Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Small Plate Tasting at NIXS Evergreen in South Windsor

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A Small Plate Sampling at NIXS new location  - NIXS Evergreen

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to South Windsor CT and visit NIXS new location in the Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk. This was my first time at this picturesque shopping district and it won't be my last. Such unique little shops, with plenty of parking, and lots of great food places to try...like NIXS Evergreen!

Needless to say, as soon as I received the invitation to visit for a sampling with a group of some other CT foodlovers, I was in!

The interior is beautiful with a hip industrial whimsical vibe.
I know. I know...
It doesn't sound quite like it goes together, but trust me, it does!

Polished concrete floors and comfortable overstuffed seating  in beautiful teal jewel tones, with steel gray side chairs, and basic black linens and silver accents.

With a great bar that features some cool blue accent lighting. And some great drink specials too!

And, speaking of drinks we each jumped right in and ordered some of the fun NIXS specialty cocktails, with names like Bazzle Dazzle, Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, Bad Wolf, and more.... !!!

That's my Bazzle Dazzle on the far left. It was great. A hearty cocktail with a gin base. 

We started off with some shared small plates for the table.

Pictured below are the Buffalo Wings, but they also offer a Honey Dijon and Ginger Soy.

NIXS Evergreen Buffalo Wings

And we ordered a couple of cheese trays for the table!

NIXS Evergreen Cheese Tray
Assorted Cheeses with Fig Jam, Almond Brittle (OMG SO GOOD) drizzled with honey
Toasted Crostini

Then we each ordered a smattering of small plates to divulge in all by ourselves!

NIXS Evergreen Veggie Quesadilla 

NIXS Evergreen Salad

And Chef Sean De LaRosa himself came out to visit and say hello to our table!

NIXS Evergreen Naked Spicy Tuna Tartar

NIXS Evergreen Buffalo Mac Attack

NIXS Evergreen Fish Tacos

And this was my selection  - The Tuna Tartar Tacos! These had a nice warm heat that was tempered by a bit of guacamole. Yup. They were soooo good!

NIXS Evergreen Tuna Tartar Tacos

NIXS Evergreen Sliders

And not ready to call it a night - we went with some desserts as well! Delicious ice cream sandwiches and some s'mores dip!

NIXS Evergreen Homemade (!!!) Ice Cream Sandwiches

NIXS Evergreen Smores Dip

We had such a great time sampling some of the great items NIXS Evergreen has to offer!

Assorted Small Plates at NIXS Evergreen

Be on the look out for some great Happy Hour specials, like the one they are currently featuring
Five for Five which offers five specialty appetizers at only $5.00 each and $5.00 drink specials too!
See details about their Happy Hour Special ==> HERE

Be sure you Play Nice and visit NIXS Evergreen soon!

NIXS Evergreen

The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk
538 Evergreen Way
South Windsor, CT 06074

Follow them on twitter https://twitter.com/NIXSEvergreen

 Nixs is part of The Bostonian Hospitality Group, with locations in Boston, Nantucket, Hartford, South Windsor, Plymouth, and Newburyport. For more information, visit  http://www.nixsevergreen.com/.

 The Legend behind The Curse of William Fly

Nix's Mate is one of the smaller islands in the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. In 1726, upon his arrest, officials brought pirate captain William Fly to Boston, where he was executed. His body was then gibbetted on Nix's Mate to serve as a warning to sailors not to turn to piracy. Before his execution, Fly famously scolded the hangman for incorrectly securing the noose, then retied it himself. His body, with those of two other pirates, is buried on the island. Pleading not guilty to the end, one pirate predicted the Island would sink into the sea to prove his innocence. Since 1803, the island has disappeared each day in high tide.


Disclaimer: I was invited to the sampling by members of NIXS marketing team, however all opinions are my own.


  1. You just made me hungry, let's go do it again!

  2. I had so much fun! Your pictures came out great :) Can't wait for our next event together!


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