Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cash Mob at the Sweet Shoppe in East Haven, CT

On Saturday afternoon,  Cash Mob CT  descended on its latest recipient, the Sweet Shoppe in East Haven, CT.
The premise of Cash Mob, CT is simple.  Support local business!  Sponsored by REX Development you can participate in Cash Mob CT too!  All it takes is a twenty dollar bill, access to the selected destination, and a desire to shop!  (Count me in!)

Did you know that for every $20 that is spent at a local retailer, $13.60 will return to the community through taxes and payroll?  REX Development is doing their part to help local commerce and supports 15 towns and cities in Connecticut.
(picture above courtesy of REX Development)

Past winners have been RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison, Flutterby in Guilford, the Bethany Farm Market in Bethany and Sweet Cioccolata in Wallingford.

If you're lucky enough to live in one of the 15 municipalities listed above - look for a  Cash Mob CT to come to your town soon! 

On to the Sweet Shoppe!

We arrived just a few minutes after the 1pm start and were happy to see so many folks enjoying the "Cash Mob Love"!!  
We were able to browse the sweets and meet owners MaryJane Best and Tim Pendred who were both pleased and honored to have been selected as the winning East Haven Cash Mobee!   They are both just as nice as nice can be!

They were up against some stiff competition with some established places like Goodies and a local bakery that was recently featured on a Food Network special.Luckily for them...the vote was overwhelming in support of Sweet Shoppe.  On the  Cash Mob CT  facebook page, after hearing that Sweet Shoppe won, Jackie from East Haven posted: 
"I've gone to this shop twice now. It's my family's new favorite ice cream shop. The ice cream is excellent! We we really like it. It's a cute little shop and it's immaculate!"
Well, Jackie!  You are right!  The cowboy and I decided to take you up on your recommendation and we each purchased a hot fudge sundae made with soft serve ice cream.  Chocolate for him and vanilla for me.  YUM!  Only $4.75 each for a LARGE!  And look at that...they are made with love!
 Pssst. Tim and MaryJane...on our way in we met the nicest woman outside enjoying a ice cream cone who said she is more than willing to make sitting outside eating one of your cones her full-time job!  
There's plenty of treats to be had at the Sweet Shoppe!  Chocolate covered pretzels, caramel and chocolate dipped apples...

And all sorts of novelties packaged for a cute little gifts!  
A candy filled pitcher
and an ice cream cone bank!

There's also plenty of fresh scooped ice cream and gelato in all sorts of flavors!  These prices are crazy good!
If you have a chance, I highly recommend you stop at the Sweet Shoppe and enjoy some sweets and treats!  Ice cream and chocolates.  Life is good!

208 Main Street
East Haven, CT 06512

Open 11am - ??? 
(hours vary by season)
Closed Sundays

What's your favorite ice cream?  
Do you have any local ice cream parlors you visit?
I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

Sharing is Caring!

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