Sunday, September 29, 2013

Big Y's Partners of Hope Program - 31 Days of Hope in October

Big Y wants you to Think Pink!

In 2007 Big Y Food Markets created the Big Y's Partners of Hope Program™, and since then more than $863,000 has been raised for the fight against breast cancer.

For the entire month of October, Big Y and its partners are thinking pink. All month, you'll find special promotions throughout their stores to help raise money, awareness and support. Look through your local Big Y store for special displays and specially marked products - every "pink" product will help you contribute to the cause.

Cancer, specifically breast cancer, impacts all of us, be it through a family member, co-worker, or a good friend. Recently, one of my very good friends received a  breast cancer diagnosis. Her doctor reports that they caught it early, but, none the less, she is beginning the long and scary road that accompanies such a diagnosis. Besides being there for her 100%, there's little I can do to battle this disease, but I can support the cause, and partner in my own way with Big Y's Partners of Hope Program™.

Pick up the October 2013 Special Breast Cancer Issue "Life in Balance"  in your local Big Y store and see how you can support the cause too! The flyer also contains great information on early detection, as well as recipes for good health.

And here's some special events and promotions you'll find at Big Y Stores for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Purchase a Partners of Hope pink ribbon for $1 at any Big Y store October 1 through October 31. The proceeds will benefit breast cancer organizations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.
  • Between October 17 and 23, Big Y will donate five cents for every package of Big Y®, Top Care®, Full Circle™, World Classics Trading Company®, PAWS Premium™, Academix, Electrix and Domestix brand products* you purchase. (*Excluding random weight items.)
  • During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you'll find some of your favorite products in special pink packaging. The manufacturers will be donating a portion of their proceeds to breast cancer research.
  • For the entire month of October, Big Y will donate a portion of the proceeds in the Floral and Produce Departments to breast cancer research (to a maximum of $20,000).
  • Big Y's Dietitian Team, Carrie Taylor and Andrea Samson, will devote a portion of their fall newsletter to cancer prevention. Look for it on the Living Well Eating Smart displays throughout the store.
  • All month, look for the pink reusable shopping bags at Big Y. Raise awareness for two important causes by going "pink" and "green" at the same time.
  • The Big Y Butcher Shop will donate 10 cents from every pound of All Natural Angus Beef® and Big Y Smart Chicken® products to breast cancer research for the duration of the month of October (up to $15,000).
  • For every transferred prescription filled at a Big Y Pharmacy, we will donate $5.00 towards breast cancer research (to a maximum of $5,000.00).
Here's the link to more information:

So join the fight - think pink for 31 days of Hope in October!


  1. Bonnie - I love this, thank you so much for sharing! As the daughter and granddaughter of Breast Cancer survivors, I am extra focused on places and products which focus on giving back in October. Big Y is my go-to supermarket, so I love this! I am hosting my daughters baptism in October, and will be purchasing flowers from Big Y, and some produce platters....I love knowing some of the money I am spending is going back to the cause.

    1. Dana, it's such an important topic and I'm equally thrilled that Big Y is so onboard with their 31 days of Hope. So important to support the cause! I'm so sorry about your mom and grandmother. Here's to girls who fight!

  2. This is great information, thank you for sharing! I have a Big Y right down the street from me and I can definitely do my shopping there this month. I've seen the effects of breast cancer in the families of my friends and my heart aches for them.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I usually shop at Big Y - glad to hear about the cause!

  4. Thank you for sharing! Breast cancer runs in my family so it is a cause dear to my heart. I love that Big Y is helping the cause!

    xx Kait

  5. Bonnie, this is wonderful. Great post and so glad Big Y is joining in. I will go to out local today and see how our family can help fight Breast Cancer too. Thanks so much for sharing!


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