Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whole Foods Local & Organic Showcase in Glastonbury CT

Did you know that your local Whole Foods holds daily / weekly / monthly events and specials?

Whole Foods Glastonbury Events and Happenings
In early July I attended Whole Foods in Glastonbury's Local and Organic Food Showcase on the same night of EVERYTHING's CHERRIES! What fun! We got there early and were able to visit a few of the cherry tastings that were going on to celebrate that day's $1.99/lb Cherry Special!

Everything's Cherry at Whole Foods Glastonbury 7-11-14
(L) Ice Cream with Brandied Cherries - (R) Sirloin Steak with Cherry Cole Slaw

We then moved on to the Local and Organic Showcase and met up with some of Whole Foods Glastonbury's favorite local vendors!

First we started with Project Fresh Juice, a local company out of New Haven, CT. Project Fresh uses a natural cold pressure process to keep their juices safe, full of flavor, and bursting with fiber and protein — with no need for additives, preservatives, or pasteurization. Offered in flavors like Spicy Maple Lemonade, Carrot Apple Ginger Blend, Whole Deep Kale Blend, Whole Deep Beet Blend, and Easy Pink Lemonade. My fave, the spicy maple lemonade. What a kick! And oh so good!

Project Fresh - All Natural Cleansing Juices
Then we visited with Bakery on Main from Glastonbury CT and sampled some of their natural and gluten free granola. We loved learning the background of founder Michael Smulders' story of listening to his clientele who had dietary issues with Celiac, etc. so he made it his mission to offer products his customers needed.

Bakery On Main Gluten Free Granola
Then we stopped and sampled some of the delicious mixers available from Ripe Bar Juice of New Haven CT! Lucky for me it was National Mojito Day (Who Knew??) and so of course I sampled the Agave Mojito Mix! Ummm --- YUM! Even without the rum! The Cowboy sampled the San Marzano Bloody Mary Mix and absolutely loved it!  Also available are Agave Margarita, Lemon Sour, Punch Bar.

Ripe Bar Juice

Then we sampled some of the refreshing ice cream from Tea-rrific! GOOD!!! Tea-rrific Ice Cream is just what it sounds like - tea infused ice cream. I loved the delicate and subtle hints of the Chamomile, Masala Chai, London Mist, Ginger Matcha, and Chunky Ginger Matcha, that they are made from. My fave was the chunky Ginger Matcha as I loved the play on texture.

Tea-rrific Tea Infused Ice Cream

Then we learned all about natural soap from the soap nut lady (that's what the cowboy keeps calling her) from YoreGanics, makers of all-natural soap products and skin care. I absolutely loved founder Kim Mendes' story about her holistic journey to health and her family's skin care issues. You simply must try her products. I've been using her Yore Balm - Bye Bye Dry skin care balm on my dry skin patches, and already 7 days later I'm experiencing a marked improvement!

YoreGanics Products and Skin Care
Next we met up with the baked goods from Bella Sophia Baking Co. who create yummy desserts like whoopie pies, biscotti, and uglies. Don't ask me why they call them uglies - because they are such GOODIES! But in any case they taste like funny bones! I do know however that the company is named after the chief baker's adorable daughters "Bella" and "Sophia" - and what could be sweeter than that (except her baked goods!)

Bella Sophia Baking Company
Last, but certainly not least was the ice cream sampling from Arethusa Farms in the Litchfield Hills of CT who pride themselves on their  award-winning purebred Jersey, Holstein and Brown Swiss cows. In addition to ice cream, Arethusa Farms also produces milk, yogurt, and cheese products. And oh my goodness! Their coffee ice cream is AMAZING!!!! So creamy with a strong coffee flavor!

Arethusa Farms

Finally I rounded all these wonderful and gracious vendors up for one final group picture! Thank you ALL for taking time from your busy schedules to tell us about your wonderful products!

The Whole Foods Glastonbury Local and Organic Showcasers!

All of the above products are available in the Whole Foods Glastonbury CT store. If you are looking for a product shown in this article, please visit the company's websites as many products are available online.

Special thanks to the Whole Foods Glastonbury peeps who always put on a wonderful and informative showcase of their products!  Remember to Buy Local - Shop Local - And Support Local!

55 Welles Street
Glastonbury CT 06033


Are you lucky enough to have a Whole Foods Market near you?

I love taking the ride to the Whole Foods in the Hartford area.

And I keep a-wishing-and-a-hoping that one will come to my 
shoreline community of Branford  / Guilford / Madison someday!


  1. What a great event! Arethusa Ice Cream .. yum!

    1. Alicia, it was soooo creamy good. Can't believe the robust coffee flavor that was captured in that creamy ice cream. I'm now a HUGE fan!


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