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Brick + Wood to Open in Fairfield November 1, 2014

Brick + Wood Prepares to Open their Wood-fired Pizza and
Neapolitan Street Food Restaurant Next Week!

Here's some great news out of Fairfield Connecticut!

Paolo and Clara Cavalli are set to open Brick + Wood with a soft opening November 1st

An exciting new concept to an often played out Italian restaurant genre, Brick + Wood is the product of Paolo’s childhood in Italy and growing up in the family’s restaurant business here in Fairfield County; a true representation of his culinary prowess and Italian heritage.

Paolo spent much of his childhood outside of Rome on a farm which bore an olive grove and vineyard. Here, he learned the language and developed a passion for the Italian food culture. In the states he immersed himself in the family’s restaurant business (Luigi’s in 1975 and Ponte Vecchio in 2003 in Fairfield). Upon graduating college with an engineering degree, Paolo took a ten-year reprieve from the restaurant world and took a position with GE Capital in Irving, TX. 

Clara, who also grew up in an Italian household, comes from a line of six generations of bread makers.

Not exactly known for their pizza in the Lone Star State, the pizza oven began calling their names and in 2008 Paolo and Clara created Cavalli Pizzeria Napoletana in Irving, TX. Upon the success of their first restaurant the duo opened a sister location in McKinney, TX. Today, both restaurants continue to thrive while the Cavalli’s embark on a new venture back at home with their families in Connecticut.

Brick + Wood is located in the former Ponte Vecchio location in the Brick Walk locale of Fairfield. The space and the concept embrace a new beginning and dining out for a new generation. Developed by Haverson Architecture & Design of Greenwich, CT, the restaurant has been transformed into a multi-layered / multi-sensory restaurant and bar.

As the name implies, much of the design is framed by stressed wood and worn Chicago brick with pockets of space throughout filled with stacks of wood that heat the oven. The mosaic tiled pizza oven and the butcher block and Calcutta Ciero marble top mozzarella bar are the focal point of the dining room. Brick + Wood is home to the area’s first all-tap wine bar, accentuated by a steel backdrop and wooden taps. The indoor-outdoor component flows seamlessly from the bar onto the large patio highlighted by outdoor lamps draped across the open archways and exterior spaces, reminiscent of a Naples street scene. 

Equally evocative of the Italian street scene is Brick + Wood’s inspired menu. The dining experience begins with a real Mozzarella Bar where hand-pulled mozzarella is prepared throughout the day. This wonderfully fresh and milky cheese is presented in a variety of flavorful incarnations, including mozzarella rollatini and burrata with truffle. Imported dried and cured meats such as capocollo, mortadella, prosciutto and salami are thinly sliced to order.

The Italian street food component is an exciting new food concept for Fairfield County. These traditional finger foods are what one might see people eating out of a paper cone or wrapped in parchment while strolling in the streets or piazzas. Some of the Cavallis’ favorites that will be featured on the menu include; Arancini – deep fried risotto balls stuffed with a variety of fillings; Potato Crocchette; Fried Calamari; Stuffed Calzone; and a selection of toasted panini and fresh salads. The sweet side of the menu features dessert pizza with Nutella, homemade seasonal tiramisu and flash fried zeppole.

Brick + Wood continues to shine with their wood-fired thin crust pizza. Their “perfect pizza” is a labor of love and is certified by the Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN), an association formed in Naples by pizza makers to preserve the authentic Neapolitan pizza values. Supported by the Italian government, this rigorous certification process is required by any restaurant in Italy wishing to serve authentic Neapolitan pizza. Only a handful of pizzaiolos in the United States have earned this distinction. Brick + Wood pizza starts with fresh dough, handmade on the premises and leavened for 24-48 hours. The dough is hand toss, never rolled, to give it that thin delicate center.  Using Italian imported San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil and house made fior di latte mozzarella; the pizza is then cooked in a 900 degree wood-fired oven for about 90 seconds, which marks the pizza with flame blackened blisters along the crust and bottom. From this perfect “anatomy of a pizza”, creative, as well as classic toppings can be added.

The beverage program is a first of its kind in the area. In addition to craft cocktails and premium beer selections, an impressive line-up of wine varietals is served by the glass, as a 2 oz taste, half carafe or full carafe, via a contemporary wine tap design which maintains the integrity of wine. Gone are the open bottles left to turn while sitting on the shelf or to be lost in the back of the fridge. Brick + Wood has researched, sipped and sourced the best wines from around the world from winemakers who want their varietals to continuously shine from start to finish. These wines are stored in stainless steel kegs and maintained at optimal temperature – reds at 62 degrees and whites at 42 degrees. In a properly sealed keg where the wine is not exposed to oxygen, even when tapped repeatedly, the last ounce of wine tastes as fresh as the first.

Brick + Wood  is a fresh new outlook for how we should relax, drink – and eat.

Brick + Wood
1275 Post Rd No. 7  
Fairfield, CT 06824


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