Thursday, April 12, 2018

Norwalk Now - The Norwalk City Hunt

Join Norwalk Now 
in a City-Wide Adventure

 -The Norwalk City Hunt -

Saturday, April 28, Meet-up 10:30 AM, 
Norwalk City Hunt 11 AM-1 PM, 
Norwalk Now After Party 1-3 PM

It's time for a community wide celebration of fun! Join the folks at Norwalk Now, the collaborative marketing group comprised of local Norwalk businesses who have come together to promote their city, in their "Norwalk City Hunt", an interactive, “amazing race” throughout the Wall Street and SoNo neighborhoods of Norwalk, Saturday, April 28. Meet-up 10:30 AM, Hunt 11 AM-1 PM, After Party 1-3 PM 

can take part in this
entertaining and interactive afternoon 
of clues, challenges, and a 
with an after party to follow!

Participants (adults only) are put into teams of four and are guided through the hunt on the City Hunt phone app. From there, a series of clues, challenges, and tasks are tackled with the successful completion of these activities being recorded or photographed on the team leader’s phone. 

Meanwhile, at City Hunt home base and the unknown location of the after party, City Hunt officials are monitoring everyone’s progress. Participants will be walking, running, or catching a Norwalk Now Circulator Van, shuffling them between neighborhoods. The vans will continue to run throughout the day/night as part of a special promotion and trial run for future use.

Norwalk Now Director Linda Kavanagh, a huge fan of City Hunts throughout the country, views Norwalk as an ideal location for such an adventure. “I have participated in these crazy mad dashes across cities such as New York, Boston, and Charleston. You really get to know a city and find yourself doing things that only social media should be allowed to capture!”

Destinations are comprised of Norwalk Now businesses, supporters, and public domains. The final destination is found by solving the clue. 

Upon completion of the Hunt, winners will be announced and the after party begins! Prizes include a $500 Norwalk Now gift card package and Free Parking gift bundles. Norwalk Now Circulator Van will continue service throughout the night and discount parking for the day will be offered. Go to the Norwalk Now Facebook to obtain the code.

How can you participate and sign up for Norwalk Now? 

Tickets are $40 per person and include the City Hunt challenge and phone app, NCH swag, and the after party. 

Sign-up solo and form your team at the meet-up or sign-up your foursome at

About Norwalk Now:

*Norwalk Now was launched in October of 2017. Sponsored by the Norwalk Parking Authority, Norwalk Now is a non-profit organization with vested participation from Norwalk businesses. Norwalk Now is managed by MaxEx Public Relations, LLC. 

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