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Daisy Lewellyn's 5 Spring Essentials - Macy's Spring Fashion Show

It's finally beginning to feel a LITTLE like spring here in Connecticut so it was the perfect weekend to hop in the car and take a drive up the Merritt Parkway to Paramus New Jersey to attend a Macy's Spring Fashion Show (#SpringEssentials and #5Essentials).

Oh my goodness.  The Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus NJ is unbelievable. The mall is fantastic but parking is CRAZY! You literally have to stalk shoppers as they exit the mall to get a parking space.  What do they do at Christmas?  Of course,  it wasn't until I was leaving that I found out they have park assist, where you will be directed to available parking in their parking garage, and some stores (although Macy's is not one of them) have valet parking!

In any case, this was a fun fashion show hosted by the effervescent Daisy Lewellyn, author, TV personality, fashionista, and style expert. Daisy has been featured on such shows as Good Morning America, Rachel Ray, and the Martha Stewart Radio Show.
Daisy Lewellyn does a happy dance for the Five Spring Essentials!
The Everywhere Society was my sponsor for this trip and it was certainly a great event to participate in!  First of all, I got to meet a few bloggers from New England, which is always great and helps to pick up tips of the trade, and just plain make new friends! Prior to the show I met Jennifer from MommaDandDaBoyz (@mommaDandDaBoyz) and right after the show I met Monica from SoFamilyOnline (@Sofamilyonline). I also met a journalism student, Terichi, who was covering this event as part of her university studies in a course on mobile media.

We got there early enough to see the catwalk being set up and met another amazing Macy Event Coordinator, Lindsay.  These Macy's event coordinators are fantastic.  In a matter of an hour they literally transform a section of a Macy's store into a Project Runway worthy fashion event.

The show was opened by MaryAnn, store manager for the Macy's Garden State Plaza Paramus New Jersey store.
MaryAnn, store manager for Macy's Garden State Plaza Paramus NJ
Macy's was also offering shoppers who spent $75.00 or more a copy of Daisy's book "Never Pay Retail Again" and a free Macy's tote!

And everyone was invited down to the Impulse Beauty counter to have a spring inspired makeover! Shout out to the Impulse girls who also did the make up for the show!
The Impulse Girls
Daisy's five essentials for spring this year are great!  Plus they're easy to put together and AFFORDABLE!  Most of her picks for the models were separates and accessories that cost under $100.00. I know, I know, you're waiting for them!  Well here they are!

Daisy's Five Spring Essentials
  • Pullovers (comfy! one was even made of sweatshirt material)
  • Peplums (hides a tummy and helps give curves, or accent existing curves)
  • Printed Pants (fun and flirty)
  • Dresses (always a mainstay)
  • Lace (even a shoe that was patterned in lace!)

As always Macy's featured beautiful models, that represented the typical real-life woman! In addition to the traditional tall and slender model, they also featured a petite size, as well as a curvy model.  Thank you Macy's for knowing that beautiful women come in ALL sizes...and that we like to see clothes on people that look like US!

Daisy commented that these are all made in comfortable materials, cottons blends and jersey knits. Jessica on the left has on a pullover made of sweatshirt material.  What makes it look so polished?  Simply add a belt to kick up the style a notch!
(L) Jessica in a pullover by Bar III, pencil skirt Marilyn Monore
(Center) Zoriah in a leather vest and leather skort by MADE
(R) Tricia in a Style & Co pullover with Calvin Klein Skinny Jean

The peplum works like magic! Daisy says it gives both fit and flare! For women without curves, it gives the illusion of some, and for those with curves, it helps hide a little tummy and because it fits so nicely at the the waist, it nips it in a bit!
(L) Zoriah in an INC petite top and cobalt blue peplum skirt
(Center) Jessica in sorbet colors, a leather jacket and peplum dress by BAR III
(R) Tricia in a  peplum top and jeggings by Jessica Howard

Printed Pant:
This spring it is all about the printed pant, says Daisy.  What do you think?  I like them, A LOT! And I think this is one summer trend I will jump onboard with.
(L) Jessica in Michael Kors print jeans
(Center) Zoriah in Lauren priint jeans
(R) Tricia in Style & Co. print jeans
Dresses are always a mainstay and these three looks were fabulous!  You simply can't go wrong in a spring dress.
(L) Zoriah in a printed shirt dress by INC
(Center) Jessica in a print dress
(R) Tricia in a print dress 

Daisy explained that lace is the one of the hottest celebrity trends this year. And can be found in everything from dresses to tops to shoes.  Check out the beautiful Tricia in the emerald dress on the right!  Emerald green is the hot color of spring, says Daisy!
(L) Jessica in an INC gray lace dress (gray is the new black says Daisy!)
(Center) Zoriah in Kensie apricot lace with lace shoes!
(R) Tricia in emerald lace (looks teal in this pic but it was actually a beautiful shade of emerald)

And I have to point out the shoes from these outfits!  The shoes in this show were amazing!  Polka dot lace ups, bright colors and neutrals, and lots of comfy wedges!

In between each 5 Spring Essentials set, Daisy held various contests, name three celebrity baby bumps (Kimye, Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson), name the perks of the peplum, strut your stuff fashion feature, and a sixty second dance party!
Attendees get to walk the catwalk and party like a rock star!
After the show we got to meet Daisy and have our book autographed!  Terichi got to do a short interview for her mobile media course, and Monica and I did our own pose with Daisy's book on the Macy's catwalk!

Top left:  Terichi interviews Daisy while event coordinator Lindsay looks on, Bottom left:  me and Daisy, 
Center: Terichi and Daisy strike their best "fierce" pose, 
Right: me and Monica of SoFamilyOnline.

And here's some candids of the people that were there...

... and some of the pops of spring color we saw throughout the store!

Remember to check Macy's website for events in your area!
Click HERE and enter your zip code!

Hope you enjoyed looking at  Daisy Lewellyn's and Macy's Spring Essentials
shown at the fashion event at Macy's Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus NJ

See more pictures from the event HERE and "like" the Home Place facebook page!

You can search for more info at: #SpringEssentials and #5Essentials

Look for upcoming Macy's Spring Fashion Events in:

Washington, DC: 3/28 at 5:30 pm, Macy's Union Sq with LookMazing
Memphis, TN: 4/6 a 1 pm, Macy's Wolfchase Galerria, with Nick Verreos
Cincinnati, OH: 4/20 at 1 pm, Macy's Kenwood, with Nick Verreos


What's YOUR view of the fashions shown today?

Have you bought any new pullovers this spring?
Would you wear a peplum?
Is a spring dress in your future?
Will you be in some printed pants this season?
Is lace in your wardrobe?

Tell me your take on the Five Spring Essentials in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post about the Macy's Five Spring Essentials event. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.


  1. I love a good fashion show and this looks like it had all the elements for success! Daisy looks like a fun host.

    I would totally rock out the peplum! It would give my stick pin figure some oo-la-la oomph!

    1. Oh you would rock that peplum! Me? I'm going for the printed pant. Great weekend look that shouts SPRING!

  2. HOW FUN! Love this. I am LOVING your pictures in the post - I feel like I was there! Growing up 10 minutes from the Garden State Plaza, I can say that you are is a DISASTER at Christmas!! My Spring shopping has been hard as I am limited to the maternity section, but I did score some fun Spring Dresses!!

  3. Thank you! I have to admit that I've shopped in the maternity section when I didn't have to! (chuckle). I saw a cute top that I loved and still wear it today as a swing top! One of my favorites!
    Oh Dana, bless you for shopping at the Garden State Plaza...I can't imagine what it's like during the holidays! It is a great mall. Love the carousel!

  4. This event looks like so much fun! I love all of the color in the outfits. Also, fabulous shoes all around!

    xx Kait

    1. This spring is all about pops of color! I'm a shoe gal too, so I was on cloud 9 that these were so great!

  5. I love all the pictures of the spring fashions. For spring I think I would go with the dress. I love all the spring shades!

    1. Sue, the dresses were beautiful and the colors were amazing. Great choice!


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