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The First Annual West Hartford Wine and Food Festival - 2017

The First Annual 

West Hartford Wine and Food Fest!

Save the date - and get your tickets NOW 
to the first annual

If you follow my website you know I love a good wine and food festival - especially when they are held in my native Connecticut! Fairfield County has it going on every year with the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival, and Mystic County has Mohegan Sun's Wine and Food Fest.

And now Hartford County has answered the call 

That right! The VERY First Annual West Hartford Wine & Food Festival is coming Saturday, June 17th from 1-6pm at Kingswood Oxford School

I attended a preview event for the festival few weeks back at Maximum Beverage that showcased just a few of the foods and wines that will be featured from some of Hartford County's favorite places! There will be OVER thirty local restaurants, farms and bakeries. (AND ALL are included in your ticket price!)

Here's what I sampled at the preview event!

From the Rockin' Chicken:

Tigre de Leche from the The Rockin' Chicken
Tigre de Leche
The Rockin' Chicken

Fish Escabeche from The Rockin' Chicken
Fish Escabeche
The Rockin' Chicken

From Park and Oak Restaurant

Pimento Cheese  from Park and Oak Restaurant
Pimento Cheese
Park and Oak Restaurant

From India Restaurant

India Restaurant

From Cafe Louise

From Cafe Louise
From Cafe Louise

From Cafe Louise
From Cafe Louise

Let's move on to the WINES!

Believe me, this won't be your typical wine festival, the wines available for tasting at this wine fest are those that run around $20/bottle and go up to $100!

We sampled a few that will be available at the festival. My favorite was a wine I'm familiar with a nice Sauvignon Blanc from Justine Wineries!

Sauvignon Blanc from Justine Wineries!
Sauvignon Blanc
from Justine Wineries!

And there's EVEN MORE!

Local craft beer, wine and spirits tents, and non alcoholic options will be available as well!

Also on hand at the wine fest will be some talented local musicians, and contests with one of the world's first Master Sommeliers, Joseph Spellman!

Here's a list of Participating Restaurants

  • Millwright's
  • Grants
  • Firebox
  • ON20
  • Blind Pig
  • Park & Oak Restaurant
  • Student Prince
  • Carbone’s Kitchen
  • Local’s 8
  • Rooster Company
  • The North house
  • Cavey’s
  • @The Barn
  • Table 570 Asian Fusion
  • The Rockin Chicken
  • Butchers & Bakers
  • 4 Eat & Drink
  • Noble & Co.
  • Ideal Tavern
  • CafĂ© Louise
  • Seoul BBQ
  • Chango Rosa
  • Zohara
  • Popover Bistro & Bakery
  • OINK Pop Ups
  • Sub Edge Farm
  • Killam & Bassete Farmstead
  • Hartford Baking Company

VIP Grand Cru Tasting

  • Flemming's
  • NORA Cupcake

Be sure you get your tickets and we'll see you at the WeHa Wine and Food Fest!

  • General Admission $149.00 (or get the four-pack for $500.00)
  • VIP (includes General Admission and Grand Cru Tasting $249.00
  • Designated Driver Ticket $75.00 (no alcohol included)

Please allow 1 week before pick up at Maximum Beverage. 
All tickets must be picked up BEFORE June 17th.

Only a limited number of tickets are available and a sell out is expected!

Event Location:

Kingswood Oxford School
170 Kingswood Road
West Hartford, CT 06119

The event will benefit multiple independent schools in West Hartford with need based financial aid and scholarships including our hosts, Kingswood Oxford, as well as The American School for the Deaf, the Intensive Education Academy, Renbrook School, The Watkinson School, Northwest Catholic, Solomon Schechter Day School, and St. Brigid-St. Augustine Partnership School

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