Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Home" the Restaurant in Branford, CT

On a rainy Tuesday night we decided to visit one of Branford, CT's newest dining additions, Home Restaurant.
Home Restaurant is located on Main Street in Branford just past the Branford Green.  Many of you will remember this location, former home of the Old Town Cafe, and later Webster's Restaurant. 

It's had a few different incarnations since then, but new owner / operator Jared Schulefand has created a cozy and comfortable vibe in this landmark location.

There are several areas to dine in, the main dining room located in the rear of the restaurant.
The lounge area below, that offers a mix of dining tables as well as some comfortable seating vignettes that are more suitable for cocktails, snacks, and conversation.
Window overlooking Main Street (front view)
Rear View of the Lounge Area
...the bar

and an additional bar lounge area with high top tables located in front of a beautiful stone fireplace.

The menu features some home-like staples with a modern twist.  Mac-n-cheese gets updated with items like crab and asparagus.  And lasagna is fused with mushrooms and goat cheese.
I love how their menu depicts a front door!

We both wanted something light, so the cowboy ordered the Home Burger, made with boursin cheese, bacon, caramelized onion jam, and sautéed mushrooms.  But the traditionalist he is, he asked for it to be made with good old cheddar cheese, hold the boursin, bacon, onion jam and sauteed mushrooms (gotta love him!) just some lettuce and tomato please, *** served with a side of hand cut fries.

 No. The burger doesn't come with a layer of pepper.  That's his little addition!  The cowboy reports the burger was really good, moist and juicy, but he was a little disappointed that the fries were a tad bit overcooked.

I ordered the potato pancakes, served with a roasted shallot sour cream and spiced applesauce.

The potato pancakes were wonderful!  Perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the spiced applesauce was wonderful, however I really didn't care much for the combination of potato pancake and the roasted shallot sour cream.  It was a little reminiscent of "Lipton french onion soup dip" - and I think it paired better as a dip for the french fries I stole off the cowboy's plate.  Personally, I would have preferred plain sour cream.  But, it WAS tasty - just not with the applesauce and pancakes.

Guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist too!

If you're looking for a comfy little place to grab a bite to eat, or just want to share some conversation and cocktails with friends, this is a cute little place to go.

1114 Main Street
Branford, CT 06405
(203) 483-5896


  1. Where are the OTHER people in all your pictures? I hope it's not always this lonely looking for the clientele. I like that menu too, really cute (could be a card?). When I saw the burger and fries, I started drooling up a storm. Those fries looked perfect... but I DO like overcooked fries... :)

    1. I try to take pictures where no one is sitting - but it was a Tuesday night and not very busy.

      I'm always afraid of infringing on people's privacy so I do always aim away from other diners...well, except for that handsome cowboy!


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