Friday, March 22, 2013

Think Spring at a Sweetie's Review Party #thinkspring

You can tell spring is on the way because weekends are getting busy again!

Everyone is ready to shake the winter doldrums off and jump into some warm weather!  With that comes weekend events, and fun parties to give you a reason to get out of the house!

Last weekend I was invited to a Sweetie's Review Party titled "Think Spring!" (#thinkspring) and Wendy (aka Sweetie) had lots of wonderful items for us to review!  

You'll remember our last Sweetie's Review Party was "Margaritas and Manicures!" (#margaritasandmanicures). 

Well, the Think Spring party was just as AWESOME and featured lots of great products!  And because they were holding the party on St. Patrick's Day, Mr. & Mrs O'Sweetie (LOL) cooked up a heap of corned beef and cabbage, with the traditional boiled potatoes and carrots. 

After having a helping of corned beef I couldn't wait to sample some of the great products that were provided for the party, either through the companies themselves, or through peer to peer contributions.

I have to start with Tandoor Chef Indian Food.  I've never been to an actual Indian restaurant, although I loved watching the Next Food Network Star when Aarti Sequira won.  (Bobby Flay himself said if she ever opened an Indian Restaurant, he wanted to be her backer!) Well, anyways, I love Indian spices so it's no surprise that I loved these offerings by Tandoor Chef!
Tandoor Chef Indian Food

I sampled the Jumbo Samosa with Chutney and the Lamb Samosa.  I absolutely loved the Lamb Samosa and will definitely seek them out in my local supermarkets and keep them on hand to snack on or to serve as an appetizer at a future party of my own!

Then I moved on to the Dei Fratelli Salsa with chips.  This salsa is wonderful!  I'm bummed that my local grocery store doesn't carry them but I'm going to haunt them til' they do!  (Hear that BIG Y??).  
Dei Fratelli Salsa
L-R mild salsa, black bean and corn salsa, medium salsa

The good news?  You can purchase their products online! (Click HERE to shop) I tried both the black bean & corn salsa and the medium salsa.  Both were great but I was little more partial to the black bean and corn because I do like my salsa on the chunky side!

Next I tried some Rudolph's Southern Recipe Cajun Cheesy Popcorn.  Soooo good!  I'm a popcorn lover, and like to try all sorts of different flavors, and this one didn't disappoint!  
Rudolph's Southern Recipe Cajun Cheesy Popcorn

It had a true spicy cajun flavor, yet stayed true to a popcorn taste and wasn't overpowering! 

By now my sweet tooth was hankering so it was time to move on to the Cookie Pies!  What?  You haven't heard of a cookie pie?  Well, it was a first for me too! Barbara's Cookie Pies were a hit!

And they certainly lived up to their billing "looks like a pie - taste like a cookie!"  And really, who doesn't love a big ole' cookie!

We were then treated to a demonstration and talk about Soda Stream a nifty little product that allows you to turn regular tap water into sparkling soda! And it also allows you to make your own flavored sodas.  This was a product I was familiar with as a colleague at work has it AND LOVES IT!  
Soda Stream

It was great to see it in action and get to taste some of the product. It is really an amazing little gadget, and hardly takes up any counter space!  A plus for those of us with small kitchens!  

While the rest of the review team played Buffalo Games I was treated to a much needed camera lesson by Sweetie's daughter-in-law (THANK YOU!) But apparently I missed out on a LOT OF FUN because the woops and hollers coming from the gamers were incredible!  In any case, Buffalo Games are "Laugh out loud party games that are fun to play and easy to learn!"

Next I moved on to what I know you've all been waiting for! ...the Brix Chocolate!  I first heard about the Brix brand at the Mohegun Sun Wine Fest this year.
Brix Chocolate
I still can't believe how well chocolate pairs with wine!  The Brix people explain that the tannins in the chocolate beans bring out the tannins in the wine, and naturally complement one another.  My personal favorite was the Brix Milk Chocolate paired with BareFoot Red Moscato California wine.  Nice and mild and a sweet way to cap off the day!

We also had some great items to bring home!  Fellow CT Blogger Rachel Ferrucci donated some Cravebox gifts. 

Mine was packed with all sorts of goodies and I especially can't wait to try the Zatarain products! And aren't the Craveboxes neat? They look like a super-sized Tiffany box!  

Another product provided was Lunchbox Buddies, a cute little note card that you can tuck into your loved ones lunch box!  Everybody loves a little lunchbox note! 
Photo source: Lunchbox Buddies
Your little ones will love finding these little notes tucked in their lunch everyday!  Everyone likes a little giggle and some good wishes!

The great folks at DeMets Candy Company (a local CT company!) also provided us with some great snacks. I brought home some chocolate covered pretzels (love sweet & salty) and some turtles. Yes. I. love. turtles. 
DeMets Candy Company
What a great time we had and all the items were wonderful! Thanks to all those who donated or provided products!

And I also had a great time meeting up with some fun Connecticut bloggers!

(L-R) Home Place, A Year With Mom and Dad, My Own Blog ReviewSECT Kids, Sweeties Reviews
Missing from photo: Savoring the Thyme

If you have an event you would like promoted or a product you would like reviewed by our group, 

Or contact me at

Thank you Sweeties Review for a wonderful event & to the companies who furnished products!  

We love to #thinkspring!

Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were provided by Sweeties Review through the following companies: Brix Chocolates, DeMets Chocolates, Tandoor Chef, Southern Recipe, Barbara's Cookie Pies, Dei Fratelli, Cravebox via Rachel Ferrucci, Soda Stream, Lunchbox Buddies, and Buffalo Games.  


  1. so much fun seeing you again at the party and learning about cameras!! :) This is a great write up!
    (Love the green jacket!)

    1. Thank you! And it was great seeing you again! You caught me wearing the same outfit twice (from the Macy's Clinton Kelly show). But I had to wear it was sooo St. Patrick's Day GREEN!

  2. This looks like a fun party and I'm jealous that you got to sample all these products!

    1. It was fun! Got to hear about some new products and sample some that I was already familiar with.

  3. Wonderful post and photos except why am I not smiling? Uggg. Thanks for much Bonnie for the great coverage. I will write to all of the brands and show them your post.

    1. I had such a great time! Thank you so much for having me! Loved all the brands!

  4. This looks like a wonderful time! Sorry I couldnt make it but so glad I get to see all the FOOD! (now I'm hungry!)

    1. Joe! I hope to meet you and the family at one of these future events! Fun times and great food, ALWAYS!

  5. Chocolate and wine? But of course! What fun! I need to check out those cookie pies.

    1. Sue, our May review party is going to be a garden party. Might be right up your alley!


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