Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Nikon 3200 from Milford Photo in Milford CT


Santa came a little early this year.

Nikon 3200 Camera and DSLR Starter Kit
The Cowboy finally tired of my hints...and surprised me this morning with a trip to Milford Photo in Milford CT.

Hello Nikon 3200! And hooray!
At Milford Camera (taken with my old Olympus by "can't hold a camera still" cowboy)

Luckily, I had been doing a little background research, and he had too, for we both spotted some of the sales flyers the camera shop had been distributing this season.  I was planning on going with the Nikon 3100 as it was about $120.00 less, but he insisted that we go with a little better model, so we agreed on the Nikon 3200 model that was selling for $599.00.

Our sales associate, Lachell Workman, was so patient with me and all my questions!  Frankly, I didn't even know how to turn the thing on! She let me walk around the store and practice with the floor model so I could see if the camera weight and grip were comfortable, and to explain the very basic questions I had.  Lachell also let me experiment with the telephoto lens to judge whether it was something I might want to include.  Although I did like it, I think I can put that purchase off for awhile.  (AKA - put it on my wish list for birthdays, anniversary, etc.)

We decided to go ahead and purchase the Digital SLR Starter Kit that included the following for an additional $119.00:

Gray Camera Bag, filled with:

  • Pro 52MM Multi Coated filter
  • Pro SDHC 16GB Memory card
  • Pro HB-45 Nikon Hood
  • Pro Opti Cleaning Cloth
  • Pro Opti Cleaner
  • Pro LCD Screen Protector
  • Nikon EH-EL Spare Battery
  • Nikon D-SLR DVD
  • Gift Certificate for a free 12 x 18 print

Me and Lachell going through the accessories
Another picture by the "can't hold a camera still" cowboy.
Gotta love him!

If you live in the greater New Haven area, the Milford Photo Store is a great place to go for information. Lachell was very knowledgeable and so patient with my questions!  She's been at Milford Photo for about a year and is also a professional photographer, check out her website here.

Milford Photo also has an online learning center with tutorials and helpful articles. What's more, they also offer loads of on-site classes for both beginners and advanced!  I've already signed up for their Introduction to DSLR Cameras in January 2013! The class is a very affordable $29.95

Wish me luck!  This type of stuff brings out the geek in me!  Time to put away the ole' point and shoot and join the digital age!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.
All pictures in this post were taken by the "can't hold a camera still" Cowboy with my old Olympus camera.  

Can't wait to try the new Nikon 3200!  It's charging as I write this post!

What kind of camera do you use? 
Are you a point and shoot-er or a manual focus-er
Do you have any special lenses that you recommend?

I'd love to hear your suggestions and recommendations in the comment section below!


  1. Wow! I love the Cowboy too!! Kudos! And have great fun with that! My camera is still the Nikon Coolpix 7600 and I'm not quite ready to upgrade to more pixels. I'm a point and shoot kinda girl and I haven't tried out any lenses. Keep us posted on how much YOU love your camera and when I'm ready to upgrade, we'll have a more indepth conversation...

    1. Thanks Cindy! So far I'm only successful when I'm in "Auto" mode. Can't wait to take that class in January! I'm a slowwwwww learner!

  2. I'm on the market for a new camera too. Right now I have an eight year old Canon Power Shot G6 that my friends are starting to make fun of. Hmmm....

    So far I'm leaning towards the Canon EOS Rebel T3i but it all seems like overkill to a point and shoot photographer like me.

    Good luck with the new purchase!

    1. Thanks Sue! So far I'm only using the auto focus on the new camera! I'm planning on attending a class in January to get some lessons. The Canon Rebel looks like a great camera. I had good luck with my old Nikon because it has great skin softening features (chuckle)- which was actually the main reason I stayed with them!


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