Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Costumes for Couples #Ad

It's that time of year again!

Time to shop for Halloween costumes!

I remember the first Halloween that the cowboy and I spent as a couple. We dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood (me) and the Big Bad Wolf (him).  (Just thought I'd clarify! - LOL)

I wish I had a picture to share - but suffice it to say, we did the DIY version of it and although it was fun - it certainly wasn't pretty!

Luckily, costume designs have come a long way since then - and with a click of a button - you can find some fun Halloween Couples Costumes online!

What better way to spend a night with your other half than at a fun Halloween Party!

Here's a few fun couples costumes that I think you'll enjoy

Many of these costumes are ONLY available online, an easier place to shop for this type of celebration.

Happy Halloween Shopping!


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  1. Bonnie - If we'd had Facebook back then, there would be way TOO many pictures of Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. Sometimes I run across old photos of events like that and I just cringe! Soooo glad the images aren't still out there in perpetuity. It will be interesting to watch as this younger generation grows up - what they're reaction will be.

    1. I agree! However, I have a friend who lost all her photographs in a house fire...the only pictures she has of her children now are those she had on facebook. She is forever in their debt for being an archive. There are some pluses to it for sure!


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