Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NIXS Hartford VIP Red Carpet Cocktail Party

What an amazing time was had by all at the Pre-Opening NIXS Hartford VIP Red Carpet Cocktail Party!

All of Hartford turned out for this fun event where we learned all about the #PlayNice philosophy, with emphasis on teamwork, community, fun, and Hartford love!

Did you know that as part of the hiring process NIXS management sent the prospective employees on a scavenger hunt in Hartford as a way of gauging their ability to work as team, demonstrate leadership skills, and work together for a common goal. What the participants or future employee "contestants" didn't know, was that a 'mole' was planted in each group who watched how the team pulled together to #PlayNice, demonstrate critical thinking, get to know one another's strengths quickly, and learn all about Hartford!

What a great employment tactic!

What a great way to learn about Hartford and the Hartford Community! And even though all the staff was on their first day the night of this event - it was evident that they had all bonded during the scavenger hunt and worked well together as a team.

I tell you... I love this place and the way they think, work, and play! And you will TOO!

RUN --  don''t walk to this fabulous addition to the Front Street District when it opens the weekend of August 16th 2014!

Here are some photos from the Red Carpet Event!

And look...even I got in on the Red Carpet excitement and posed for the paparazzi!

Above Photo Source: Jim DeMicco / Skyeline Studio Used with Permission

The party-goers got to get in on the #PlayNice fun too! Each attendee was given two tokens to vote for their favorite cocktail samples. The winners will go on the NIXS Hartford Specialy Cocktail menu!

I told you you'd love this place!!!

NIXS Hartford
40 Front Street, Hartford, CT
| 860-373-9400 

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