Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shelley's Garden Center - Fall 2012

It's official folks, summer is over.  (sad face)
However, you wouldn't have known it today!  It's a beautiful 70 degrees here in Branford CT.  You'd never know that it's autumn!

We traveled back to Shelley's Garden this weekend to share their collection of beautiful pumpkins, gourds, mums, and fall flowers with you!

Shelley's Garden Center is located in Branford, CT on Main Street, just off I-95's exit 53.   You'll need to get yourself past the "pretzel" and then just look for the beautiful flowers and pumpkins out front!  

John and Yvette Chambers are the second generation proprietors, and along with their children, Christiane and Taylor, own and operate the garden center and store.  Read more about the garden center's history  here: Shelley's Garden Center Branford, CT   

Today when we stopped in Yvette was happily reminding everyone to recycle their garden pots!

Everyone at Shelley's is always helpful.  If you have any gardening questions stop by and ask!

Here's some pictures we snapped today while perusing pumpkins!
Shelley's Garden Center Interior Store

Hand Decorated Real Pumpkins. Yes. REAL!

Cut Flowers

All statuary 40% off!

Here's the pretty lil' pumpkin that came home with us to decorate our front porch stoop!

Shelley's is open 8:30 to 6:00 daily.
March to December.
(203) 488-9479

How do you decorate your front stoop or porch for autumn?  
Do you use mums or pumpkins for any other fall decorations?  

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

PS:  We'll be back in December to show you Shelley's Garden Center's Christmas Decor


  1. Oooh, statuary 40% off...that got my attention. My front stoop is still decorated with the summer planted containers (believe it or not they still look decent). I had placed a pumpkin out there but yesterday I went out to rearrange and realized it had rotted. Maybe I'll move some of the potted mums and kale from out back. Nobody sees them out there anymore because as you pointed out, summer is over :(.

    1. Kale! I forgot about kale! I have to remember get some some decorative kale!
      Luckily we're both lucky to have the beautiful colors of autumn here in CT to get us through until next summer!


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