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SomruS Indian Cream Liqueur Pairing at Thali New Haven

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I've always loved the subtle spices and flavors from the Eastern hemisphere.

Flavors like saffron, nuts, cardamom, tumeric, mints, and more ... so I was beyond pleased when we received an invite to a cocktail and food pairing, featuring a new Indian Cream Liqueur, SomruS,  that was being held at Thali on Orange Street in New Haven's Ninth Square.

Although this wasn't my first time sampling SomruS Indian Cream Liqueur, it was my first time eating at Thali, despite having met Chef Prasad Chirnomula at the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival and being totally enamored with his passion for cooking.

After our group had assembled we got to learn all about SomruS' inception by an Indian businessman who realized that the existing cream liqueurs, while good, didn't have the beautiful light and subtle flavors of his background, and hence the development of Somrus Indian Cream Liqueur, that blends cardamom, saffron, almonds, pistachios and rose, which results in an all-natural, gluten free and Kosher liqueur.

Learning about SomruS, the original Indian Cream Liqueur from the SomruS marketing team

SomruS, a rum based liqueur, whose name translates to "Nectar of the Gods" is delightfully light and smooth, with a slightly sweet and aromatic quality.

What a perfect compliment to the exotic flavors from Thali Restaurant!

We started our pairing with SomruS on the rocks. Here's where we could truly appreciate the unique flavors developed and infused in this liqueur. On just the right side of sweet, it's truly a wonderful accompaniment to Eastern cuisines.

SomruS - On the Rocks

Paired with our "Somrus on the Rocks" we sampled Gobi Manchurian and Samosa.

Thali-Orange Street New Haven CT
Gobi: Cauliflower in a spicy cilantro garlic sauce
Samosa: Amchur potatoes and green peas in a handmade pastry shell

For our second course we sampled the Somrus Kama Sutra, a more bold mixing of flavors meant to enhance our light seafood served with it. While this was tasty, I think I'd prefer it without the Green Chartreuse, whose heavy blend of spices overpowered the light flavor of this SomruS cocktail.

Kama Sutra
Somrus Indian Cream Liqueur, Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, Green Chartreuse

The Kama Sutra otherwise paired well with Shrimp Kabob with Saag. The bold cocktail had a great balance with this light and flavorful course.

Thali, Orange Street, New Haven, CT
Shrimp Kabob with Saag: Shrimp sauteed with butter over a bed of Indian style spinach.

Our third course paired a variety of Thali dishes with the SomruS Mayan Rickshaw, a mixture of SomruS with Casamigos Reposada tequila.

Somrus Mayan Rickshaw
Somrus Indian Cream Liqueur and Casamigos Reposado tequia

Our dishes were Chicken Tikka Masala, Kadai Ghost, Rice, and warm flatbread.

Here's where we really experienced the pairing at its finest. The hearty cocktail enhanced and elevated the spicy and flavorful accompaniments. This was my first time eating Kadai Ghost, which was goat in a spicy sauce. Sooo good!

Thali, Orange Street, New Haven, CT
Chicken Tikka Masala: Chicken, ginger, garlic and cayenne in a creamy tomato sauce
Kadai Ghost: Goat roasted with toasted spices and peppers

For dessert, we paired a Somrus Chai with Sormus Rice Pudding. This was another successful pairing. The black tea and spice with SomruS - and the rich rice pudding illuminated why SomruS truly is  ... the "Nectar of the Gods".

SomruS Chai
Somrus Indian Cream Liqueur with Black Tea

This rice pudding was so good, brothy, flavorful and aromatic due to the infusion of SomruS. That's right! You can cook and bake with Somrus too!

SomKheer: Indian Rice Pudding sith SomruS

SomruS is now available in Connecticut! Look for it in fine dining establishments and spirit shoppes!
Find a merchant near you ==>

I can't wait to come up with my own recipes for cocktails using this exotic liqueur. 

Sompriya Premium Spirits Company 

(makers of SomruS Indian Cream Liqueur)

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Thali - New Haven

4 Orange Street, New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 777-1177

How about you?

What would you pair SomruS with?

Disclaimer: We were invited to Thali for a Somrus Cocktail Pairing by members of Sompriya's  marketing and management teams. However, all opinions expressed herein are entirely our own.

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