Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rebecca Minkoff - New York Fashion Week - Spring Summer 2014 -

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 Show featured Rebecca Minkoff's showcase of next season’s collection inspired by the tribal and colorful features of Mexico.

Images: Gustavo Villar

Models sported intricate braided hairstyles strongly evoking the image of Frida. Terracotta cheeks, natural eyes and lips with luminous skin grazed each models face as fabrics of silk and cotton flowed effortlessly on their bodies.

Images: Gustavo Villar

Lead makeup artist: Sarah Lucero on the makeup looks for Rebecca Minkoff:

Since the collection is inspired by Navajo desert brows needs to be strong. Use a brow pen it’s like liquid liner for your eye brow. Go in the direction that the brow grows and move in short quick strokes. A trick is to hold pen all the way back so that your hand can move swifter.  Lashes are curled, to make eyes look wide like a Navajo girl exploring. If you use mascara before the eyeliner it allows you to expand the lash and see your shape. That last lash you see is where you wing it.  We’re using a red peachy matte shadow all over the eye lid.

Source: beautypress.com
Images: Gustavo Villar

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