Friday, August 29, 2014

Washington Prime: Eating + Drinking Well in South Norwalk CT

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Yay! The cowboy and I took the trek up the I-95 South corridor to visit Washington Prime in South Norwalk CT

I honestly don't know what took us so long - this place is fantastic!

Washington Prime is the ideal location to eat, drink, and enjoy.  So, it's no surprise that their tag line is:

"Eating and Drinking Well"

The food is fantastic, with a focus on great cuts of beef,  fresh seafood, innovative salads and sides, and a collection of small plate and large plate offerings that will absolutely knock your socks off.

And a pretty extensive specialty cocktail menu to boot!

This place is amazing in so many ways! The location is perfect, easily accessible from I-95, with affordable parking in a pay to park lot directly across the street. And inside the restaurant there's plenty of comfortable seating.

In addition there's plenty of outdoor seating with a lounge area that is perfect for chillaxin' with friends.

Here's some of the fabulous food and drink we sampled on our visit.


The beverage menu reflects a modern cocktail culture, with craft beer offerings, and a versatile wine list. Well, of course we started with some fun cocktails from their specialty cocktail menu. Items available include the Pippi Longstocking, the Hot and Dirty Martini, and so much more...

Yup - The Moscow Mule in the Copper Mug is Mine!
So frosty good  - with a great addition of ginger to give a little heat and pump the flavors up a notch

The dining menus features classic New England seafood dishes, including some pretty bold comfort foods, small plates with huge flavor, hearty salads, amazing prime steaks, raw bar, and robust side dishes that have a southern twang to them and thus set the tone for Washington Prime’s adventurous menu. And the menu is almost all gluten free!


The Seafood Tower. An array of fresh seafood, clams, and oyster.

Colossal shrimp, local oysters, jumbo lump crab meat, little necks,
Maine lobster served with spicy mustard, cocktail sauce, and classic mignonette.

Pork Belly Bites. Tender and delicious!

Pork Belly Bites with foie gras powder dusting

Small Plates

Lobster Bisque. Chef Jared's preparation is spot on. A rich creamy bisque packed with flavor.

Lobster Bisque with parsley creme fraische

Deviled Eggs. A great play on mom's classic, with a bit of heat and tartness.

smooth and creamy yolk, prime meatball, pickled onions, foie gras powder 

Burrata. A mix of flavor textures accented with a salted pretzel bread.

creamy slaw, sambal aioli, sesame, pretzel bread
(Note: The pretzel bread by Wave Hill Breads is a delightful surprise)

Poutine. An updated fries and gravy.

Fries with oxtail ragu, cheese curds, green onions

Knuckle and Claw. Salty, crunchy, deliciousness.

Chunk lobster claw, blue corn grits, lobster sauce, tobiko

Octopus, a plateful of artful flavor combinations.

Octopus with pickled peppers, duck fat marble potato, pepper emulsion

Wings, a classic with an unusual twist.

Fried chicken wings, kimchi sauce, scallions, soy, chili 


The Prime Wedge. With bacon. And more bacon. And OH SO GOOD!
Gem iceberg, wedge pickled heirloom tomatoes, bacon, Ewes blue cheese, chili, house ranch dressing

Chop Chop Salad. An explosion of flavor on a plate!

Iceberg & romaine lettuce, bell peppers, onion, carrot, provolone, salami, red wine vinaigrette

Land and Sea

USDA Prime Steaks
All of Washington Prime steaks are USDA Prime Certified. They are sourced by Pat LaFrieda Meats in NYC from Creekstone Farms in Arkansas City, Kansas. They are cooked in a 900 degree specialized infrared broiler and can be charred to preference

8 oz Filet. Peppery, crusty, goodness. Melt in your mouth good.

18 oz Ribeye. With an amazing rub that enhanced every bite.

32 oz Porterhouse (dry aged 28 days). All I can say is that I'm still craving more. I could eat this all day - every day.

Grouper. Don't let the amount of sauce fool you, it was actually a nice light addition.

Grouper, served with carolina gold rice, tomato, asparagus, carrot butter sauce

Scallops. Succulent, sweet, and the grits were delicious!

Scallops with middlins (rice grits), corn relish, nicoise olives, hunters sauce


We sampled a trio of desserts, the ice cream chocolate chip sandwich with fruit loop dipping sauce, the Chocolate Bomb, and the Key Lime Pie

L top to -R bottom
Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich with Fruit Loop Dipping Sauce
Chocolate Bomb - filled with ice cream and caramel goodness
Key Lime Pie

Throughout the night Chef Jared Falco and Managing Owner Marcos Siguenza were available to welcome us, answer questions on preparation, cooking techniques, and spices and ingredients.

The Executive Team at Washington Prime
(L) Marcos Siguenza - (R) Jared Falco

More on the Executive Team from the MaxPR Press Release:.

Rob Moss (not pictured above) Originally set on a course in the business and finance field out of college, but found himself interjected into the restaurant scene.  Rob’s business savvy and enthusiasm for the restaurant biz got him noticed by the developers of the cb5 Restaurant group and he soon took on the General Manager role of Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar in Greenwich, CT in 2009. He soon beccame Vice President of Operations for the company, creating many well known establishments including; Red Lulu in SoNo and Salem, MA; more Lolita's in Boston and South  Beach, FL; Chinawhite in Greenwich and Purchase, NY; 30 Boltwood in Amherst, MA; and OAK Longbar & Kitchen at the Fairmont Copley in Boston, MA, awarded Zagat’s  “7th most stunning restaurant design in the U.S.” for 2013. 
Marco Siquenza: Ecuadorian born, but  raised in the restaurant business. A well-known member of the service team at Match for over 7 years, Marco was instrumental in obtaining the many “best of” awards and online accolades for the restaurant. Marco proceeded to join his cousins and help open the popular Mediterranean restaurant and wine bar 55 Degrees in Fairfield, CT and then invested and created Scena in Darien, CT. Marco creates quite a following, always at the helm managing customer relations, staff training and a flawless dining room floor and beverage program. 
Jared Falco: Jared Falco, while growing up on the shores of Northport, Long Island, was shown the ropes of this crazy business by Italian restaurant owner Mike Maroni of Maroni Cuisine. While still in high school, this young chef was already pulling his weight behind a busy kitchen line, working extra shifts at nearby restaurants, learning from such great local chefs as James Tchinnis from Swallow East in Montauk. In 2007 Jared pursued his formal training at the French Culinary Institute in New York and was later accepted to a coveted internship under Daniel Boulud at his 3-star Michelin restaurant Daniel in NYC. Jared was recruited by Chef Craig Attwood from Hampton Point Inn and 1770 House in East Hampton, working summers on the Island and winters back at Daniel. After a stint at Wiley Dufresne’s WD50 in the city and an internship at Noma in the Netherlands (rated #1 in the world 2010-12, and again in 2014), Jared rounded out his mad kitchen skills with front of the house training under the direction of Rob at the cb5 Restaurant Group, working with their local restaurant concepts. 

I can't say enough great things about Washington Prime. My favorites from the tasting menu were the deviled eggs, the scallops, the poutine, the chicken wings, the seafood tower, all the cuts of beef (Filet, Ribeye, Porterhouse), and the amazing salads which are practically a meal in themselves (Prime Iceburg Wedge, and Chop Chop Salad).  Okay. Everything. We loved everything!

And I know the cowboy is vigorously nodding his head in agreement reading over my shoulder as I write.

Take the ride to South Norwalk CT and visit Washington Prime - Eating + Drinking Well soon!

Operating Hours (kitchen hours available HERE)
Mon & Tues: 4pm to 1am
Wed & Thu: 11:30am to 1am
Fri & Sat: 11:30am to 2am
Sun: 11:30am to 1am

Washington Prime, Eating + Drinking Well
141 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854

TEL: (203) 857-1314


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Disclaimer: We were invited to this promotional  sampling by members of  Washington Prime's Management and Marketing Team, however, the views and opinions expressed herein are our own.


  1. Awesome photos and write-up! I still haven't been to Washington Prime even though I only live five minutes away. Steaks look great and I have a weakness for Key lime pie. I don't doubt that their menu looks good but I wonder if some of their dishes, and in an effort to be modern, are overcomplicated. I suppose I'll just have to cave and try it!

    1. I think they've done a great job of taking simple small plates like chicken wings and amping up the flavor combos with salty, tart, briny additions. Chef Jared has great technical expertise - I couldn't believe how he prepares some of his foods, and the extra work is worth it. He's also probably one of the most down to earth chefs that I've met and knows that food should be fun!

      I do have a love of ALL food and odd combinations and a fairly 'easy to please' palate. My husband, on the other hand, is pretty gosh darn picky, in that he ONLY likes simple foods and flavors.. He actually loved everything here that he sampled. Of course, he didn't try the octopus and brushed the foie gras off of everything! (chuckle-chuckle). Brave, he is not.

      I think you'll like Washington Prime, Andrew. And only five minutes away?? Color me JEALOUS!!!

      PS: Thanks for the compliment on the the night got did my lighting...and I simply can't photograph beef without natural light. Still learning and experimenting! Always love your pictures and try to learn from them.


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