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Cask Republic - Hearty Food and Spirits in Stamford CT

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Two more snow storms blanketed Connecticut this week. Frankly, I am SO tired of snow and although I hate to wish for time to move quickly, I can't wait for Spring to come and melt all this white stuff away. 

However, we did have a bright spot this week! We traveled up the I-95 south corridor to Stamford CT to visit the SKAL Restaurant Group's latest addition, the Cask Republic Stamford

Chillaxing by the fireplace at Cask Republic Stamford CT

Nestled in a little cluster of restaurants in Stamford's Summer Street Restaurant District, the Cask Republic is already a hit with the locals. When we arrived on a cold Thursday night, the large front dining room, complete with a 30 foot bar, dining area, and cozy fireplace was already filling up. Our party was seated in the rear dining room, that seats about 50 and is available for small private functions. The rear dining room also features its own fireplace and bar. Intimate, cozy, warm, and inviting. 

Copper enclosed fireplace in the rear dining room at Cask Republic Stamford CT

We started with samplings from their small plate menu, wood fired pizza menu, and drinks from their cocktail specialties.

Pictures of each are below, Short-rib Meatballs, Flat-bread Pizza, Bacon Popcorn, three kinds of Bar Fries, and a Butternut Squash Soup. Each was delicious. The cowboy kept going back for more of the pizza, and I could have eaten a whole pot of that butternut squash soup. So good and the perfect items to enjoy on a cold and frosty night.

Smoked Short Rib Meatballs with IPA BBQ glaze and crumbled Maytag bleu cheese
Flat bread pizza made with beer cheese sauce, chicken, bacon, gorgonzola, onions & mache greens

For cocktails, Cask Republic specializes in the amber spirits, scotch, bourbon, and rye, which are perfect to sip on when the temperatures drop. Especially when paired with good company, great food, laughter, and a roaring fireplace. I'm happy to report we enjoyed all of the above and more!

Cocktails, clockwise, L-R
Left: Mint Julep made with Slow & Low Rock and Rye Whiskey, lemons, fresh muddled mint
Top (R): C-R Old Fashioned with Makers Mark Bourbon, simple syrup, muddled with orange & cherry 

Bottom (R): Classic Manhattan with Redemption Rye, sweet vermouth, spiced cherry bitters & a cherry

(L) Bacon Popcorn - YUMMMMM!
(R) Tri-Combo Bar Fries Tasting:  Asian, Truffle, and Adobo Vinegar & Salt

Spiced Butternut Squash Soup with maple glazed pepitas

Moving on to our four-course sampling dinner, we started with an appetizer of Foie Gras, then Canadian Salmon, followed by a Spiced Filet Mignon. Finally, for our cheese dessert finale, we sampled a Bucheron Cheese Plate, all pictured below. Our dinner was paired with amber spirits (a scotch and a bourbon) and specialty beers. Because I was driving, I only partook in small sips of the latter. And who knew! I discovered I love dark beers!

Pan Seared Foie Gras with cranberry marmalade, culatello, on toasted sourdough

Slow Roasted Canadian Salmon, black bean cassoulet, and red pepper sofrito

(L) Sierra Nevada, Ovila Abbey Saison, CA (hints of mandarin oranges and peppercorn)
(R) Heavy Seas Siren Noire, MD (hints of chocolate)

Deli Spiced Filet Mignon, sweet potato hash, braised kale, and a peppercorn demi-glace

Bucheron Cheese, with preserved shallots, and  crispy Asian pear chips

Our tasting menu was wonderful! The Foie Gras had a beautiful crispy sear and melted in your mouth. The Salmon was absolutely delicious. We loved the big bold flavors that the Cask Republic is known for. Their  beer menu is extensive, with daily specials and seasonal offerings.  I must mention however, that the Spiced Filet Mignon is not for the faint of heart. It is VERY heavily seasoned with peppercorn, to the point that even the Cowboy who usually coats his food in a layer of black pepper, was sputtering whoa-eeee with every bite, as he fanned his taste buds! It was such a wonderful cut of meat however, that he ate every single morsel! It was a little over-spiced for my palate, but never the less, I tried a little then packed my piece "to-go" for home. When sliced thin and used on my lunch salad the next day, the lettuce and dressing tamed the peppercorn spices down to my liking!   

We had a wonderful time at the Cask Republic and plan on visiting both the New Haven and Stamford locations again as soon as we can! Make sure you do too!

A hint for parking for the Cask Republic - at the end of Summer Street is the Summer Street Parking Garage, with metered parking. Simply park your car and jot down your meter number, and pay as you exit the garage to your location. Not knowing how long we would be we selected the $5.00 four-hour parking. The Cask Republic is just a short half block away.

Cask Republic
191 Summer Street, Stamford, CT 06901

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Disclaimer: We were invited to this promotional  sampling at the Cask Republic by members of  the Cask Republic's Management and Marketing Team, however, the views and opinions expressed herein are our own.

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