Saturday, May 19, 2012

Welcome to the Shoreline Meat House

Today the cowboy and I had the pleasure of visiting one of Branford, CT's newest additions, the Shoreline Meat House .  For those of you not familiar with this shop, it is billed as "a neighborhood butcher and grocery store"

The Shoreline Meat House is located in beautiful Branford, CT - not far from the center of town and easily accessible from I-95 Exit 54 (Cedar Street) on the corner of Route One (North Main Street) and Cedar Street.  They occupy the former space of Zane's Cycles (who moved farther down Route One) and for those of you familiar with old-time Branford, the former Grossman's.  (aka The Home Depot of the 70s-80s).

Apologies in advance for the flash reflection in all the pictures of items below.  The cowboy was rushing me and, of course, embarrassed that I was taking pictures and "talking up" both the customers and sales personnel!

We were greeted by the GM, John DeMilo, who is a visible presence; so welcoming and accommodating, and more importantly, chock full of information! In addition there are key personnel "working the aisles" who can explain anything and everything to you!

Folks, if today's visit is an indicator of customer service, it will be A+.   The butchers and service personnel actually make eye contact with you and are HAPPY to help you with your questions!
Below is a picture of the deli salads available.

The Shoreline Meat House offers both prime and select cuts of meat.  Prime runs in the $21and up range,  and select starts at about $11and up.  Plenty of white meat offerings too, fresh chicken and pork cuts.  The butcher on duty told us, "if you don't see it - just ask" 

Fresh seafood abounds.  The wonderful woman who helped us explained that all their seafood is FRESH never frozen!  Shipments are received daily from the fishing docks of Boston.  Loads of variety!  

 Also available is a full-service deli counter featuring Boar's Head  meats and cheeses.  In addition, they make sandwiches and subs "to go" - a great offering for those who work in the Branford area!

The following are some candid shots taken throughout the store.

The "Pasta Station"

Produce, cheeses, and dairy.  Remember when your milkman brought you milk in a glass container?  Well, they got it here!  

Hey, how did the cowboy sneak into the picture?

Love me some potatoes.  (I'm a true carb-loving girl)

...and like a true "local"  - they support "local" - in the name of our local bottling company, Foxon Park Beverages, out of our neighboring East Haven, CT. 
For CT-expatriates, you can buy Foxon Park online and have your favorite white birch beer or gassosa (and other flavors) shipped directly to you by contacting Foxon Park at:  

More local flavors with some infused extra virgin olive oils.  And a sampling table!  YUMMMM!

All in all, we had a great trip to the Shoreline Meat House and for a limited time they are offering samples sizes of 2-3 oz packages of marinated steak tips to first time visitors!  A great way to build a loyal following and clientele. 

  Visit the Shoreline Meat House and tell them Home Place sent you!

Tell us, where did you go today?

Home Place Rates The Meat House:  A+

Note: For information on Meat House franchising opportunities go to 


  1. Purchased beef short ribs when I opened them the smell that came from the meat made me want to vomit. Had to throw $30.00 in the trash. Thanks Meat House.

    1. Sylvia, I hope you returned to the store and told them. I shop there often and have never had a problem. Everyone there is so helpful. I'm sure if they knew of this problem they would rectify it. I know they are concerned with customer satisfaction.


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