Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sea Mist Cruise of the Thimble Islands in CT

Because the temperate weather is slowly leaving Connecticut, my friend Gayle and I decided to take advantage of a warm and sunny fall day by taking a cruise of the scenic Thimble Islands in the Stony Creek section of Branford CT.

There are several  sightseeing tours available of the Thimble Islands, the  Volsunga IV , the Islander , and the Sea Mist.  

Gayle had recently won a cruise for two aboard the Sea Mist in a local raffle, so our choice of which ship to select was very easy!

We took the 12:15pm, setting out from the Stony Creek Dock in Branford on a Saturday afternoon in late September.  The cruise lasts approximately 45 minutes and features views of some of the beautiful homes on the Thimble Islands, as well as the Connecticut shoreline

Captain Mike Infantino is chock full of information about how the islands were formed, Branford's earliest settlers on the Islands, pirate lore, and some of the storms that have devastated the East Coast, and the Thimbles.

It's a fun way to spend an afternoon and there are a few shops in Stony Creek where you can while away some time.

On the cruise you'll hear all about the Thimbles, famous people who have lived there (past and present), the island names, and their nicknames.  Money, Potato, Pumpkin, Horse, Governor, and my favorite, Mother-in-law Island (!!) just to name a few!

Here's some pictures of Captain Mike Infintino narrating our cruise and some of the trip's highlights...

Below is "Captain Kidd's Cove" - where legend has it that he and his crew would lie in wait to surprise passing vessels.
 ...and of course, the jolly roger flag flies proudly on the Sea Mist!

For more pictures click on: Home Place Sea Mist Cruise of the Thimble Islands

The Sea Mist sails May through October (closed Tuesdays) and is available for private charters.  Check out their schedule and more information here 
ALSO***They offer seal watch cruises on weekends only in March see info here

We had a great time and would highly recommend this as a fun family afternoon suitable for all ages.

Stony Creek Town Dock
Indian Point Road
Stony Creek, Branford, CT

Have you visited the Thimble Islands?
I'd love to hear your story below in the comment section!


  1. Captain Mike is a great guy -- as is Bob Milne. Both of them helped me out when I was writing my article for Hog River Journal (now Connecticut Explored). There's still an archived version here, if you're interested in even more fun history facts!

    1. Great article Alana! Bob and Mike are great guys and knowledgeable about the area. Both help make Stony Creek the wonderful place it is. I used to work at the Indian Point Club (which was located directly across from the town dock where a private residence stands today) back in the 80s and had the pleasure of looking out on the Thimbles every day! Love the area and my family is descended from the Palmer family, one of the original families that settled in Stony Creek.

      And I'm hoping that someday I'll make it up the street to say Hi to you!

  2. I was meeting a friend for lunch down in Branford and was a bit early so drove down by the water and could not believe my eyes! I called my husband and said, my God there are these little islands here with just a single house on them! He said those are the Thimble islands. I grew up here, heard of them but had no idea where they were and was truly amazed that they had houses built on them, lol.

    1. ...and they're only a little over a couple of million dollars to buy one of our very own! (chuckle). Many now have electric and fresh water...but when I was growing up most only had generator power and rain water catch basins.

      Jayne, I JUST discovered your blog and fb page. Love all the re-cycling of materials that you do. And I am a big frog tape lover too! It is the best!


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