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The New Red Bee Honey Barn in Weston CT

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Back in March of this year I started following the progress of Red Bee apiary's new honey barn and loved seeing Marina's dream and vision for the Red Bee Honey Barn come to fruition. Marina is the owner, operator, chief beekeeper and honey-maker/taster at Red Bee Honey. In other words, she's the Queen Bee!

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Marina and her right hand bee associate, Kristine, extended an invitation to a small group from our local Connecticut Bloggers group to be the FIRST to attend a honey tasting and lunch in the Red Bee Honey Barn!

The Red Bee Honey Barn

Marina has been beekeeping since 2000, when visiting a neighbor's apiary and realizing her true passion in life. She is now a best selling author, sought after speaker, and frequent television talk show guest on the subject of bees, beekeeping, and honey. In addition, Marina is the founder and president of the American Honey Tasting Society.

We arrived in the early afternoon and Marina gave our group a tour of her farm and apiary and explained the origin of honeybees to the states and the importance of bees to the ecosystem. It is because of the pollination work of those busy bees that we benefit with the production of green vegetation, juicy fruits and vegetables, as well as seeds, nuts, and berries. And in addition to the benefits those foods provide to us, think of all the wildlife that is dependent on that vegetation and food for survival.

Yes, bees are important!

Some members of our group were brave souls and were willing to don bee keeping suits in order to get up close and personal.

While other members acted as chicken whisperers.

After our outside tour, we descended on the new Red Bee Honey Barn for a tour and tasting. The first floor of the barn acts as the storefront and office, and also has a cozy seating area available for intimate tastings.

While the second floor is large and roomy and can accommodate a large group.

We sat at the beautifully set table and proceeded with the tasting. Much like wine, we learned how pairing different foods with honeys brings out the flavor sensations and profiles.

Marina led us through a wide spectrum of honey pairings, from a light Linden Honey partnered with goat cheese and lemon zest, to a deep dark Buckwheat Honey accompanied by a fire-roasted tomato.

Red Bee Honey Tasting

Below is a delicious Red Berry Honey paired with some earthy Bleu Cheese and a sweet date.

Red Bee Honey Tasting

Just like with a wine tasting, Marina walked us through the sensory as well as flavor profiles.

After our tasting Marina provided our group with a true "Farm to Table" luncheon, with a delightful salad made with fresh lettuce picked right from the garden, egg salad made with eggs from her free range chickens, and a delicious cucumber sandwich, again, made with cucumbers right out of the garden. Of course, the salad was accompanied by a flavorful honey dressing!

Farm to Table Salad and Sandwiches

My lunch! Delicious!

And after lunch we sampled a delicious dessert, made from chocolate covered honeycombs. Yes, honeycombs are edible!

Chocolate covered honeycomb

Be sure to check out Red Bee Honey and if you have the opportunity you simply must attend one of her upcoming honey tastings (see upcoming events ==> HERE). Look for Red Bee Honey in local stores in Fairfield county and I know that in the Hartford area Hartford Prints! carries her honey. Don't see it in your favorite CT store? Tell them to contact Marina!

And you can always purchase her honey and line of skin care products online at

Red Bee Honey Apiary and Honey Barn

82 Lyons Plain Rd,
Weston, CT 06883-3020

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Big thanks to Marina, Kristine, and Andrea for being the consummate hosts to our group and for providing us with an educational and rewarding experience!

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Disclaimer: Our group was invited to this complimentary honey tasting by the Red Bee's management and marketing team, however, all opinions are our own.

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  1. Awesome Post! I need to visit this place!

    1. Reena, thank you! We had a fun time and I know you will too!

  2. Beautiful pics as usual! This was such a fun afternoon. :)

    1. We did have fun Jess! Couldn't believe you scooped up a chicken! (#ChickenEnvy) So glad you came!

  3. Looks delish. Sorry to have missed it!

    1. I was so bummed that you weren't able to come! Miss you!

  4. Now I'm curious about honey tastings!

    1. Cecilia, I know you and Eugene would LOVE this place! You need to go soon. The new barn is amazing and Marina is a wonderful source of information about all things honey!


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