Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Open House at the Dudley Farm in Guilford, CT

The holiday season is filled with so many Christmas bazaars, fairs, and festivals.  I wish I could go to them all!  This year, the Cowboy found a new one for us in Guilford, CT, at the Dudley Farm who were were holding their 17th Annual Holiday Open House and Market!

The Dudley Farm is located on Durham Road in Guilford, CT at the junction of Route 77 and Route 80.  The farm consists of the white farm house and various barns situated on over 10 acres of land. The farm was originally owned and operated by the Dudley family beginning in 1844.  In 1991, the last remaining Dudley family member donated the house and property to the North Guilford Volunteer Fire Department. The department formed a non-profit farm museum commemorating the area's agriculture traditions by establishing the Dudley Foundation, and supports the museum through a variety of events held year round.

This year we were only able to stop for a short time while we were out doing some holiday shopping.  Although we were unable to tour the farmhouse that was decorated for the holidays, we did venture into the Munger barn (dismantled from the Munger farm and reassembled in an old-fashioned barn raising on the Dudley property) and view some of crafts and other unique items available.
Home Place Blogger at the Dudley Farm in Guilford CT
In the Mungar Barn At the Dudley Farm in Guilford, CT

The unexpected surprise? A great bluegrass band was playing up in the hayloft and it added such a festive element to the holiday fair.

Home Place Blogger
Bluegrass Band at the Dudley Farm in Guilford, CT

Next year, this will be a definite stop for us and we'll be sure to spend some more time there! 

Here's some of the crafts and other items that were available.  
Pine and Evergreen Decorations
Mice having a tree decorating party!

Hand Painted Ornaments by Tricia
Contact Tricia at
Well...YES! The Cowboy bought me one!  
It wouldn't be Christmas without him buying me a new ornament for our tree! 
More Hand Painted Items by Tricia

Home Place Blogger
Santa Doing Some Early Shopping 
We ventured downstairs where even more vendors were set up!  
Home Place Blogger
Downstairs at the Munger Barn at the Dudley Farm in Guilford CT

Home Place Blogger
North Guilford Historical Society

Home Place Blogger
Wood Working Items

Home Place Blogger
Beautiful Christmas Blankets and Items
On your way out...stop and design your own wreath!
Home Place Blogger
Design & Decorate Your Own Wreath

We hope to see you there for the holiday fair next year...or maybe at some of the other great events the Dudley Foundation sponsors!

The Dudley Farm • 2351 Durham Rd, Guilford, CT 06437 • 203–457–0770

Do you have any holiday festivals that you attend every year?  How about any holiday traditions?

I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!


  1. Wow! Pretty impressive! Craft fairs are starting to be a thing of the past, unfortunately. However, when I see one, I do try to do my part and buy someone's wares. This one looks like it would be great fun to attend...

    1. should BE a vendor at one of these fairs! Your cards would sell like hotcakes!

  2. I love the decorate your own wreath! Every year I gather greens to make my own but NEVER get around to it! LOL :) Is this fair over or is it ongoing for the holidays? :) Looks like fun!!!

    1. Me too! Although my husband was rushing me! (As usual!) It's a one day fair...but held every year. Next year I'll let the CT Blogging Community know in advance.

  3. I don't make it to many holiday fairs. This year I'd like to finally get to the Festival of Trees at the Wadsworth although it only runs through Sunday so I'd better get a plan!

    Guilford is such a great town! In June they have a popular garden tour that occasionally gains you access to some waterfront properties. Add lunch at the Stone House and make a day out of it.

    1. I visited the Trees of Hope at the Long Wharf Maritime Center. I think it is a similar type of display. The Wadsworth sounds actually get to purchase the trees...for the ones at Long Wharf they are raffled off and the proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House of New Haven.


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