick up some yummy pastries and reported  back that the Apple Raspberry Pie was delicious...and so was the apple crisp that they purchased!

Lunch at the Eatery
There are tables to eat at inside, or, weather permitting, you can take your lunch 'to go' and eat on the outside deck/patio or at one of the picnic tables in the area.

We had a great Connecticut Adventure at Lyman Orchard's Corn Maze! And we can't wait to return for some of their winter activities! Tastes of the Seasons on Saturday November 9th, Brunch with Santa and Mrs. Claus on December 8th and 15th, and the Gingerbread House Holiday Workshop (adult) on December 13th.

And here's some important news! Best of all, the Lyman Orchards Corn Maze helps a great cause! One dollar  of each ticket sale helps the American Cancer Society.  

And there's more! Here's a discount code for you to use!! For the remainder of the 2013 season you can save $1.00 per ticket by using the discount code: Liberty.

Lyman Orchards

32 Reeds Gap Rd

Middlefield, CT 06455

The Corn Maze is Open:
August 31st - November 3rd
Wed. - Fri., 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Sat., Sun. & Holidays, 10am - 6pm

Ages 3 and under, FREE.
Ages 4 - 12, $5.
Ages 13 and up, $10.

Like them on Facebook: Facebook/LymanOrchards

Follow them on Twitter: @LymanOrchards

Have you been to Lyman Orchards?

Did you visit their corn maze or sunflower maze?

Shop in the Apple Barrel Market or play a round of golf at Lyman Golf Course?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below

Disclaimer: We received complimentary entry to the corn maze, however, all opinions herein are are own. Lunch and all store items were purchased separately.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Spotlight on New Haven CT Fashion Designer Neville Wisdom

A few days after Neville Wisdom's amazing ON9 Fall Fashion Show, I had the opportunity to watch the creative genius at work, and sit down and talk with the lead designer himself in his studio on Orange Street in New Haven, CT.

Friend and fellow blogger Natasha, publisher of  One Woman's Style Evolution, arranged the interview by working her Jamaican connections. She knew someone who knew someone, and there we were, sitting face to face with Neville Wisdom and learning a little about his life story, design process, and his creative journey.

So how does a self-described little "spearfishing Jamaican boy" end up as one of Connecticut's leading fashion designers? 

His story has many twists and turns, beginning with learning the creative process of sewing and design from his mother, studying the culinary arts in vocational school, enrolling in fashion design courses, interning with a tailor in Jamaica, forming a creative partnership with a clothing designer in Kingston, eventually arriving in America to learn carpentry and home interior craftsmanship from his father. 

All the while supporting himself working in the medical field, operating a fashionable boutique in the Westville section, real estate investments and property management, and, finally, his creative dream realized, opening his own design studio in New Haven's Historic Ninth Square district.

Over the course of our two hour interview, in his soft spoken Jamaican accent he explained his background, creative journey, and design philosophies.

Two stories of his experiences stood out to me.

The first, in an internship with a tailor in Jamaica, in his initial days on the job he watched his mentor create a pair of slacks. Neville watched. learned, and absorbed the process. Anyone familiar with designing sportswear knows that pants are probably one of the most difficult items to properly create. And over the weekend, Neville, the novice, created his first pair of pants. Eager to show how much he had learned to his mentor, he returned to the studio the following Monday, and proudly showed the tailor his creation. His mentor looked at him, and told him "I have nothing more to teach you, you must leave now."

Yes, the student surpassed the teacher. And the teacher did not like it.

The second experience, the journey he described in opening the Orange Street design studio. The passion that he displayed when talking about seeing the studio for the first time, discovering the exposed brick behind the plastered walls, and eventually finding the open design space he had always envisioned.

His heritage from both parents, in the ability to create design through textile from his mother, and brick and mortar design from his father, and all the hopes and dreams that brought him to New Haven, apparently all came together, finally, in this space of creative design.

And in reflecting back on opening his studio, he remarked, "It was like being in a car and finally having control of my destination"

There's so much to like about Neville Wisdom's creations. The exquisite fit and seams, the inclusion of bright colors, the bold prints and mix of patterns, masterful draping, and amazing details.

And there's so much to like about Neville Wisdom, the man. While we were winding down our interview, a staff member from a neighboring restaurant came in and dropped off that day's daily special, because they noticed that Neville hadn't stopped in that day.

Finally, as we were leaving, Natasha asked him if he had any intentions to show in New York for the upcoming Caribbean Designer Fashion Week. Neville thought soulfully and reflected for a minute, and mentioned he wasn't sure if his designs were meant to go in that direction.  I then asked good naturedly, "you mean the New Haven fashion scene here is not so bad" to which he quickly responded with a bright smile, "yes, the New Haven fashion scene is not so bad; in fact, it's great."

Such good news for us in New Haven! It sounds like Neville Wisdom's Design Studio is here to stay.

Visit the Neville Wisdom Design Studio and see these wonderful creations for yourself. 

NW - Neville Wisdom Design Studio
63 Orange Street
New Haven, CT 06510

Phone 203.891.6691

General Hours of Operation Monday-Saturday 11AM – 7PM

“LIKE" them on Facebook @ Nevilles Fashion Design Studio

FOLLOW them on Twitter @ NevillesFashion

Big thanks to Natasha for arranging the interview, and Neville's assistant, Lauren, for scheduling and giving me the inside scoop on Neville's studio, and especially for helping me find the perfect Neville Wisdom creation to wear for an upcoming event.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

NOLA Oyster Bar in South Norwalk CT

Anyone who has been to New Orleans knows that there is a unique vibe to the city, not easy to duplicate, or replicate anywhere.

Fortunately for us in New England, Chef Dan Kardos, and the management team and their staff, have done a wonderful job of re-creating some of the ambiance of the French Quarter in South Norwalk CT at the NOLA Oyster Bar.

NOLA Oyster Bar - South Norwalk CT
NOLA Oyster Bar - South Norwalk CT

Downtown South Norwalk itself is a fun little area, where a historic waterfront district connects with urban chic, and encompasses dining, shopping and entertainment. South Norwalk, or "SoNo" has a great collection of restaurants, bars, and eclectic shops and galleries. I've heard so much about SoNo from friends who lived in the area and it was nice to finally see the downtown district and understand why they loved it so much. But I digress, back to NOLA.

As part of NOLA Oyster Bar's recent fall promotion, we were invited to sample some of their traditional menu items and signature cocktails, and, of course, an evening of fun. I was happy to see when we arrived in the SoNo area that there was ample parking in a "pay for" lot, just a half a block down from NOLA. It's great to know that finding parking isn't a problem when planning a visit!

As soon as I entered I felt a little like I had been transported back to Muriel's in the French Quarter! The exposed brickwork, the chandeliers, the wrought iron, hurricane lamps, and ample seating areas.

The only things missing were the empty table for two and the ghost of Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan! Oh, there's no mummy case or seance room either! Thank goodness! Unless the Bacardi Bat room counts! LOL

We were greeted by manager Greg and PR rep Linda, and after being seated we learned a little about the history of the building and the menu from both of them, and then settled into ordering cocktails and wine.

We started with some of the signature cocktails from NOLA's specialty cocktail menu.

L-R, The Hurricane, Shrinking Violet, Leenie's Lemonade, Spice Rote

The SoNo Hurricane  is made with light rum, dark rum, blood orange, lime, pineapple, and a splash of cherry juice. The Shrinking Violet is made with Prosecco sparkling wine, violet liqueur, and lemon twists. Leenie's Lemonade is made with blueberry vodka, fresh muddled mint and lemon. Spice Route is made with Gosling's rum, Pimms fruit liqueur, ginger beer, orange bitters, and caramelized ginger. None of the cocktails were overly sweet, and the flavor of each spirit was able to shine through. My favorite of the those I tasted was Leenie's Lemonade, which had a nice citrusy and tart fresh lemon flavor.  The craft cocktails run from $8.00 to $12.00. 

From the menu, we sampled several of the "small plate" offerings, or what may be more commonly called appetizers. Each was prepared beautifully and portioned large enough for a shared appetizer, and some were suitable for a light dinner. Prices ran from $10.00 to $19.00.

CPA Beer Braised Mussels in smoked ham broth with chipotle butter and sides of toasty bread

Crab and Artichoke Fondue, made with bacon, smoked Gouda, sriracha, and crackers
Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts, made with bacon, maple, cider vinegar, and pistachios

Cornmeal Fried Oysters and Braised Pork,
over creamed spinach with pearl onion jam, and aleppo chili flakes

Butter Poached Lobster & Cornbread Waffle  with griddled scallions, and queso fresco

Blackened Shrimp and Pork Fried Rice, made with soy, sprouts, egg, scallions, and sesame

My favorites were the Lobster and Cornbread Waffles (say what??) but they were really wonderful! The lobster was perfectly cooked, buttery, and the combination of sauce and cornmeal in the waffle was really good; and the Fried Brussell Sprouts, which where crispy, and just a little on the sweet side, but a good sweet, not sugary sweet --  subtly sweet from the bacon and maple. 

My least favorite was probably the cornmeal oysters, and not for any reason other than I thought the cornmeal overpowered the oysters. The oysters were quite tasty, in fact very tasty, as were the accompanying creamed spinach and braised pork.

For dessert we sampled the Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pot De Creme, made with whipped cream, and roasted peanuts and pistachios.

Peanut Butter Pot De Creme
I loved that two dishes were prepared with pistachios and it made me wonder why I don't use them more in my own cooking. I love them! Why not add them to salads, or as a crispy topping to proteins.  Don't you love when eating out gives you ideas for preparing new twists for your own meals at home?  I know I do!

Instead of after dinner coffee, most of us in the group decided to have an after dinner cocktail, the Oyster Shooter, (billed as the "soon to be famous oyster shooter" - made with pepper vodka, cocktail sauce, mignonette, and a fresh oyster.

Soon to Be Famous NOLA Oyster Shooter

Holy cow! Why isn't this famous yet?  It was the perfect end to a perfect sampling! the rim was perfectly seasoned with red hot pepper, the shooter was divinely HOT, and the oyster was sweet. Our tasting ended on a wonderful note.

Afterwards we visited with the other members of the group and got to meet Chef Kardos. 

Chef Kardos, and dining companions Cooking with Jeff and ChristinaFor Love of Carrots,  That's So Jenn!,
Local Food Rocks / The Natural Princess , Talk-A-VinoConnecticut Bloggers,

My first reaction, and one I said out loud to him upon introductions, was "Oh my goodness, you're so young!"  

Was I embarrassed?   Uh.. Yes. 

Was he? I don't think so, and the more we spoke, the more impressed I became with his experience, knowledge, and his attitude towards food. He likes to push the envelope on his dishes, and his risks pay off - the food at NOLA that we sampled was wonderful, and I can't wait to return for some of his amazing sounding entrees.

Scallops with peaches, anyone? Or how about Cherry Smoked Salmon with tomato jam?  Fried Catfish with Seafood Jambalaya? Want to hear about more? Take this link to: NOLA Oyster Bar Food Menu where everything looks GREAT!

And before I close, a shout out to some of my great dining companions, new friends Jeff and Cristina from the blog Cooking with Jeff and Cristina, which highlights ways that young couples can recreate some great food at home through easy to follow recipes; Kait from For Love of Carrots, who writes about healthy living and shares some great recipes. Jenn from That's So Jenn!, who I felt I knew, and when she explained she's often a featured guest on the show, ConnecticutStyle, I knew immediately that was it! 

I also got to catch up with Alicia and Renato from Local Food Rocks / The Natural Princess, who explain local and healthy ways to eat,  Anatoli from  Talk-A-Vino, who always gives us a heads up on what wines to pair with dinner, and, last, but certainly not least, Greg and Wendy from Connecticut Bloggers, who cover everything Connecticut, and beyond! Stop by and visit their websites!

And a great big thank you for Linda for assembling this amazing event at a wonderful location with an incredible group of people! 

laissez les bons temps rouler

let the good times roll! 

68 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854 
Phone: 203-957-3352 

NOLA is open for Dinner Monday - Saturday,
Brunch - Dinner on Sunday

What small plate or entree would you like to try?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

Note: Home Place uses 'comment moderation' - your comments may not be visible for 24 hours.


Disclaimer: I was invited to the NOLA promotion for a complimentary sampling, however, all views expressed herein are my own.
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Greenwich Wine and Food Festival and Ticket Giveaway!

UPDATE! Congratulations to Wendy D. who won the ticket giveaway for 2-tickets to GWFF!

Read my recap of the event HERE

This year the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival is back - and it's better than ever!

This fabulous three-day event presented by Serendipity magazine benefits The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, and will take place October 3-5, 2013, at the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich, CT

The festival will feature a Kick-Off Party on Thursday, October 3, a Grand Tasting Gala on Friday, October 4, and the Culinary Village on Saturday, October 5.

For a schedule of the Greenwich Wine+Food Festival Events: click HERE 

Tickets are available for purchase online at:

In addition to local and celebrity chefs, cooking demonstrations, and fabulous tastings there will be more than ninety restaurants and and vendors

Suni Unger, Founder & CEO of Unger Publishing, the publisher of Serendipity magazine notes, "We are so excited to celebrate and support the area’s thriving culinary community, in addition to such an important charity.”

And there's some great news! Here's your chance to win tickets to to all the fab events on SATURDAY! Just use the rafflecopter gadget below to enter, and there's also ways to earn bonus entries!

Start off by answering the following question in the comments below...

"What are you looking forward to most at the Greenwich Wine+Food Festival?  The wine, the food, or the music?"

Hope to see you there!
Contest is open to those 21 years of age or older.
Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Besides the mandatory email and blog comment entry, all other entries are optional. Giveaway ends 9/29/13. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLAIMER:  This contest is sponsored by Unger Publishing. Home Place is not liable for the awarding of any prizes.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cash Mob CT at Sunflower Farm in Orange CT

On Saturday, 9-21-13, you can support a local Connecticut business, and get some great deals! 


By participating in September's Cash Mob CT at Sunflower Farm in Orange CT

from 11:00am to 1:00pm

If you haven't participated in one of the local Cash Mob's here in Connecticut, you should! It's a great way to support some local businesses. All you need is  $20.00 and a yearning to shop (yup - that I've got!) and it's a great way to inject some of that economic stimulus into a locally owned business.  Because that's where it will make a REAL difference!

Each month the folks at REX Development, work with Cash Mob CT,  to select a town or city that is part of the 15 municipalities that make up the South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG) to descend on to be "Cash-Mobbed".  Then, we voters do the rest! Local businesses are nominated - and a final vote is held where the Mob-Winner is selected and announced. 

Past winners have been RJ Julia Booksellers in MadisonFlutterby in Guilford, the Bethany Farm Market in BethanySweet Cioccolata in Wallingfordthe Sweet Shoppe in East HavenSomething of Bev's in MilfordBooks and Company in HamdenTotally Awesome Goods in BranfordMetamorphosis in West HavenCT, and Country Paint and Hardware in North Branford, CT.

Just like you, I have to watch my pennies, but I can spend $20.00!

We can ALL do our part to help the local economy - one dollar at a time!

I have to be honest though. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday, but that didn't make a difference! I decided to visit Sunflower Farm a week early to get some pictures and scout some of the bargains that will be available for YOU on September 21st. And, of course, I got to do my own little "mini-mob"!

I got to meet and chat with the wonderful owners, Sabrina and Ernie who will be celebrating the farm market's 30th anniversary next year! What started as a small flower garden, selling cut flowers and Ernie's favorite sunflowers, has since blossomed (couldn't help myself) into a nationally known flower and garden market. I've heard about their famous air-brushed pumpkins and will need to return in October to purchase one.

Meet Ernie and Sabrina, owners of Sunflower Farm
Sabrina is a dynamo! As soon as I introduced myself and explained that I attend many local events, she told me all about the Milford Downtown Farmers' Market and their upcoming First Annual Apple Pie Contest on October 5th. She almost had me convinced that even I could bake a pie for it...but you and I know better than that! You can learn more about the Milford Downtown Farmers Market HERE and some info on the Apple Pie contest HERE.

Ernie told me that his main function at Sunflower Farm was to help people carry their items to their cars, but I later learned he's the one with the marvelous green thumb... responsible for the perennials, dwarf sunflowers, giant sunflowers, annuals, and the most gorgeous mums!

First and foremost...THE MUMS...beautiful, perfect fall mums are available for only $10.00! HUGE ONES! This has to be the best price for this size and quality, anywhere in CT, hands down! 

But they're more than just a purveyors of flowers. They also carry a small variety of seasonal fruits and produce, baked goods, and  unscented and natural soap, essential oil soap, and other natural products, most made the old-fashioned way, with no GMOs. 

Here's some candid pics of what can be found at the Sunflower Farm!

Pickles, Relishes, Salsas, and More!

Natural soaps and lotions
Sea Salts & Natural and Soy Candles
Locally grown fruits - peaches, apples, and nectarines
 Fresh baked goods and organic honey
Sabrina and Ernie
I was able to purchase some of the cowboy's favorite relish, a cabbage relish called Chow-Chow, some nectarines, and, OF COURSE, a beautiful golden-yellow mum! Sabrina rang me up - and Ernie carted my purchases to the car. My pre-mini-cash-mob was complete!

Please don't miss this wonderful Cash Mob event and visit Sabrina and Ernie at Sunflower Farm! You won't be disappointed!

767 Derby Milford Road, 
Orange, CT, 06477


"Like" them on facebook: HERE

Open 7 days a week - til Christmas
(Then, 4 days a week Winter-Spring)


Have you participated in a Cash Mob?

What are your favorite places to shop local?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

Note: Home Place uses "comment moderation" - your comments may not be visible for 24 hours.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Big Book Club Presents "Frighteningly Delicious" - A Fall Halloween Program

On October 27, 2013 the team that launched The Big Book Club Getaway at Mohegan Sun earlier this year is pleased to announce a brand new event  at The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center (“The Kate”). 

This fall Halloween program will be "Frightfully Delicious" and includes a psychic medium and gourmet treats. 

Doors open at 10am and the event will conclude at 3pm

The fabulous line-up of authors that will be presenting that day includes:

Roberta Isleib aka Lucy Burdette,
author of the Key West Food Critic murder mysteries, An Appetite for Murder, Death in Four Courses, and Topped Chef

Suzanne Palmieri aka Suzy Hayes,
author of The Witch of Little 
Italy and I’ll Be Seeing You; 

Brunonia Barry,
author of The New York Times and internationally bestselling novel,
The Lace Reader and The Map of True Places,

B.A. Shapiro,
New York Times bestselling and #1 Indie pick author of 
The Art Forger.  

Local authors, Paul Ferrante (Last Ghost at Gettysburg), Sydney Sherman (You are Not Alone), Eileen Kaplan (Laughter is the Breast Medicine), and Tedd Levy (Remarkable Women of Old Saybrook) will also meet guests and sign their books.

During lunchtime, an art activity will be offered by The Drunken Palette to benefit the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation.  

A portion of the proceeds from all book sales will also go to 
Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation.

Psychic Medium Angelina Diana will speak about spirit communications and perform random readings throughout the audience.

Tickets are $55 each and include a gourmet boxed lunch and dessert sponsored by Bliss Gourmet of Westbrook.  

Cash bar and themed cocktails available.  

Books will be available for sale by R.J.Julia Booksellers.  

Other sponsors include The Day, the Bee and Thistle Inn, Middlesex Hospital, and Barnum Financial Group.  


CONTACT:  Colleen Doyle LaFrancois at (860) 460-0875 or Susan McCann at (860) 767-1707

300 Main Street
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
October 27, 2013
Event Schedule: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Click HERE for schedule details

The Big Book Club is a creation of LaFrancois Marketing Consultants and Essex Books. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

1st Annual Milford Farmer's Market Apple Pie Contest

Calling all amateur pie makers! - This means you!

Milford Downtown Farmers' Market First Annual Apple Pie Contest
Milford Downtown Farmers' Market Apple Pie Contest
Entry Deadline: September 28th, 2013
Contest: October 5th, 2013

The Milford CT Downtown Farmer's Market is holding their 

FIRST ANNUAL Apple Pie Contest on October  5, 2013

And all you have to do to enter is bake a "from scratch"  Apple Pie!
Entry Deadline 9-28-13
Apple Pie
Yum!!! - Who doesn't love Apple Pie???


  1. Contest is open to individuals or groups working as a team
  2. One entry per person per category
  3. Recipe MUST accompany the entry (the pie)
  4. Pies entered must have bottom and side crust
  5. Pies must be made from scratch. No store bought pies. No store bought crusts.
  6. Apple Pies only
  7. Amateur bakers only
  8. If pie plate is not disposable, it must be clearly marked for proper return
  9. Contestants agree to have their photos published


  1. Complete entry form and submit to Milford Downtown Farmers' Market (Sunflower Farm tent) or mailed to Milford Downtown Farmers' Market-Sunflower Farm, 767 Derby Milford Road, Orange CT 06477, by September 28th, 2013
  2. Submit pies on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, between 8:30am and 9:30am. Pies should be dropped off at the Milford Downtown Farmers' Market PIE JUDGING TENT WHICH WILL BE CLEARLY MARKED ON THAT DATE.
  3. Judging will begin shortly after 10:00am and the winner will be announced at approximately 11:00am
  4. Judging will be based on Taste (50%), Appearance (25%) and Overall Appeal (25%)
  5. Taste is judged on flavor; Appearance is determined on the pre-slice and post-slice runniness, firmness and juiciness after the pie is cut; and Overall Appeal is how appealing and impressive the pie is in general
  6. Contest judges are Kathleen Donovan, Joe Agro, Louis Agro, and a surprise Judge!!


For additional Information Contact
Sabrina Santoro, Sunflower Farm, 203.795.6829
Link to entry form HERE

Happy Baking!

Note: Home Place is not affiliated with this contest, its rules, nor responsible for the judging or awarding of any prizes.
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