Sunday, August 17, 2014

Parallel Post Farm to Trumbull Dinner Series at Gilbertie's Herb Farm

Last week I attended my second Farm to Table experience hosted by Parallel Post on site at Gilbertie's Herb Garden in Easton Connecticut.

Parallel Post has dubbed their Farm to Table series "Farm to Trumbull" as they always feature local members of the farming community and engage local purveyors for a majority of their ingredients – purchasing seafood from Norm Bloom & Sons in Norwalk, Conn. and Foley Fish in Boston, Mass.; meats and proteins from Ox Hollow Farm in Roxbury, Conn.; organic cheeses, milk and ice cream from The Farmer’s Cow in Lebanon, Conn.; and, of course, greens and fresh herbs, from Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens Westport, Conn. outlet.

Gilbertie's was the perfect location for this magnificent Farm to Trumbull Feast!

Gilbertie's Herb Farm, Easton CT
As soon as we arrived I knew I was in for a treat. The setting was absolutely beautiful!

We started by sampling the cheese platter and chutney platter.

And then moved on to some amazing chilled lobster salad rolls chock full with chunks of fresh lobster.

And then we moved on to the Raw Bar. That's right! The raw bar complete with cherrystones, oysters, and a cerviche (not pictured). I really tried to watch Chef Dean James Max's  trick to oyster shucking.

But, okay, I admit it. It's just plain easier to eat them after someone else has opened them!

Resident mixologist, Greg Gerias, AKA Bootleg Greg mixed up some wonderful specialty cocktails using Tito's Handmade Vodka. I sampled Greg's Pineapple Blueberry Ginger Concoction! So good with the ginger adding just a bit of spiced "heat" to the drink.

And, yes, there was wine to be had! My choice, the Tangent Sauvignon Blanc with citrusy notes.

Before moving on to dinner preparations, Chef Dean introduced Gilbertie's third generation owner and operator, Sal Gilbertie who entertained us with the history of his farm and invited attendees on a tour of his facility that has been in the family since 1901. Before we moved on to our tour, Chef Dean thanked members of his staff for their hard work in bringing this event and his vision to fruition.

The tour was amazing! We learned a bit about the current crops, and explored the hot house. WOW! This was my first time in a hot house, and the temperatures were incredibly warm and perfect for seed germination. The concentrated heat actually allows some seeds to sprout in 24 hours, and we also learned about seed conception vibration ( it's just what it sounds like) and the wholesale distribution and operations and scheduling on the farm.

When we arrived back from our tour a chilled cantelope gazpacho with a dumpling-like crabcake awaited us. So good and light and refreshing. The perfect start to our meal!

Next, a light heirloom tomato salad with m√Ęche. Oh, how I will miss garden tomatoes when the season ends.

A yellow and red watermelon salad with feta and walnuts. A winning combination with the nutty flavors combined with the sweet watermelon and salty feta cheese.

Next we moved on to some dinner sides.

A fresh grilled peaches and organic faro. I love how the grilling brings out the flavors of fruits and have to remember to grill more fruits and vegetable at home!

A creamy chilled pasta salad tossed with zucchini, squash, and grape tomatoes. Made. With. HOMEMADE PASTA! Absolutely incredible!

Some delicious red peas mixed with sweet white corn.

Purple potatos, beets, and creme fraiche

And a delicious eggplant puree.

What better entree to have at an outdoor setting then some buttermilk fried chicken. So, so good, with a light flaky, slightly salty coating. Oh how I wanted to pick that cast iron pan up and sneak all that chicken home with me!

And of course, when grilling outside, what better to have then some swordfish. Tender. Flaky. So, so good!

After dinner we were treated to a creamy coffee ice cream (coffee from Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters!

And then some wonderful fresh berry desserts, a berry compote, a berry crumble, and a berry jello.

We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon enjoying Chef Dean, Chef Ali, Chef Chris, and all of the creative staff's hard work and hospitality. Everyone we chatted with enjoyed the food, beverages, atmosphere, but most importantly, the the sense of warm community that enveloped us all.

Our table conversation with our dining companions compared the feeling to nostalgic Sunday dinners and picnics shared with family.

What wonderful memories food can evoke. -- And isn't that what good dining is all about?

The date for the next, and last of this year's Parallel Post Farm-to-Trumbull 30-person 2014 dinner series will be in October featuring seasonal fall items.  Tickets to the Farm-to-Trumbull dinners are available for advance purchase at $75++ per person. To RSVP for the October dinner, please e-mail

Make your reservations now for the final Parallel Post Farm to Trumbull 2014 series in October.

And don't forget Parallel Post for Sunday Brunch (recap HERE) or their final weeks of Thursday "All you can eat" Mussell Madness (ends September 4th)

180 Hawley Lane, Trumbull CT 06611
Phone/Reservations  203-380-6380
Located in the Trumbull Marriott - Merritt Parkway

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For more pictures visit the Home Place facebook page HERE.

Have you been to a farm to table event?
Did you enjoy the comradarie of communal dining?
What seasonal items were featured during your farm to table experience?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below

Disclaimer: I was invited to the Farm to Trumbull event by members of  the Parallel Post's Management and Marketing Team, however, the views and opinions expressed herein are my own..


  1. Hello Bonnie,
    What an amazing opportunity, the surroundings looked lovely and the setup was to die for. I now this won't be your last event. I loved how well you photographed the meals, my faves where the lobster rolls, the wine, the purple potatoes, eggplant puree and the berry jello. Thank you for sharing.

    Lisa x

    1. Hi Lisa, it was the perfect summer day to spend on the farm! Parallel Post really outdid themselves with this event. Their Farm to Trumbull events get seem to get better with each offering! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You are welcome. Be sure to come by and visit me this weekend and see what I'm loving. Happy weekend.

    Lisa x


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