Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Grill Tips from Kings Food Markets in CT, NY, & NJ

Are you ready to get your grill on this weekend?  

So many families will be hosting backyard barbecues this weekend in honor of Father’s Day, the summer season, and school graduations.

The team from Kings Food Markets have some great tips for you this season!

Kings Food Markets isn't your run of the mill supermarket. Instead, it’s a gourmet food market located in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, known for providing customers with high quality, rare finds and unique ingredients.  King’s has tapped into its knowledge base of meat expert Mike Lamb and chef Bill Hedge to share the following grilling 101 guide with you:

·         Must-Have Meats of the Season
o   Brisket burgers, made of Kobe-crafted beef with the time-honored roast
o   Exotic blends or different meat grades, including Cluck n’ Moo, which combines ground chicken and beef for all the flavor but a fraction of the fat
o   Game meats, like buffalo or elk
o   Organic meats, such as chicken, turkey or pork
o   Locally raised/grass-fed beef or chicken

·         Tips & Techniques Straight from the Butcher
o   Use a grill with a wide heat range and an adjustable grate; grill steaks on the hotter settings, chicken on the cooler settings
o   Brush a little vegetable oil on your grill grate before placing meat on to cook
o   Season your proteins well with salt and pepper; use the “touch test” method to gauge a steak’s doneness, checking the firmness of the meat
o   To cook the best tasting steaks, you need very high heat to sear and char the steak on the outside; high heat produces that great grilled flavor and keeps the steak juicy by cooking it quickly before the juices can escape (It doesn’t really seal in the juices, as is popular belief — but it’s a good practice anyway for the best, and juiciest, steaks)
o   Steaks continue to cook after being removed from the grill; remove your steak a little before it is cooked the way you like it, and after grilling, let your steak rest for 5 – 10 minutes before you cut it (This will keep more of the juices in the steak and less on the plate as you eat it)

·         Savory Sides – The Perfect Accessory for Your Plate
o   McClure’s Pickles Garlic Spears – McClure’s adds the right amount of peppers, dill, garlic and brine that are all so amazing you could certainly consume the entire jar
o   Honeycup Mustard – Golden brown with a molasses-like sweetness and a fiery, finishing kick; this honeymustard is perfect for pretzels, ham and sandwiches
o   Hoboken Eddie’s BBQ Sauce – This thick, spicy and smokey sauce is all-natural, made with local ingredients and reduced to a nice thickness (never corn starched)
o   Lea & Perrin’s Classic Steak Sauce – Perfect seasonings for your steaks; great for cookouts
o   Soy Vay Veri Teriyaki Sauce – Veri Teriyaki combines garlic, ginger and toasted sesame seeds in a delicious blend that wakes up taste buds
o  Alessi Balsamic Reduction – Alessi Balsamic Reductions add a dimension of flavor to any dish and can be used on everything

To locate a Kings Food Market in CT, NY, or NJ click HERE

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