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Holiday Shopping at the Westfield Trumbull Mall CT

Every year I like to beat the crowds and find out what styles and trends are in for the season BEFORE the holiday shopping rush begins. This way, I have a better idea of what purchases to make for family and friends...and ideas for dressing up (or down) for upcoming holiday dinner parties and celebrations. Where to go? My local Westfield Mall!

And...of course, what holiday shopping visit would be complete without a visit to SANTA!!!!

Visit Santa at the Westfield Trumbull Mall 

This holiday season I partnered with the great folks at the Westfield Trumbull Shopping Mall whose management team arranged for us to visit four stores and talk to their management teams, store managers, and sales associates to find out what's on point in the coming season.

And the Westfield Trumbull's management team has some wonderful ways to keep us all on point this season as well, as they have some weekly surprises coming up for their shoppers! Be on the lookout for the Westfield Trumbull Merry Makers in their holiday attire throughout the mall beginning on November 28th (Black Friday!) The festively dressed Merry Makers surprise shoppers with unexpected acts of kindness and special holiday entertainment performances. And they're fun too!

Westfield Merry Makers at the WestfieldTrumbull Mall

This year Westfield is donating $1.00 to St. Jude's Research Hospital every time #MakeMeMerry is tagged in a picture from their malls! And you can help by stopping in the management office at your local Westfield Mall and making a donation too!

And now...let's get this shopping party started!!!

Francesca's Collections at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

We started at Francesca's Collections, a boutique that originated in Houston Texas and now boasts over 450 stores in 45 states and an online boutique! Each store is unique to its area, and offers a a beautiful array of carefully-curated clothing, bright bangles and baubles, bold accessories, and playful gifts.

Francesca's Collections at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

At Francesca's Collections we learned that accessorizing is in the details and it's their attention to the details that sets them apart. In every nook in the store are amazing finds. Whether you looking for cute boots, unique outfits, a clutch with a pop of color, or some statement jewelry, Francesca's Collections has you covered!

Francesca's Collections at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

Banana Republic at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

Next we moved on to the Banana Republic where the subtle style transformation that new Banana Republic EVP / Creative Director Marissa Webb, former designer for J.Crew,  is bringing to the organization was apparent. While still featuring clothing that is grounded in professional office  wear they are addressing the relaxed culture of corporate America, where fashion can be a bit more contemporary and reflect a more edgy street-vibe.

Banana Republic at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

We all loved finding out about the high-low (hi-low) trend taking place. While I had always thought it referred to a shirt or dress hemline that is higher in the front and lower in the back, we learned that the term also refers to the layering that takes place, where a short jacket is layered over an untucked shirt, or a sweater sleeve that is rolled up exposing the shirt cuff beneath. Banana Republic features both  men's and women's wear.

Banana Republic at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

F&F Clothing in the Westfield Trumbull Mall

The F&F Clothing Brand is a franchised retail subsidiary of the UK Tesco Company. Currently expanding in the U.S., they have  43 franchise stores in 10 countries - Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Gibraltar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, The Philippines and Armenia (Source: F&F strives to be the global leader in affordable clothing for men, women, and children's fashions.

F&F Clothing at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

The F&F store opened this year in the Westfield Trumbull Shopping Mall. The entire outfit pictured above left, cost just over $300.00, including the overcoat, scarf, sweater, skirt, purse, and boots. I especially liked that consumers can pick up trendy accessories that often change from season to season at affordable prices.

F&F Clothing at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

The Limited at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

Our last store of the day was The Limited, known for offering high quality design at a great value. The Limited design team headed by Elliot Staples, has partnered with ABC's hit show Scandal's costume designer Lyn Paolo and Scandal actress Kerry Washington who plays lead character Olivia Pope, to design a fall/winter collection, The Limited Scandal Collection. The details in this collection are incredible. Soft luxurious fabrics, sharp collar designs, detailed cuts and hemlines, and tailored sweaters. Every piece just gets better and better.

The Limited at the Westfield Trumbull Mall
Featuring The Scandal Collection

In addition to the Scandal Collection, their entire line has amazing details, including lace insets, leather trims, sleekly cut blouses, stylish bags and purses, and of course, classic jewelry. There's something for everyone at The Limited!

Timeless pieces with quality design!

The Limited at the Westfield Trumbull Mall

After a long day of shopping we stopped at the Westfield Trumbull Mall's newest restaurant addition...The Cheesecake Factory! After a quick libation and lunch from the SkinnyLicious Menu, and, of course, pumpkin cheesecake (!!!)  A bit more shopping on my way out - and then I was on my way home. Full of ideas for the holiday season!

The Cheesecake Factory at the Westfield Trumbull Mall
Mojito, Chicken Thai Lettuce Cup, Pumpkin Cheesecake

I hope this little glimpse into four stores at my local Westfield Mall inspired you for your holiday shopping!

Have a merry merry!

Westfield Trumbull Mall

5065 Main St

Trumbull, CT

(203) 372-4500

Find out more about Westfield Retail Malls here ==>

Disclaimer: I was invited to this store tour by members of Westfield's Management Team. All opinions are my own.

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