Friday, July 6, 2012

It's not July without Hummels Hot Dogs!

Did you know that July is National Hot Dog Month?

It all starts on the Fourth of July at Coney Island's National Hot Dog Eating Contest.   (Congratulations to winner Joey Chestnut - who wolfed down an unbelievable 68 hot dogs.) 

But say what you will, Coney Island has nothing on Connecticut's own Hummel Bros. who have manufactured quality meat products in Connecticut since 1933. 

Hummel Bros. Inc.,  best known for their hot dogs and Georgia Red Hots (a spicy spicy hot dog), also make bologna, liverwurst, corned beef, kielbasa, and other products.  Local restaurants who feature Hummel products are always quick to note this on their menus.  In addition, most CT grocery stores (Big Y, Stop & Shop feature Hummel products "front and center" in their meat and deli departments.

CT expatriates on facebook and other social networking sites are always telling tales of freezing Hummel Hot Dogs and bringing them back to friends and family.  Mindy, who currently lives in Florida, but is originally from Branford, CT says:
Every time I go north I make sure I return home with some Hummels Hot Dogs. You should have seen me going throught the airport in November!  Homeland Security took a double take and wanted to check it out, but when I said 'you can't buy them in Florida' - they laughed and let me go!
Sounds like we folks in CT don't appreciate how lucky we are!  

People in the Long Wharf New Haven area are even luckier!  Did you know that Hummel Bros. operates a storefront in the back of the Long Wharf  Food Terminal in New Haven?  Located at 180 Sargeant Drive, it not only sells packages of hot dogs, etc., but also operates a deli where folks who work in the Long Wharf or Downtown New Haven area can stop in for a fresh made sandwich or create their own delight at the salad bar.  They also feature daily "hot" offerings.

I recently stopped in to pick up a 5-lb package of "big bites" (jumbo sized hot dogs) for the many July hot dogs I plan to make in order to celebrate National Hot Dog Month!  

Here's pictures of some of the offerings you can find at Hummel Bros. at Long Wharf.

The salad bar...

The menu...

The meat counter

 Chips and stuff "to go"

Good food is worth standing in line for!

 Some beverages!  Notice the Foxon Park soda?  Another CT icon!

This is where I found my summer time package of "Big Bites"

Today's specials!

I was able to chat for a few minutes with John Hummel who explained that the Hummels website is currently getting updated and will be available in its new and improved format soon.  NOTE: updates are being done by a Hummels' cousin...just goes to show that Hummels continues to be a family owned and operated CT tradition!  

The folks at Hummels are fortunate to be featured in the upcoming Griffin Publishing's report on Food Marketing.  John also noted that new sales manager John Schieding is a welcome addition to the Hummels "family".  

Stop by Hummels at Long Wharf and tell them that Home Place sent you!

PS:  I couldn't wait for this weekend's's the hot dog I made for myself after leaving Hummels!

Hummel Bros., Inc.
180 Sargeant Drive
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 787-4113
Monday - Thursday 7:00am to 4:00pm
Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Follow Hummel Bros. Inc. on twitter and facebook 

Do you have a favorite hot dog recipe?  Eric Hummel writes on "For the Love of Hummels Bros. Hot Dogs" (a fan page) 
Hey Everyone, Post your favorite recipes for our products on our new facebook page Hummel Bros. and it could be featured on our website which will be up and running soon. Looking for recipes for all of our products - hotdogs, corned beef. hams etc.
Post your recipes using Hummel products on the Facebook page:


  1. Interesting review! Thanks for the tips. Photos are good too.

  2. Thank you! Hummel Bros. is a CT staple.

  3. I moved out of state and when people visit me they know to bring me some Hummel's!


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