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The Gladiator Jewelry Collection by Salt + Stone - it's Scandal-ous

The Gladiator Jewelry Collection by Salt + Stone - it's Scandalously Good!

On Saturday (11-30-13) and Sunday  (12-1-13), gemologist and jewelry designer, Jacqueline Stone, owner of  Salt + Stone, will be showcasing her beautiful line of jewelry at the SoNo Marketplace in South Norwalk CT, just in time for holiday shopping. Think Small Business Saturday! The SoNo Market Place is located at 314 Wilson Avenue, South Norwalk, Connecticut 06854

Stone, a Fairfield county native currently residing in New York, is thrilled to be heading to Connecticut this weekend to participate in the SoNo Market Place.  

And why wouldn't she be? 

After all, it's the perfect union between this European style-marketplace with their eclectic pop-up shops, eateries, food purveyors, and artists --- and Stone's innovative and sophisticated artistic jewelry designs.

Salt + Stone originated as purveyors specializing in wedding bands and engagement rings. Here's a sample of  some of the beautiful wedding sets and rings available on their website:

Photos used with permission
More Engagement Rings available at:

If you are looking for a truly unique engagement ring, or a beautifully set stone to celebrate a special occasion, designer Stone will work with clients to create a one of a kind custom piece and notes,

“I want to create beautiful jewelry that makes an impact: body, mind and soul. Fine jewelry is an asset that appreciates over time and captures powerful memories. I want to be a part of people’s stories.”

There certainly is a story in each and every one of Jacqueline Stone's pieces. I can just imagine the heart-warming tales that accompany every proposal and engagement. But the "Olivia Pope" in me doesn't want an engagement ring right now. No, the Olivia Pope in me is a Gladiator, and is looking for something strong and striking, that represents who I am, and where I want to be.

And that's why I adore Salt + Stone's simple yet striking lines from their Gladiator collection.

Inspired by Moorish architecture in Morocco, Stone was intrigued with the symbols on buildings and doors. Its strong lines reminded her of the ancient gladiators. Her research led her to find that gladiators originated as prisoners of royalty in various kingdoms. They were forced to fight as entertainment for the masses, and fought with such dignity that they ultimately became heroes.

Photos used with permission
Additional Gladiator Items available at:

Stone believes the gladiators' earned respect translates to real women today who are stepping into the "Colosseum of Life" with style and grace. Just like the beautiful actress Kerry Washington, star of the ABC smash hit Scandal. She's the third* African American woman in television history to be a lead actress, and the first to star in "a show that represents a new era of post-racial television, in which cast members are ethnically diverse but are not defined by their race or ethnicity" (Vega, 2013).

And yes, Washington  is doing it with the same style and grace that Stone's Gladiator collection embodies.
Source: Wikipedia
Photo by David Shankbone

Can't you just see the ever fashionable Kerry Washington wearing these ultra-chic earrings and bangles with a classic ivory Olivia Pope outfit?  I can!

If you're in the market for a stunning piece of jewelry, an engagement ring, or want to reward yourself for your non-Scandalous strong sensibility, look no further than Salt + Stone and one of Jacqueline Stone's unique designs.

Photos used with permission
Additional Rings Available at:

This holiday season, as part of "Small Business Saturday" and "Cyber Monday" - I'll be shopping to support local small businesses. I hope you will be too!

Let's start with....

Phone:   917.405.7244 

Like them on facebook here: facebook/saltandstonejewelry
Follow them on twitter here @saltandstone

Happy Shopping!

And, somebody please tell the cowboy that starfish ring is calling my name!!!

Disclaimer: The Gladiator Collection is not affiliated with Kerry Washington, the television show Scandal, ABC, or its affiliates. All opinions expressed in this article are my own. 

*1974 Theresa Graves in Get Christie Love
 1968 Diahann Carroll in Julia

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