Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cake by Franck Opens at Foxwoods Resort Casino

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Cake by Franck at Foxwoods

There's a sweet new shop at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut - Cake By Franck!  We recently received an invitation to travel up to Foxwoods to sample some of the amazing delicacies and take part in an info session, where we would learn a bit about the cake decorating process, and have our own mini "Cake Wars" decorating contest with some of the media in attendance!

This cute little shop, located directly across from Cedars Restaurant on the Concourse Level of the Great Cedar Hotel, features everything from American classics like pies and muffins, to a super fun Build Your Own Waffle Bar, to finishing tables where treats are frosted to perfection, 

Cake By Franck
Foxwoods Resort Casino

That's right! Cake by Franck offers delicious baked goods, handmade pastries, decadent chocolates (uh, YUM!!!) and other tempting delicacies. Foxwoods is featuring Cake by Franck, as not only a gourmet specialty shop, but also a neighborhood bakery for the community.

I was so taken with Chef Franck Iglesias! Despite his impressive background, he is as humble as they come, and so appreciative of the opportunity to bring his creative work to Foxwoods.

Meet Franck Iglesias
Cake by Franck

Born in Argenteuil, France, just north of Paris, Franck was raised in the food and restaurant business.  While his mother cooked traditional French specialties at home, his father worked as a restaurant chef. So it was no surprise when Franck decided to attend Andorra Culinary School, where he spent two years learning the basics of French cuisine. After graduation, Franck moved to Perpignan to begin a two year program to study and learn the art of pastry making.  

He honed his skills in restaurants throughout France and Spain, working as both chef and pastry chef, until making the bold move to come to America in 2000. He has worked in prestigious restaurants in Connecticut and New York, and Franck’s creative work has been published in Food & Wine, Gourmet, Art Culinaire and Modern Bride Magazines.

In the winter of 2009 a quest for new challenges brought Franck to Foxwoods Resort Casino and the MGM Grand at Foxwoods where was made the Executive Pastry Chef, overseeing a staff of 40 and servicing 34 food outlets. Finally, in 2016, Foxwoods announced the opening of Cake by Franck!

Here's some of the delicacies that await you at Cake by Franck...

Specialty Cakes
Photo Source: Foxwoods

Delicious cookies and Pastries
Cake by Franck

Cake by Franck
Photo Source: Foxwoods

My Favorites - Macarons
Cake By Franck at Foxwoods

Photo Source: Foxwoods

Candied Apples
Cake by Franck at Foxwoods

In addition, there are pre-made candies, decorations, and meringues that you can purchase to decorate a cake of your own.

Cake by Franck

Cake by Franck

We then moved on to our decorating class, where Franck demonstrated the fine art of the pastry bag for decorating.

Franck Iglesias
Cake by Franck at Foxwoods

Did you know that the angle cuts of the tips determine the frosting shapes?  

Cake by Franck - Cake Decorating Tips

And then I plunged in - decorating a plain white cake into this pastel wonder!

Decorating by Bonnie - Foxwoods Cake Wars
Fun at Fox with Cake by Franck

We also were given the opportunity to send our cake to a recipient to use the NEW service offered by Cake at Franck - Air Franck! 

I thought I'd run a mini contest and select a winner from the New England area to share in some of the cake love! My winner was selected at random from Instagram and Facebook - the winner was Kerri G. on Instagram (@SavvyMommyNYC), a fellow blogger from New York, who publishes Raising Three Savvy Ladies

Air Franck is a new service, where the product purchased is 'flash' freezed on premise and shipped to your recipient. 

Air Franck - And some Competitors Cakes

And I got to bring a cake home to the cowboy - his favorite - a fudgy chocolate cake...again, decorated my ME!

Me and Franck Iglesias
Photo Source: Foxwoods

But in the end, there can be only one winner! Our littlest competitor with her Bunny Cake was dubbed the Cake Wars Winner!

Our Winner!
Decorated "Bunny Cake"

Make sure when you are at Foxwoods - to stop in and treat yourself to a sweet ending at Cake by Franck! They're open til midnight Friday, and Saturday! Go ahead - you deserve it!

Cake by Franck

350 Trolley Lane Boulevard
Mashantucket, CT 06338
Location: Concourse Level of the Great Cedar Hotel

Sunday through Thursday
11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by members of Foxwoods management and marketing team, however, all opinions are my own. 


  1. What a great morning! Cake was divine!

    1. It was! I'm not even a chocolate cake lover - and I helped devour that chocolate cake for the hubs!

  2. My husband and I were at Foxwoods this past Saturday. We had points to spend and were searching all the stores where we could make a purchase. We were passing "Cakes by Franck" and had to stop in. We purchased quite a few things with our points and let me tell you, it was money well spent. EVERYTHING we purchased tasted amazing. The lemon cookies are to die for. I have to say, it's the best bakery I've ever been in. Wish I lived closer, would be there every week to purchase something. I definitely would buy all my Birthday cakes there. If you're at Foxwoods, make sure you go in and buy something. You really shouldn't miss out on such wonderful goodies.

    1. I agree! It's one of my favorite places and I love going there for special occasions and holiday treats! They always have something unique - and perfect for the event!


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