Saturday, December 26, 2015

MacChiliFest in Westport CT to Benefit the Turtle Fund

MacChiliFest comes to Westport Connecticut on Sunday February 7th!

You remember ChiliFest, right?  Well, this popular event now includes a mac 'n cheese competition! 

Yup! ChiliFest just got better!
“Pairing mac 'n cheese with our chili competition was a natural” said Jim Keenan, event director.  “People know this event as Chilifest but we wanted to tweak the name so people understand immediately we're more than just great chili this year”

MacChilifest will take place at Bedford Middle School in Westport CT on Sunday Feb. 7th from 11am to 3pm.  The event is promoted as a pre-Super Bowl event as the Super Bowl is held later in the day.  
“The big game doesn't kick off until close to 7pm” said Keenan.  “So instead of hanging around to go out or have friends come over, people come out in droves to judge the best chili and now mac 'n cheese in Fairfield County.  It's a tailgate atmosphere where most people come in their favorite team jersey.  Some even put on eye black.  Even the band from Sacred Heart University comes and pumps up the crowd in anticipation of the big game later that day.”


MacChilfiFest will be filmed for Firehouse Kitchen, a popular television program centered around the incredible food creations of firefighters, will be filming a future episode at MacChilifest on February 7th.

Tickets are available online now at as well as at the door.  

Adult Tickets are $15 
Children Tickets (aged 6-12) are $5.  

Everyone is given a spoon, ballot and pencil, and then set off to enjoy unlimited sampling of 20 different kinds of chili's and mac 'n cheese entries from 18 restaurants as well as local fire departments. Their votes will determine the winner in the classic beef chili category, the creative chili category and the new mac 'n cheese category. 

“We've added some new heat to the chili competition with several new restaurants in the competition this year.  I'm equally excited about having a mac 'n cheese division as these entries are sophisticated.  Mac 'n cheese has become the trendy playground for chef's to showcase their culinary creativity”  Keenan said.  “It's definitely not the blue box mac we grew up with.  Kids of all ages will love this new addition to chilifest”.

The table is set for another strong competition with defending champions Geronimo (Fairfield & New Haven), Southport Brewing Co. (Fairfield & Milford) and the Westport Fire Dept all back to defend their category titles from last year.  Looking to dethrone them is Blind Rhino (Norwalk), Bobby Q's (Westport), Chef's Table (Fairfield), Chilibomb (Fairfield), Da Pietro's (Westport), DrewbaQ (food truck), Little Pub (Greenwich, Ridgefield and Wilton), Liquid Lunch (Milford and Shelton), Mac' It (Norwalk), Old Post Tavern (Fairfield), Sam's American Bistro (Stamford), Simply Delicious (Norwalk), Tru North Tavern & Table (Black Rock), Wire Mill Saloon & BBQ (Redding/Georgetown) and the Weston Fire Department.

MacChilifest benefits the Turtle Fund which seeks to promote the education of young people in art, music, theater, skilled craft and other creative pursuits in order to create a rich cultural heritage for tomorrow.

Chilifest is proudly sponsored by Stop & Shop, Volvo of Westport, The Greens of Canondale, Cabot Cheese, Chaboso Bakery, Tabasco and WEBE 108.  

For more information about Chilifest please visit  

Bedford Middle School  

88 North Ave, Westport, CT 06880

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