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Cash Mob - Sweet Cioccolata Wallingford, CT

We each do a little - we all do a lot...  

That's the mantra of Cash Mob CT

Well, August's Cash Mob recipient, Sweet Cioccolata,  certainly took that mantra to heart.  Not only did they decide to donate 10% of today's proceeds to the Wallingford Wishing Well (a non-profit dedicated to helping needy children in town) but they also decided to share some "Cash Mob Love" with their neighbors in downtown Wallingford, CT).  Participating right along with Sweet Cioccolata were Cindy's Unique Shop, Anna V Salon, and Red Scroll Records, all located on South Colony Road in the center of town.
What's a Cash Mob, you ask?
Well, the premise of Cash Mob is simple.  Loosely based on the "Flash Mob" idea where a group of people would come together at a single location and perform a choreographed dance, usually to call attention to an event or cause. Cash Mob instead asks that a group of people come together and choreograph a little "retail dance" to boost the local economy.

Cash Mob, CT, the brainchild of REX Development, asks that some of us ordinary citizens support a local store that has been voted as the monthly winner by agreeing to come out within a two hour period and spend $20.00 at the chosen location.  Past winners have been RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison, Flutterby in Guilford, and the Bethany Farm Market in Bethany. The REX organization serves as the economic development entity for the 15 towns that represent the South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG).  If your city or town is lucky enough to be covered by REX - look for a Cash Mob, CT to come to your municipality soon!

Walk into Sweet Cioccolata and you know you're in chocolate heaven! 
Walls, shelves, and display cases are all tucked neatly into this little jewel box of a candy store.
I had the opportunity to chat with Rachel, owner of  Sweet Cioccolata while she and her friendly staff were being mobbed.  She's getting ready to celebrate her 10 year anniversary of being a "Candy-Gal" and couldn't be happier.  (Who wouldn't be happy surrounded by chocolate all day???) She's always been a chocolate enthusiast and her chocolate association began slowly as a hobby when she began attending cooking classes that included chocolate creations.  Her interest was heightened when she began attending gift and chocolate trade shows and fairs.  She studied more extensively in Canada, where "chocolatier-ing" is an art.  And when the opportunity came to open her own shoppe, she knew it would be in her long-time residence of Wallingford.  Now she attends trade shows as the presenter...inspiring up and coming chocolatiers, and staying current with new flavors and trends.  That's Rachel below in the zebra kerchief - isn't she just the cutest little ball of fire you ever saw?  
And she's just as sweet as the chocolate she sells.  More than one customer that came in called out to her by name...she must know everyone in Wallingford! 
Of course, they specialize in all the holiday treats, from Easter to Valentine's Day and everything else you can think of!  Look, they even have red white and blue creations to celebrate the US Olympics Gold Medal Run!  GO USA!

Prices range from $3.00 and up and there is something for everyone from white to dark chocolate and everything in between!

They were even spilling out on the street and traveling over from the farmers market up the road!
We then moseyed over to  Cindy's Unique Shopa consignment store that has a little bit of everything!  
Cindy was partnering with Cash Mob, CT by offering all sorts of specials, such as $5.00 off for every $25.00 spent, and by offering a free gift with every purchase!  This little shop, located right next door to Sweet Cioccolata packs a lot of goodies into a small space.  

Luckily there are two floors to Cindy's establishment.  All the more places to pack some hidden treasures!   Jewelry, both old and new.  Such great little finds. That's Cindy below and she was so friendly and accommodating.  When I saw a kitchen island that had already been scooped up with a "sold" sign...she showed me another island on her cell phone that she expects in sometime next week...and promised to email me as soon as it arrives.    
Warning to future patrons...I get first dibs!  
Cindy has been in retail forever, beginning in a clothing store that she ran with her mom and other family members. She then went into consignment about six years ago and has been in this location on Colony Road for about two years.  You can tell when someone loves what they do!
 Here's some of the items for sale.  This little green wrought iron garden set would look so nice in my backyard.  The cowboy said no. (sad face)
 This dining room set has 8 chairs and would sure look nice in a little country kitchen.
Everything was so tastefully arranged - you could imagine every piece of furniture perfectly in your own little home!

After that we took a peak into Anna V Salon located on the other side of Sweet Cioccolata

Even though they were busy someone came over right away to welcome us.  What a cute little place!
Never knew this great little place was in Wallingford center!

Last we visited Red Scroll Records located on the other side of the Anna V Salon .  
Do you love vinyl records?  I know I do!  Nothing like the deep, rich sound of an album playing on a turntable.  I even like the sound of the needle playing on the record.  This is Josh Carlson below, one of the owners of Red Scroll Records.
Red Scroll specializes in the underground music culture.  And though I'm not familiar with that music genre (okay, yes, I know, I'm hopelessly suburbia) the store was chock full of interesting items and Josh was a great guy to talk to.
We arrived before their official opening time but he was more than happy to open up and let us in to take a look around!  Thanks Josh!
Josh is in his 6th year at Red Scroll Records and has been selling music since he was about 14.

All in all we had a great time visiting neighboring Wallingford, Connecticut and participating in our second CASH MOB!  Hope to see you at one soon!

Please visit any of the retailers we visited today 
and tell them Home Place sent you!

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  1. Fabulous!This is such a great blog post! Appreciating the hard work you put into your site.It’s awesome blog.

    1. Thank you Susan. It's a work in progress and truly a labor of love!

  2. What a fantastic way to stimulate the local economy and support small business! Whoever thought that up was genius! Now i'm wondering how difficult that would be to spread that kind of thought into other towns. Great blog post! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Other towns are doing it on their own. Get the ear of one of your local economic development folks in your town hall. Really helps out the small business people!

  3. Wow, I feel like I just strolled the streets of Wallingford. Your Pictures were fantastic and the shops looked very interesting (and Yummy). I have never even heard of Wallingford before, now I know the some of the stores. Thanks for Sharing.

  4. Thanks for the feedback! I sometimes feel I'm spending too much time uploading pix and not enough time writing. Double edged sword, I guess!

  5. Perfect balance here...enough words to tell us what's happening and beautiful pics to show us! Great job!

    1. Thanks Jo! Working on writing like that blogger over My Wandering Mind!

  6. What a wonderful idea. Our local economy could certainly benefit from something like this. Thanks! Great pictures, by the way.

  7. I'm trying to participate at each one...and also to always remember to support our local small businesses. Thank you so much for the picture compliment! Now, if I could only draw like Chloe on the mountain!

  8. I'm seriously thinking I need to move to CT between the tubing and the shops. Your photos are so great and I feel like I shopped here right along with you. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful shop.

    1. Thank you Grace! If you ever come up "north" and need a shopping companion, I'm your girl!


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