Saturday, September 15, 2018

Farm to Chef Week at Locals 8 Restaurants

Celebrate the glory of "Farm to Chef" Week with Locals 8 Restaurant Group

September. Beautiful September.

Although the month signals the end of summer, it's a glorious month for so very many reasons. Back to school, new routines, change of season, and most importantly, the beautiful and bountiful end of season farm fresh harvests. 

Of course, the Locals 8 Restaurant Group decided this was the BEST time of year for a FULL FARM FEAST, and each of the Locals 8 Restaurant Group's chefs have tailored a locally driven, farm fresh menu to suit any palate - or budget. That's right! These menus have been created to feature the very best that farm fresh and LOCAL has to offer!

From September 16th to September 22nd 2018,  all Locals 8 Restaurant Group locations are celebrating with a delicious farm fresh feast!

Links to each of the Farm to Chef menus for ALL the Locals 8 locations, b Restaurants, Tisane, Butchers & Bakers, and the Half Door, are found below.

At Plan b Restaurants, in Milford, Glastonbury, Hartford, Fairfield, Simsbury, Stamford, and West Hartford CT, the menu highlights include Pickled Tomato and Watermelon Stack, Eggplant Rollatini, Sausage Orecchiette Pasta, and Apple Pie Bread Pudding! Plan b is where I'll be going this week to sample all those and some specialty drinks too! (Follow me on my Instagram stories and posts at this week to see my Farm to Chef Feast at Plan b!)
See the Plan b Farm to Chef Menu here:

Over at Butchers and Bakers in Farmington CT they're featuring a luxurious corn chowder, Local Market Catch: heirloom squash, cherry tomato, navy bean and saffron stew, charred scallions 
See the Butchers & Bakers Farm to Chef  Menu here:

At the Half Door in Hartford CT they've got a starter of Smoked Salmon Crostini, Fig Salad: prosciutto, goat cheese, mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette, and more!
See the entire Half Door Farm to Chef Menu here:

Finally, at Tisane Euro Asian Cafe in Hartford CT, they're serving up some Korean Style Street Corn Confit: fresh local corn confit dressed in a spicy Asian mayo, topped with cotija, served in a husk and drizzled with sweetened gochujang, and a Lemon Pepper Swordfish Salad, and more!
See the entire Tisane Farm to Chef Menu here:

With so many restaurants - and choices - it’s a good thing it’s Farm to Chef Week!   Catch the farm to chef menus at all Locals 8 locations (all CT locations for b Restaurants) from September 16-22nd.

About Locals 8: 

Formally established in 2008 in Hartford, CT, the Locals 8 Restaurant  Group is the award winning holding company of b Restaurants, The Half Door, Tisane Euro Asian Cafe, and most recently, Butchers & Bakers.  Winners of best burger, beer, and bourbon across four states and nationally known for excellent job creation, the company was founded on the simple belief that good food and drink bring people together - and, thank goodness(!), because the world certainly needs more connection. 

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