Monday, February 3, 2014

ChowdaFest CT 2014 Recap - #ChowdaFestCT Winners in Bridgeport CT

This Sunday my friend Gayle and I set out for our annual trek to the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport CT to attend the 6th Annual ChowdaFest CT Contest!

A list of the final winners appears at the end of this post.

This year it was better than ever, as they added some new attractions, such as a cheese bar, a beer and wine area, and several chef demonstrations. In honor of the annual event falling on SuperBowl Sunday each year, they even introduced a new mascot:

Meet the amazing Chef Ref!
Meet Chef Ref!
Photos courtesy of Beth Kitchener (Thanks Beth!)

We had a great time and tasted some mighty fine chowders! So many unique flavors and some great takes on the traditionals! Feast your eyes on the pictorial recap that follows...

Here's some of the fun things we saw and sampled! 

Pictures on the brochure in the upper right look familiar?
Yup! I'm thrilled ChowdaFest used my pictures from last year!

Old Post Tavern (Fairfield)

The Wonderful Volunteers from Sacred Heart University

Fun With Rory's Irish Tavern (Darien)

Bernard's (Ridgefield)

High Tide Gourmet (Madison)

Lenny and Joe's Fish Tail (New Haven, Madison and Westbrook)
Apparently Gayle likes Lobster!!!

The NEW Cracker and Cheese Area

The Restaurant at Rowayton (Rowayton)

Parallel Post at the Trumbull Marriott
The Sacred Heart Volunteers even helped at the Chowda Children's Corner!
I'm not sure who is having more fun!!! Mom and Dad, the kids, or the volunteers!! 

Guvnor's Brewery in Norwalk
The Beer and Wine Corner at ChowdaFestCT

Mansion Clam House (Westport)

The Ginger Man's Sweet Potato Clam Chowder (Norwalk)

Donovan's (Norwalk)
And here's a sampling of my sampling!

And, without further ado, 
here's a list of the ChowdaFest CT 2014 WINNERS!!

Were you at ChowdaFest CT this year?

Do you have a favorite chowder? 

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.


  1. Guvnor's Brewery was my favorite, I didn't try Donovan's though, I was too full! :) It was nice seeing you!

    1. Sarah, I learned my lesson last year! This year I kept it to a spoonful and asked for 1/2 full cups. I liked so many of the chowders that I don't think I can pick a favorite. But it looks like Norwalk has the one up on chowder!
      Six winners out of one of my favorite restaurant town!

      I"m so glad I got to see you.too! Wish we could have sat and visited for a while. Hope to have a meet up soon before summer activities take over!

  2. Bonnie, I surely wish I could have attended this event. I love chowder! Great post...great images. Looks like everyone had a super time.

    1. Catherine it was a great event, and each year they add something to improve it. The best thing is that the money raised goes to such a good cause, the CT Food Bank.

      Thanks for the compliments on the images! I was thrilled that the organizers used some of my pictures on their brochure!
      One of these days we'll meet up at an event! Can't wait!

  3. I saw a bunch of recaps, what a great event! I heard that Bistro7 won, did you get a chance to try theirs?

    1. It was so good Maria...but I certainly have had my fill of chowder!
      Yes, I did sample Bistro 7 - but couldn't get a decent picture. We got there early when they opened at 11, but within 30 minutes the place was full. Lines did move quickly, but it was pretty close quarters. When we left at 1:45pm there was a line of about 50 outside waiting to get in. I heard they were letting people in in intervals.


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