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Cookies on 9 - December 2015

New Haven's Cookies on 9 2015 - Delicious!

On December 4, 2015 from 6pm-8pm we got to sample dozens of delicious cookies and other sweet treats!

The first Friday in December we traveled back to New Haven's Historic Ninth Square to participate in their Cookies On Nine event! This annual cookie crawl is always a crowd pleaser, featuring cookies baked by students in Gateway Community College's Culinary Department. And best of all - tickets are only $10.00!

We picked up our cookies carriers and off we went! The weather was unbelievable for December in Connecticut! It was about 55 degrees and beautiful weather for a cookie crawl!

We didn't get to visit every place because we tend to visit longer than we should with each participating merchant - but we loved every place we visited!

And we got A LOT OF COOKIES!!!

In no particular order, here's some of the places we visited...

Baobab Tree Studios (71 Orange St.) *Check-in location. Serving: Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies.

G Cafe (141 Orange St.) Serving: Spritz Cookies. Offering samples assorted mini cookies for $1.00!

Fletcher Cameron (91 Orange St.) Serving: Lemon Cookies. 

Capture Salon (100 Crown St.) Serving: Snicker Doodles and Peppermint Cocoa

The Grove (760 Chapel St.) Serving: Oatmeal Cookies. Also featuring a special art exhibit Serendipity:Marks of Abstraction with artist and Creativity Coach Carmen Lund, MFA with additional works by Annie Sailer and Giada Crispiels. In collaboration with Happiness Lab downstairs (756 Chapel St.) who provided coffee for the event.

The Trinity Bar (157 Orange St.) Serving: Chocolate Chewies.

Reynold’s Fine Art (96 Orange St.) Cookie stop & Free Opening Reception from 5-8pm for “Pieces.” Serving: Raspberry Macaroons

Neville Wisdom Fashion Design Studio (63 Orange St.) Serving: Ginger Cookies from Katalina’s (on 74 Whitney Ave)

Artspace (50 Orange St.) Serving: Peanut Butter Cookies.

English Building Market (839 Chapel St.) Serving: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Meat & Co. (116 Crown St.) Serving: Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles.

Make Haven (266 State St.) Serving: Almond Sugar Cookies.

Eco Works (262 State St.) Also featuring paper crafts - making hand made tags out of reclaimed paper and cookie cutters for gift giving this holiday season. No prior experience necessary. Free and open to the public. Serving: Butterscotch Brownies. 

Inspired Venue (82 Crown St.) Serving: Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.

101 Art Threads (118 Court St.) Serving: Vegan Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Cedarhurst Cafe (44 Crown St.) Serving: Almond Horn Cookies.

Artist & Craftsman (821-825 Chapel St.) Paint-a-thon with canvasses & paint provided. Here's a great way to get creative! Serving: Ginger Snaps.

Breathing Room Yoga Studio (817 Chapel St., Unit 2F). Free kids yoga classes prior to the event. Serving: Classic Pecan Bars.

A big thank you to On 9 New Haven - and to friends Gayle and Carol for accompanying me on this sweet cookie stroll! And kudos to Gateway students and Katalina's for some delicious cookies!

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