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David Burke Prime's Table Side Smoked Manhattan and Aged Steak Flight

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Oscar Worthy Presentation at David Burke Prime

As my foodie fortune would have it, I was included in an invite to sample David Burke Prime's new specials at their Foxwood Resort Casino location joining my friends Greg and Wendy from CTLifestyles.

With just one look at Prime's spacious entryway, you know you are in for a great dining experience that highlights a wonderful meal in an entertaining fashion. A life-size model steer greets you upon arrival, lighting is a soft amber tone, and there are large comfortable cowhide covered banquettes and comfy white leather over-stuffed chairs for seating.

Open at Foxwoods since 2008, Prime is operated by the Craveable Hospitality Group, who manage ten restaurants in the Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and Aspen area. I can certainly see how they penned the motto "Eat, Drink, Crave" - as they are known for "transforming each meal into a cherished memory" by offering impeccable service and creative food and beverage offerings.

We started with some delicious sparking rosé to go along with this amazing seafood tower featuring lobster , shrimp, clams, oysters, Alaskan king crab legs, jumbo lump crab meat, served with sauces like old bay mustard sauce, sweet chili cocktail, mignonette, and more!

Seafood Tower at David Burke Prime
Foxwoods Resort Casino

And it just kept getting better and better from there!

Next our mixologist extraordinaire gave us the premiere performance of Prime's new amazing cocktail, the Smoked Rosemary Manhattan.

Below are some pictures of the preparation process and a link to a video  HERE

And the finished product! 
A theatrical Manhattan Cocktail like none other before!

The Smoked Rosemary Orange Manhattan
at David Burke Prime
Foxwoods Resort Casino

This cocktail tastes just as amazing as its preparation shows!  And I love these new jumbo ice cubes as they hold the 'chill' longer and allow the cocktail to shine and not hamper the flavor with melted ice. The Smoked Rosemary and Orange Manhattan was so subtly smooth with the added aromatics of the rosemary and the citrus essence from the fresh orange. Made with premium rye - it's a definite win-win!

In addition to the table side cocktail presentation we were also treated to a table side preparation of a Caesar Salad, complete with white anchovies, Prime's signature crab croutons, and thickly grated cheese.

Caesar Salad at David Burke Prime
Foxwoods Resort Casino

Next was another fun little treat! A clothesline of candied bacon! The Clothesline Bacon appetizer consists of  extra thick-cut candied bacon, black pepper maple glaze, and flambéed table side, as well!

David Burke Prime's Clothesline Bacon
Photo Source @davidburkeprime Instagram

Next was the star of the show  - the Aged Steak Flight! This fabulous new special allows you to sample not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different styles of aged beef. This special Steak Flight includes a sampling of the 30-day bone-in Kansas City strip, 40-day ribeye, 60-day sirloin, and 75-day rib-eye. These hand-selected beef cuts are aged in their patented Himalayan salt lined aging cooler which allows them to develop the deep intense flavors that only aged beef offers.

David Burke Prime
Aged Steak Flight

Prime's Aged Steak Flight

As is typical with aged beef - the longer it is aged the more intense and earthy the flavor. As we worked our way around the plate sampling the different aging times, we couldn't all agree on a 'hands down' favorite. Each cut was delicious in its own right - and each of us had different flavor preferences. Suffice it to say - they were all great!

After all that sampling - we somehow found room for dessert! We nibbled on the Cheesecake Lollipop Tree complete with sour apple cotton candy (say what!!) .... before digging in to our final table side presentation of Toffee Monkey Bread made with banana, pecan brioche, bourbon-butterscotch ice cream. No descriptive adjectives needed. So good!!!

Toffee Monkey Bread at David Burke Prime
Photo Source: @DavidBurkePrime Instagram

Another favorite - the Molten Chocolate Cake, made with a deep, rich chocolate cake, a chocolate ganache filling, and served with a side of creamy coffee gelato.

David Burke Prime
Molten Chocolate Cake

We finished the night with a tour of the dry aging room and the wine tower. Both spaces were equally incredible and that wine tower alone is worth a visit on your next trip to David Burke Prime at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Aging Room at David Burke Prime
Lined with Himalyan Salt - this process is patented!
Photo Source: @DavidBurkePrime Instagram

The Wine Tower at David Burke Prime
(The view looking up!)

We had a wonderful time at David Burke Prime and we know you will too! Prepare to be pampered and delighted by the service, food, and libations. It's truly an incredible place to visit and I'm certain you will be as entertained as we were!


David Burke Prime is located in the Grand Pequot Tower at Foxwoods, on the restaurant level.

David Burke Prime

350 Trolley Line Boulevard
Mashantucket, CT 06338
Phone: 860.312.8753


Disclaimer: We were invited to this premiere of the new specials offered at Prime by members of their marketing and management team, however, all opinions are our own.

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