Wednesday, March 28, 2018

OKO Restaurant to Open in Westport

OKO Restaurant - Westport CT

Great news for residents of Fairfield County! 

A new restaurant is coming to Westport CT  this spring! 

The OKO Restaurant. a Japanese inspired restaurant from Chef Brian Lewis, will be located in the historic Vigliant Firehouse.

Photo Courtesy OKO Restaurant

Chef Lewis notes, “I have been really inspired by Japanese cooking techniques, culture and ingredients for a very long time, studying and layering Japanese influences into my cooking for many years, but it was the introduction of the Okonomiyaki at The Cottage that was my real ‘a-ha’” moment in defining the direction for my next restaurant."

For those not familiar, the Okonomiyaki is a savory, Japanese pancake filled with seasonally-inspired ingredients, and was was a whimsical addition to the Cottage menu. It's better known as a Japanese street food with some rarefied touches. Guests as the Cottage absolutely loved this dish and it quickly became a Cottage favorite, which will likely stay on the menu as a Cottage Classic.

 However, ordering the Okonomiyaki had proven to be a bit of a tongue-twister for guests and staff, and anyone calling or responding to the ticket would add their own personal ‘flair’ to the word, so Chef and his team finally gave the dish a nickname which really just stuck, calling it simply “oko,” - the dish nickname was used often and with affection, and sometimes a chuckle.  

To pay homage to the spark behind this entire concept, Chef Lewis  excited to share with you that the new restaurant is named OKO. 

Photo Courtesy OKO Restaurant

Since making the announcement last summer, Chef Lewis and his team have been busy focusing on this new concept. and truly feel that OKO is a heartfelt vision and interpretation of the ingredients, cooking methods, cuisine and culture of all things Japanese, paired with both amazing local ingredients from Connecticut and throughout the United States.  

Be on the lookout for OKO to open shortly!

OKO Restaurant will be opening in the treasured Westport landmark, The Vigilant Hose Company Firehouse!

OKO Restaurant

6 Wilton Road
Westport, CT 06880

Stay tuned for updates at and via the restaurant’s new social media pages, which are now live:

Facebook:  OKO Westport

Instagram:  OKOWestport

Twitter:  OKO_Westport

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