Saturday, June 16, 2012

Branford Festival 2012

Today the cowboy and I attended the 28th Annual Branford Festival in our little town of Branford.

Father's Day weekend just isn't complete unless we've supported some of our local commerce and visited with friends here at the Branford Festival.  Here's a picture of our town hall with some banners from all the supporting merchants and advertisers that make this wonderful event possible every year!  The best way to thank them is to support them with your business!

We always run into some old friends and relatives while we were there and this year was no different! We had the pleasure of meeting up with the cowboy's cousin, the beautiful Linda D., who was kind enough to compliment us on our blog and our recent restaurant series.  (Thank you Linda!).  So great to live in a small town where we are lucky to know (and be related to!) so many people.  The cowboy comes from a family of 12 (!!) with its origins in Short Beach - so we are probably related to half of the townspeople!

If you haven't been to the Branford Festival - I highly recommend it!  There are some great food vendors there as well as great shopping.  We started with the food vendors which, in addition to having many local businesses participate, also have some of the civic clubs and non-profits as operators of food service.  Come out and support them and have some great food!

 My gyro!  YUMMM!
The Greek would say καλός (so good!)

The cowboy's hot dog! HUMMEL's, of course!

The good people from St. Theresa's church 
(Stop by tonight at Holy Cannoli and say hello to my friend Gayle!)

Branford Festival's fine volunteers! 
Thank you for all that you do each year to make this event possible!
And don't forget to pick up a Branford Festival Souvenir!

Vauiso Farms

The East Haven Short Beach Trolley line!

Local merchant Tricia Bohan Photography

Branford Recreation - one of Branford's finest organizations!

Cosgrove Animal Shelter

And all day entertainment
This little lady belted out the Star Spangled Banner like a pro!
(...and SHE knew all the words!)

Colorful Adirondack chairs and outdoor accessories.

lots of crafts!
Beautiful furniture

Of course we moved on to the shopping experience and I purchased a beautiful shell necklace and earrings from The Beadtress for only $25.00! Here I am later with my necklace on

I also picked up some hand dyed scarfs from Mango Bay Design in the most beautiful shades of purple and turquoise!
See me doing my best Vanna White imitation! - Two for $20.00!

...and there's even wonderful give-a-ways to be found!  
Here's a little something from our local Allstate Agent, Stephanie Lupoli.  
Stop and see her and her dad Peter on Montowese Street in Branford.

The Main Street merchants participate in their own ways with some great sidewalk fare!

Darbar Indian Restaurant
Sound Runner

Branford Building Supplies is offering Adirondack style chairs that are only $29.00.  Made of durable resin and never need painting!  Aqua, pale yellow, and bubble gum pink!  I want them all.  The cowboy said no.  (sad face)

Common Ground Coffee Shop - a little cafe au lait al fresco.
...and the cowboy lugs home my hanging baskets! 
Every year he warns me he won't carry them!  Every year he does!

Visit the Branford Festival and tell them Home Place sent you!

Did you visit the Branford Festival this weekend?  How do you spend your Father's Day weekend?


  1. Holy cannoli! These are great! I would have loved this festival. I'd have brought home a couple of those Adirondack chairs, some scarves, probably a craft or two and eaten myself into oblivion! Lovely pictures Bonnie... :)

  2. Thanks Cindy! It's a Branford tradition - and this is only the tip of the iceburg. They have bands at night and a roadrace today. I predict those Adirondacks will be in my backyard before the the end of the summer!

  3. Looking forward to 2013 Branford festival!

    1. Me too! I'm only able to go for a short time on Saturday, but I'll make the best of it!


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