Friday, April 11, 2014

Makeup, Hair, and More from Rachel Zoe's Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Rachel Zoe Spring Summer 2014 Collection

For my inaugural Fashion Friday post, we're featuring the fabulous stylish turned designer Rachel Zoe, whose Spring Summer 2014 collection featured easy wearable clothes, with models sporting a fresh and natural look, perfect for every age and body type.

Rachel Zoe's stylist background comes through at each of her design shows. No where is it more apparent than in the holistic style of the entire show, from hair - to makeup - to accessories.

Rachel Zoe wowed the crowd during her Spring/Summer 2014 show highlighting easy breezy casual styles. 

Aside from the beautiful pieces of clothing that came down the runway was equally beautiful cosmetic work done on the models. Each model wore thick braids made from pieces of loose hair and some pieces of hair that had already braided into fishtail braids.

The braids were kept very loose and textured looking almost dry and frizzy. Thin pieces of hair were pulled out from the front to give a messy, rushed hair look. 

Eyebrows were kept thick while on the eye was a tan toned metallic eye shadow thinly placed right on the eye lid, not passing the crease. Lips ranged from muted colors like pink, reds, and orange all in a satin finish. Eyeliner in a light brown was used along the lower lash line.

Charlotte Tilbury, lead makeup artist, on about the beauty look:
Brushed eye brows for natural looking brows. Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream for fresh honey toned skin. Maybelline’s Color Tattoo on the lid up towards the brow bone. A healthy flesh on the face, with bronzer and blush and mascara placed on top and bottom lashes. Maybelline’s Totally Toffee and Red Rebel lipstick mixed for lip color with no rough edges.

Antonio Corral Calero, lead hairstylist, on about the hair look:

The look is inspired by a girl in a safari; she may not be able to wash her hair for a couple days. There’s a lot of texture, a lot of braids. We pull some pieces out that fly away. It’s about simplicity and feeling hot. We have seen a lot of braids and ponytails, tons of variations of ponytails. Anything goes, it’s all about how you interpret beauty. We’re at a time of our lives were it’s about personality and adapting style to your own personality.

Sunshine Outing, lead manicurist, on about the look:

We went with a white blended with a nude. Maybelline’s Color Show Lust for Buff and Porcelain Party were mixed together. For summer trends, half moon manicures, are big. Nail art is still huge; expectations are getting bigger and bigger.

Lead makeup artist: Charlotte Tilbury
Lead hairstylist: Antonio Corral Calero
Lead manicurist: Sunshine Outing
Makeup products used: Maybelline New York
Hair products used: MORRACCANOIL
Nail products used: Maybelline Color Show


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