Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chef Neil Fuentes of Branford's Jojoto Restaurant returns to Food Network

The Singing Chef Neil Fuentes To Appear on Food Network’s REWRAPPED

Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 1 PM  

Chef Fuentes doesn't mince any words...“Yes, I am the chef that literally chopped my finger when I appeared on Chopped last year!"

Neil Fuentes looks back on the episode that didn’t quite go according to plan. But Neil’s big personality and enthusiasm caught the eye of Food TV producers and he was quickly asked back to the network to tape an episode of “Rewrapped”, a new series that has chefs challenged with the task of recreating a commercially known product and then using it in a dish.

The show began taping in August right when the Singing Chef was preparing to open Jojoto, his Venezuelan restaurant in Branford, “It was crazy. I was literally working past midnight in the restaurant and then going home to prep before heading into the city for a 5 a.m. call time on set.”

Sworn to secrecy, Neil is inviting guests to Jojoto for a special screening of the episode which airs Saturday, December 6 at 1 PM. Neil will be showing the original Chopped show prior – and we all know how that one ends… But Rewrapped is a different story…or, is it?    

Watch, eat, sing and cheer on Neil for a special afternoon at Jojoto on Saturday December 6th!

Here's info on the episode:

“Pudding Up a Fight”   The proof is in the Swiss Miss Triple Chocolate Dream pudding! Three chefs must impress the judges with their recreation of this snack to avoid elimination. But one chef’s overuse of white chocolate may spell disaster. Then in the Innovate Round, one Rewrapper decides to dress coleslaw with Swiss Miss Pudding. Is it an outrage or a stroke of dreamy brilliance? Find out as Joey Fatone hosts this velvety episode of Rewrapped!

COMPETITORS: Chris Sell, Dawn Tyson, Neil Fuentes

JUDGES: Marc Summers, Ken Hall, Hugh Mangum



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